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Why does deleting a post not actually delete it?
  • Just FYI, coming from a Thunder dev, the full contents of deleted and removed contents are available via the API, and it's up to us to hide the contents. It's easy to miss use cases (like another user mentioned you can see deleted comments by replying in Sync; that's just an (easy) oversight by the dev). I'm glad to hear that they won't even be available in the API starting with 0.19.4!!

  • Best Lemmy App in 2024
  • I will admit I am very biased as a contributor to Thunder. I'm not an expert on all clients but Thunder has some super cool features.

    • Really good markdown rendering (I've seen it render things that the other "big" apps miss.
    • The agility to post and (soon) comment as any of your logged-in accounts.
    • Notifications for inbox messages, soon to be integrated with UnifiedPush.
    • Really good Lemmy link parsing and in-app navigation.
    • Ability to favorite communities.
    • Customizable swipe gestures, username and community name formatting and coloring, action colors, etc.

    And these are just some of the recent things on the top of my head! I'm sure others can chime in with things I missed!

  • feature request: block a community
  • Hey there! You can block communities in a bunch of different ways!

    • From long-pressing on a post and pressing the Community option and then Block Community.
    • By navigating to a community page, pressing the top banner / info button, and pressing Block Community.
    • By navigating to the account page, settings gear icon, scrolling to Blocked Communities, pressing the plus icon, and searching for a community to block.

    There may even be some more ways I'm not thinking of. Plus if you block a community via the web UI or any other app, Thunder should respect that.

    Let us know if that helps!

  • [Screenshot] Color contrast for OP and mod names
  • Let OP/mod colors take precedence and override the default color with them

    I think this is a good idea! This should allow for colorized user/instance names while keeping special user badges distinguishable.

    Just chiming in here to say that this has already been implemented in the current prerelease and should be available in the upcoming general release!

  • Alpha Release [v0.3.0]: Modlogs, mod reports, and more customizations!
  • That's great, I'm glad to hear the haptic feedback in Thunder works when the system setting is turned on.

    To be honest, it feels like the right behavior for Thunder to respect the system setting. I personally keep "Touch feedback" turned down, because I do not like haptic feedback, and I'm glad Thunder and other apps respect that. I tried Voyager, and you're right, it seems to override that setting, which doesn't seem like a good thing to do. :)

    Let me know your thoughts, and whether it's an acceptable solution that users will need to enable haptics in system settings in order for it to work in Thunder. Thanks!

  • Way to collapse profile when viewing saved posts?
  • This isn't yet supported from the account page (it should be at some point), but there is a workaround. It you navigate to your user profile elsewhere in the app, for example by searching for yourself or tapping your username on a post/comment, then scrolling should hide the banner as you expect. Hope that helps!

  • Alpha Release [v0.3.0]: Modlogs, mod reports, and more customizations!
  • Hey, just chiming in here to say that I do get haptic feedback on my physical device (Pixel 8 Pro) when using swipe gestures on both posts and comments.

    Make sure this setting "Touch feedback" is turned up.

    If you're still having issues, you're welcome to open a GitHub issue (or ask someone here to do it for you), but it will likely be hard for us to investigate if we can't reproduce. :-(

  • [Pre-release] v0.3.0-6
  • Woohoo!

  • [Pre-release] v0.3.0-6
  • Testing!

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  • Hi all,

    Continuing the discussion from GitHub... Here is the PR I opened.

    However, there's still some discussion to be had about whether this is the right change.

    @snowe, a couple questions...


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