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Going viral
  • Luckily a single Deep learning paper title is all you need

  • LLM queries for personal pdf libraries?
  • I have used this small R package that allows you to read the text content of a PDF and send it to a local llama model via ollama or one of the large LLM APIs. I could use that to get structured answers in JSON format on a whole folder of papers, but the context length of a typical model is only long enough to hold a single (roughly 40-page) paper in the memory. So I had to get separate structurer answers on each paper and then generate a complete summary from those. Unfortunately that is not user-friendly yet.

  • Pills (Take Two)
  • You caused a civilization underflow. The world is now almost maximally civilized.

  • In what subtle (or significant) ways has your hometown changed since your childhood?
  • Technically you do not confess, but the Big5 internet monopolists track your every move like a vengeful god would do.

  • Ewoks are just savage teddy bears
  • No the friendly apex predator of the woods is painted in a very bad light in a lot of these arguments. So no winners really

  • In what subtle (or significant) ways has your hometown changed since your childhood?
  • A village nearby my hometown got fiber for the church and installed directed wifi antennas on the church tower to solve their internet problems

  • Existential trolley problem
  • Na, I am pretty sure that sysiphus sees tracks that are only the result of a shwadow play in a cave and you have to exit the cave to truly experience reality

  • Measure of a merit badge
  • And after that his rival who looks really similar to him?

  • Experiments
  • Too few phallic animals for that

  • Microblog Memes merari42
    Don't tell him how Swabian Ravioli are called in the local dialect
    Which programming languages do you know?
  • I know Python, R, the STATA ado-language (a horrible proprietary progamming language), MATLABs language, Javascript and some minimal C++. What I know really well though is R and Python. So typical profile for a (data) scientist.

  • Microblog Memes merari42
    Magneto is definitely worse at branding than Charles X. Xavier
  • This is a good place to leave this link to a nice folk song about parasites that has a verse on Toxoplasma of course

  • What is your favorite movie theater?
  • Stuttgart has a few nice Art house cinemas. One is in an older building and has some nice retro vibe to it with it's old sign from the 60s. The other is newer and has better equipment. Both have a really chill atmosphere and a good programme of movies

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    Gigantic sunflower seeds but also freaky weird tragic deaths. So it evens out.
    Our bffs
  • Can you at least say how your prior belief distribution has shifted or been reaffirmed given the observed data points?

  • kids are gowing up faster and faster
  • How is Pak better than pacman, which is my preferred package management solution for R.

  • They dared to ask.
  • Wouldn't porn have a clear bias due to selection issues, if fake moaning is more common in porn than in real live? Then again gathering experimental data would have an experimenter demand issue. Just imagine you are a participant in the natural human sex sounds study. Hard to imagine that you do not take that consciously into account.

  • oops
  • What a pan-snake-sual Alpha move

  • Geordi he even sees him with a special Aura, almost like if he sparkles
  • The iceking is a Soong and bran used a Klingon time crystal?

  • Geordi he even sees him with a special Aura, almost like if he sparkles
  • Data has even survived his dramatic sendoff to blue skies in the first season of Picard.

  • Press 'E' to equip artisanal stealth weapon: Baguette
  • Fellow rpg-enjoyer, do you want to hide some off your current inventory in the bread pile?

  • Geordi he even sees him with a special Aura, almost like if he sparkles
  • Opening a cold one with the broskis. Or brewskis with broskis.

  • Microblog Memes merari42
    Press 'E' to equip artisanal stealth weapon: Baguette
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