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Victory lap!
  • I remember on New Years Eve 1999 the local newspaper ran an article that was interviewing people who'd been alive for the last turn of the century and comparing the two New Years' celebrations. In hindsight I wish 10 year old me had had the presence of mind to save it, it was pretty neat.

  • Rule people
  • While it's definitely PRESENT in Lord of the Rings, one could argue Frodo himself is a subversion of it. Giving the ring to someone powerful would almost inevitably result in corrupting them and (depending on just how powerful they were) would just make a new big bad. Hobbits work as ring bearers explicitly because they're not "special".

  • xkcd #2948: Electric vs Gas
  • Tbf to the guy you're responding to, getting the extra 2-3 days of PTO necessary to take the train may also be a contributing factor. There's a hidden work reform issue baked into this that also needs addressing.

  • They're coming for contraception next
  • I mean, it takes a long time for most humans to get hands right when learning to draw people as well. Hands are complicated; lots of bones for a comparatively small area and really complex joint structure.

  • The Biden administration is actually doing something about ludicrously expensive concert tickets
  • Tbf, there's the other interpretation - go after the easy target first and use the momentum (and possibly legal precedents) from that to go on to progressively larger fish.

    I understand this is extremely optimistic but hey, it could happen.

  • Biden calls Trump ‘unhinged’ and says ‘something snapped’ in former president after he lost 2020 election
  • Having had an unfortunate amount of personal experience with a diagnosed narcissist, can confirm that that is a highly effective strategy. You can't 'logic' someone who's operating in a completely different reality and justified outrage just results in them playing the victim. Laughing at them makes them completely fucking short circuit. Hell, look at how disproportionate Trump's response was to SNL satirizing him.

  • Inb4 "bUt No EtHiCaL cONsUmPtIoN uNdEr CaPiTaLiSm!"
  • If you want a good fairly cheap "burger", try getting a few of those giant portobello mushroom caps, marinate in olive oil, balsamic, garlic, worcestershire sauce (technically not vegetarian as it contains anchovy but close enough for these purposes) and a splash of soy sauce, and fry or grill. It's not bang on but it's tasty as fuck and beefier than you would expect. I haven't eaten beef in 20 years and it's my preferred form of veggie burger. Just be aware they cook really fast.

  • XXX
  • Tbf, there are definitely some items that just REALLY do not work well with self check. Really light items that it can't properly sense the weight on or anything age restricted are the first 2 that spring to mind but I'm sure there are others.

    No matter how good at self check you are, if your order contains a greeting card and a box of cold medicine odds are the damn thing is gonna completely shit the bed.