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  • No one has it easy when it comes to dating. It's arguable that women can find casual sex easier, but finding people who love you for who you are is equally difficult for everyone.

    This post is celebrating when people manage to overcome that and making incel comments just spoils the mood for everyone

  • If you were a Thousandaires host
  • I think the show could use a lot more wholesome segments, so with the knowledge of the behind-the-scenes cast dynamics I would choose people who would be most likely to want to do things to make each other's lives better.

    I loved the episode of Game Changers where the cast just tried to make Jess happy. An episode where they all do improv for free so they can give each other $1000 in cash at the end of each segment would be in a similar vein.

  • If you were a Thousandaires host
  • Tao's was absurd. The only excuse I can think of is that he thought it would be funny to win his own challenge and it didn't quite land. Otherwise he's not playing within the spirit of the game

  • Ex-OpenAI star Sutskever shoots for superintelligent AI with new company
  • The point is not that we can't imagine speculative technologies. The point is that this is a grift which distracts from the real and present threat of AI like the threats to privacy, artists' livelihoods and the internet itself which is being poisoned by LLM generated content

  • Ex-OpenAI star Sutskever shoots for superintelligent AI with new company
  • I don't think he plans on delivering much product at all

    Well good news. If the product you're imagining is 'Skynet' or a 'god-mommy' both of those are science fiction and we don't need whatever this bullshit is to save us

  • Tobacco-like warning label for social media sought by US surgeon general who asks Congress to act
  • I think we need regulation, that doesn't make me a person who irrationally hates children skateboarding.

    Also skateboarding hasn't led to and been complicit in genocide on two continents, but social media has in Asia and Africa. If it had, maybe you'd see people writing op-eds about that instead of social media companies that value profits more than human life

  • 'Manufacturing Obituaries': Media Falsely Reports Noam Chomsky's Death
  • It's extremely low of anyone to make to distressing news about a public death. These people might be famous, but they have families and friends whose heart will sink when they see this news. Not to mention the members of the public who will be shocked by this

    The sad thing is he will probably die soon and we will be hit even harder because or this

  • Total Forgiveness: Some thoughts on Ally's conduct

    Very late to this series, but I just finished watching Total Forgiveness and I can't help but feel the utmost sympathy for Grant.

    I think he was definitely naive throughout the show and is responsible for a lot of what happens to him, but Ally was consistently behaving in a mean-spirited manner. Particularly with following up the Flea Market fiasco with a degrading Performance Art challenge. They knew this was a man who had nothing, no earthly possessions whatsoever remaining. You cannot be more desperate and low, and in that moment they gave him a challenge that was truly beyond pale just so they could force another loss and make more money.

    Warning - Spoiler for Total Forgiveness finale:


    I think the worst part of this show for me is the Finale. I've seen the reunion episode and I know that all has been forgiven, but I think Ally was incredibly manipulative here. After weeks of torturing and humiliating Grant, they finally pushed him to the edge. They knew he was angry and wasn't playing nice anymore. The challenges he was thinking of were truly horrible and on-par with what he felt had been done to him (he mentions challenging Ally to go to a conversion camp, for example). Rather than accept the monster they have created and play the game at the level they expected Grant to play at, Ally insists that their challenge is done before Grant publicly commits to his challenge. This breaks the rules of the game as we know it, and means Grant is open to influence in his decision for what Ally's final challenge is.

    They butter up Grant with a nice day out so he is less likely to choose the extreme option. Grant, being the kind-hearted and naive soul that he is decides to not torture Ally for the finale. Ally then gets to play the nice guy by throwing the challenge. But if they had played the game fairly, Grant would've suggested something extreme, Ally would have refused to do it as they did with the snake challenge and Grant would have won the money anyway.

    I think Ally has gotten away with being really shitty throughout this series. I was deeply moved by their diaries, and they were one of my favourite cast members in the old sketches, but I have come away with a very poor opinion of them, even after seeing everything is all smiles at the reunion.

    ETA: Spoiler tag


    Should I quit engineering?

    I could use some honest advice from experienced programmers and engineers.

    I'm almost at the two year mark as a developer. On paper I might look like a passable Junior Dev, but if you sat me down and asked me about algorithms or anything else I did to get my job in the first place I would be clueless. I can solve problems and always get my work done, but I don't even know the language/framework I use daily well enough to explain what's going on, I can just do things. I don't think I have imposter syndrome, I think I really might have let any skill I had atrophy.

    I used to enjoy programming as a hobby in my spare time, but in two years I've opened the IDE on my personal machine no more than twice. People talk about all the side projects they have, but I have none. I feel too stressed out from the job to do any programming outside of work, even though I love it. I feel like I can't level up from a Junior to Senior because I either don't have the headspace or the will to do so. It doesn't help that the job I've had has taught me very little and my dev team has been a shitshow from the beginning.

    At the moment I have an offer on the table to do a job that isn't engineering (but still tech) and it surprisingly pays more. Part of me thinks I should take that job, rediscover my passion in my spare time and build my skills, but I fear I might go down this route and never be able to come back to engineering. Not that I'm sure I want to.

    It might sound defeatist but I don't think I'll ever be a top 5% or even 25% engineer. I could be average with a lot of work, but not great. I could potentially be great in the new field I'm being recruited for, but that's also hard to say without being in the job.

    I know that some people just aren't cut out for being engineers. Maybe I have the aptitude but not the mentality to do this for 30+ years. I want to know if that's what it sounds like to people who've seen that before. If you were in my position, would you walk away and just be a hobbyist programmer or stick it out and hope to be a mediocre engineer one day?