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Any Ways to Block Twitch Ads?
  • Ads get through on it, sadly.

  • Inline image load times?
  • Ok, cool. Thanks for the response.

  • Inline image load times?
  • Hey, sorry to bother. Been having issues with the images again for about the past 48 hours.

    When they are clicked on the page moves down to signify it loading and it all just sits there.

    Also like to make note that it's not any particular host that's giving me issues.

    It all works fine from Voyager, but not from my PC.

    (Sorry for appending to the topic. Just figure it might be less cluttery than making a whole new one.)

  • Unsmart a smart TV
  • 2 is 1, 1 is none.

  • Linux Mint 22 Adopts PipeWire, New Linux Kernel Cadence - OMG! Ubuntu
  • PulseEffects is still working fine for me is why I was asking. Been using it for the past year after making the switch.

  • Linux Mint 22 Adopts PipeWire, New Linux Kernel Cadence - OMG! Ubuntu
  • As someone who has pulse just the way they want it, what will this mean for me?

    Is it a forced change on a current install?

    Is there an equivalent to PulseEffects for PipeWire?

  • After a county restricted transgender women in sports, a roller derby league said, 'No way'
  • I mean it can be a pretty good form of anger release.

  • Gimme like $300+ per year, chump.
  • Did you block their domains from your hosts file?

  • Two 2000's tech things I'm shocked still exist
  • I got my poop knife from meh!

  • NSFW
    Who is this? Any ID.

    Context clues, yo. OP literally linked to an image from her page on redgifs.

    If you're picky though:

  • Time to become a hobo.
  • I think it's more like the 'trolley problem' sort of getting railed.

  • Dramatic clothing is logical
  • You and me, baby, ain't nothin' but mammals So let's do it like they do on the Discovery Starship.

    Wait until they find out about the memes.

  • Two 2000's tech things I'm shocked still exist
  • The worst thing is they killed off the hilarious weird dialogue they used to do with their mascots.

  • Two 2000's tech things I'm shocked still exist
  • No idea what Woot is

    Liquidation site that ended up getting enshittified when amazon bought it out.

    Was golden for finding great deals. Now it's just maybe a couple of dollars off stock amazon no longer wants.

  • NSFW
    Who is this? Any ID.
  • lol


  • For those asking, yes it can be powered by the phone.
  • See, I did an oopsie and burned myself out on the EPs.

  • Resist the Bullies Occupying Your Communities
  • Oops, sorry sorry. Meant to add an /s. Corrected.

  • BudgetAudiophile mihnt

    Budget subwoofer?

    Hi there.

    I'm using this unit here:

    The issue I am having is subwoofers and not having a lot of money to fix my situation.

    I currently have that 3 x 8" ported Skar box, but it has such low impedance that the speaker safety trips constantly on it. Godzilla help me if someone says a word with a p in it.

    Is there a way for me to rewire that setup to gain more impedance and stop it from cutting off or should I move on and get a single 12" for the small box I have? (I have a behind the seat single 12" enclosure.)

    I'd obviously love to have bass as deep as possible, but any options would be nice.



    Inline image load times?

    Hi, new here. Came over from .world after they banned communities again.

    One thing I am noticing here is a 2-10s load time on inline images. Is this a common thing?