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Two astronauts wait to come home as Boeing races to understand spacecraft issues
  • To be clear: to get back to the ground safely, the spacecraft RCS has to operate for no more than about five hours.

    As far as I know, this spacecraft is still certified for emergency reentry, and if they needed to, the crew can get in and leave at any time. And they have good confidence that the spacecraft will get them to earth safely.

    These delays aimed at getting more data to justify certification as an operational vehicle instead of flight test. If it doesn't work out, the worst case seems to be that a second test flight may be required.

    Delays don't really cost NASA anything either. There's plenty of consumables on the station for the crew, and when the capsule is docked the RCS can be shut down so it doesn't leak.

  • [USA] Appeals court rules that cops can physically make you unlock your phone
  • The wrinkle in this case is that the thumb print giver was in parole. The conditions of parole stated that failure to divulge phone pass codes on phones could result in arrest and phone seizure "pending further investigation". The parole conditions didn't say anything about forcible thumb print taking.

    So the logic here seems to be:

    • If he had agreed to unlock the phone then the result would be the same.
    • If he refused to unlock the phone, that is a legitimate grounds for arrest. Fingerprinting is a routine part of being arrested, so there's really no harm if it's done on a phone in a patrol car. Either way, the result would end up about the same.
  • American Truck Simulator is heading to Iowa in a future DLC
  • Dude, all the work is in the maps, and they generally sell them proportional to the amount of map content. There are two benefits:

    1. Studio doesn't have to staff up to do all the content at once, but they still get paid periodically for what they do produce. This keeps the staff employed longer in a more stable position.

    2. You can pick and choose which areas you want to get. If you want a big bundle, those still show up on Steam too at various levels of discount. But you're not locked into having to deal with Ohio too.

  • 376 boys in blue sat around and let 19 kids and 2 teachers die
  • I feel like CEOs are more like football coaches in terms of job security. As long as they keep winning, just about no form of misconduct can dislodge them. Stop winning though, and the hot seat can become very uncomfortable.

  • lemmy user(ule)s: "this sign won't stop me because i can't read"
  • To be fair to Airbus,

    1. They probably chose the language for that call-out way before 2009. Airplanes can live for thirty years, and type designs can keep going several decades longer

    2. The designers were also likely to be French, but they selected English call-outs. This seems to me like a case where they picked a word that's technically in the OED l, but is actually much more common in French.

  • "Alpha-Republican" James Judge who is running for FL-15 congressional seat...
  • "Writ of habeas corpus" is a court order to a government law enforcement organization to bring the (hopefully still alive) body of a prisoner into the court room, so the court can determine whether the prisoner is rightfully detained. It is one mechanism that prevents the United States from holding political prisoners with no charges or hearings.

    Corpus delicti is the murder thing.

    The right of habeas corpus refers generally to the right of the law courts to supervise the detention of prisoners. And by extension to right of citizens to petition the courts to release an improperly detained prisoner.

    Habeas corpus is explicitly written into the Constitution, so you can't just repeal it by legislation like how this knucklehead is suggesting. You can suspend habeas corpus during war; that's a specific exception in the Constitution that's actually happened at various times in various wars.