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EU Parliament backs clampdown on single-use plastic packaging
  • Good, the use of single use plastic packaging is absolutely ridiculous: single candies wrapped in plastic, 3 chips wrapped in a smaller plastic bag. Just paying attention highlights how wasteful a lot of it is.

  • Is it OK for a company to expect using their paid product for a job interview?
  • You would expect the candidate to spend 60€ to try out a niche product? If I were in the position I would definitely expect them to research the product and understand how it works (I did), but not to spend that kind of money to use it.

  • Is it OK for a company to expect using their paid product for a job interview?
  • I mean if it was after I started the job that would make sense. You have to know the product you're working on.

    But it seems like a power asymmetry that they have dedicated 1 hour of their time to the interview and I am expected to spend money and more research time, in addition to all the usual interview preparation.

  • Is it OK for a company to expect using their paid product for a job interview?

    I had a job interview with a company recently and one of the negative feedback I got was that I hadn't tried out their product. Now this might be a valid concern if they had any sort of free trial for it, but the lessons they offer start at 60€ and I didn't feel comfortable spending that amount just to get a better chance at an interview. They also offered no free credits or anything like that during the interview. I did understand how the product worked by researching it online.

    I definitely feel that there's something wrong in asking for an interviewee to spend money on the product they are interviewing for. For one it's a great setup for a scam. But is there any regulation that should prevent companies from doing this? I am based in the EU and was interviewing for a Spanish company.

    UPDATE: This is definitely not a scam, the company is fairly known. This is more of a question of is it right/legal to expect this?

  • I remember reading a while ago that Chernobyl has become a flourishing nature preserve. While animals have a health risk from radiation, it's still a smaller health hazard than living near human settlements. It's sad that our civilization is more destructive than an open nuclear core.

  • English may be a hot mess but at least we don't have to worry about this nonsense
  • While gendered nouns are stupid, I at least appreciate Italian because you can just learn the word and get its gender from the end part of the word. In German, however, it's completely random and you have to learn the gender with the word.

  • ‘They lied’: plastics producers deceived public about recycling, report reveals
  • Can't we just force heavy taxation for the amount of plastics in products? That would force producers to look at alternatives to plastic for packaging.

    I am always in shock when I buy some product and it has layers and layers of thick plastic to give the impression of some premium product. And sometimes I don't even have an alternative product to buy to avoid it since I only have 2 supermarkets in my area.

  • Just 137 crypto miners use 2.3% of total U.S. power — government now requiring commercial miners to report energy consumption
  • Proof of work is not even scalable to the level of current bank transactions. Ethereum network didn't have enough compute to clear the backlog created by some niche cat NFT "game" a few years ago when people still gave a shit about NFTs.

    Limited purchasing power of the poor and middle class is a political problem, not a problem solved by tech, no matter what crypto gurus and tech messiahs will tell you. The most prolific crypto miners are the ones that already have more "traditional" capital to invest. So crypto is not solving the wealth divide, it is just making it worse.

    I hate banks as much as anyone, but crypto is not the solution.

  • WSJ lead editor annoyed that they don't control the narrative anymore: "We owned the news"

    Piped alternative

    Davos elites seem nostalgic for a time when "they were the gatekeepers and owned the facts". Imagine being held to a higher journalistic standard!

    Political Memes merdaverse

    This tweet has aged like sour milk