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What was your latest improvement to your Linux setup?
  • I get that maybe it’s preconfigured which might make sense on dell pc’s that’d fit a few drives in empty sata slots, but it took me nearly two days to think of that solution.

    I figured throw it out there in case someone else has issues with an install locating the main drive on a Dell.

  • What was your latest improvement to your Linux setup?
  • Just flat out getting Debian to install. This was my first OS swap on a Dell Latitude. Holy whirlwind that bios is locked down with half a dozen secure boot “features”.

    My problem ended up being in storage configuration. After I set it from raid to achi Debian install was able to detect the drive. Why my laptop with a single m.2 slot was configured for raid, I’ll never know.

  • Gruntflip rule
  • When you walk away from celebrity culture you’re free to define what success looks like for you, instead of being told what success is and blindly chasing that.

    That’s a brilliant mindset.