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Restrictions on Donald Trump's Facebook and Instagram lifted
  • “All I can say is that if I’m elected President, we will pursue Election Fraudsters at levels never seen before, and they will be sent to prison for long periods of time,” Trump wrote. “We already know who you are. DON’T DO IT! ZUCKERBUCKS, be careful!”

    At the very least, even if Zuck isn't the best example, it's worth considering that the further conservatives descend into fascism, the more we'll see people take the easier option of not resisting.

  • Sorry, but you're being assimilated, eh?
  • We are the Apple Borg. You will not be assimilated. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be recreated in a more compact, less vestigial form and live in our walled section of the galaxy.

  • Linksys Velop routers send Wi-Fi passwords in plaintext to US servers
  • From what I can find, by "These routers send your credentials in plaintext", they actually meant to say, "The mobile app sends credentials in plaintext."

    If you use the web interface then your credentials are not sent in plaintext. The routers themselves also don't send credentials in plaintext.

    The people who found this out got that wrong, and a lot of people are confused because they didn't expand on "in plaintext." They could be a little more professional / thoughtful.

    Edit: I'm also thinking about the "may expose you to a MITM" bit. I think if it was https then a MITM (assuming all they can do is examine your packets) wouldn't work because the data can only be unlocked by the private key. It sounds like it was an http connection?

  • Organize, Vote, Resist
  • I wonder if people who use tankie (and similar) unironically would like a Fischer Price See n Say for politics. It would produce random quotes out of context and people can have fun putting them into arbitrary categories.

  • So much for Blockchain's real life use cases
  • I wonder how many sites will bother checking for Spanish pornpasses. Seems they're just playing people and waiting for the inevitable, "Turns out the Internet isn't respecting our kids, we need to ratchet up the control. We tried to give you a good deal though, right?"

  • What's a song you know that is really obscure but still amazing?
  • Peel Dream Magazine - Pad This song reminds me a bit of Toro y Moi, but the next song is pretty different.

    Peel Dream Magazine - Reiki

    Prince Rama - Your Life in the End

    Rahill - Growing Pains I love this song and despite Rahill collaborating with Beck on a song, this one seems relatively rare.

  • CNN Poll: Most voters think Democrats have a better chance of keeping White House if Biden isn’t the nominee
  • Children change their mind at last second when confronted with the consequences of their behavior. You can sit them down and explain that we now have 4 years to set something up, but they tune out because it's boring. Also 4 years is too long for a child to concretely understand. It takes a grown-up brain to be able to make the connection.

    Why can you describe children and end up describing the American electorate? What's wrong with us?

  • Jon Stewart's Debate Analysis: Trump's Blatant Lies and Biden's Senior Moments | The Daily Show
  • What I don't understand about the handlers thing is that when I watch other famous people walking and talking: I see their handlers steer them, give them signals, whisper names in their ear. And you know what? Celebrities in their prime look awkward all the time. People who have nothing to worry about but their craft and being famous screw up all the time.

  • To all you outside of the US...
  • I don't see how what conservatives say has to do with reality.

    Biden has been "senile" and "too old" for years now, during which time we've had a functioning Biden administration.

    The Trump admin was limp, chronically understaffed, weak, ineffectual. That's what they're pretending is better than Biden. Conservatives don't even care about senility so if you hear them rag on Biden and think they're right, you're not understanding what they're really saying.

  • Jon Stewart's Debate Analysis: Trump's Blatant Lies and Biden's Senior Moments | The Daily Show
  • Damn, I guess I'm going to ignore years of evidence that Biden's admin can function just fine and go with my feelings on this one. I mean would you vote constructively if it meant getting over yourself? Of course not. We're Americans. We want a leader with a good jaw, not with good character or good ideas.

    Nah but seriously though. Biden and Trump make me feel bad so I'm going to vote in a way that harms the country. That'll show us.