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I hate it here.
  • There are a ton of people in China that “own” a home or property, but it isn’t even built or usable. There are scores of ghost cities across China that were built as part of an economic bubble.

    There’s a ton of room for improvement in North America, and I’m not going to discount the fact that we need more smaller homes, and condos to be able to allow people to own a piece of property. However China’s metric is completely out of whack.

  • U.S. puts Japan back on currency manipulator watch list after 1 year
  • In no realm does the US consider Japan, Germany, or Singapore a rival. China is the only “rival” in there. The other countries don’t have the actual quantity of people or land size to be an economic rival. At best they could have a higher standard of living based on PPP or GDP per capita, but not anything that would overtake the US. You’re trying to turn a simple evaluation tool that every government should be using on its trading partners into some maniacal weapon of economic doom. There are lots of partners in this world. Just like everyone else if you act like everyone is an enemy then all you ever see is targets.

  • U.S. puts Japan back on currency manipulator watch list after 1 year
  • Only if you hit all three points. Otherwise it’s a monitoring list. It’s just for keeping track of finances and better understanding economies of partners and why they’re larger traders to the US. It’s in the US’ best interest to understand a major trading partners economy and currency, and it helps us better prepare for future trade agreements.

  • U.S. puts Japan back on currency manipulator watch list after 1 year
  • A country would meet all three if it had a trade surplus with the United States of at least $15 billion, a current account surplus of at least 3 percent of gross domestic product, and if it had engaged in persistent, one-sided intervention in foreign exchange markets.

    Being on the list isn’t a bad thing. You only have to have two of the three things listed in order to be on the list and any of our major trading partners would automatically be on it. It’s simply a mechanism for the US government to have reports on other economies it does business with.

  • Dell said return to the office or else—nearly half of workers chose “or else”
  • Lenovo is at the top of the enterprise devices game right now. I always say they operate in cycles and usually each brand trades every 2 years who is at number one.

    I still will always shit on HP. And HPE Aruba switches are absolutely trash.

  • Too powerful for their Euro arteries
  • In some cases it’s actually 3 drinks side by side…

    Generally the center consoles of full sized trucks and SUVs is as large as it is because people on construction sites wanted a file cabinet holder center console. So it can hold an 8.5 x 11 or A4 sized paper horizontally in the center with a holder.

  • This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • They are different standards, 100%! I hate that MPG in both English speaking countries means two different things. It’s like how Americas horsepower number is different than Britains. I feel bad for Canada too who’s caught between British units and American Units, and that’s before being dragged into the metric vs imperial. It’s unfortunate.

  • When Trump visits a black church
  • If I recall from the articles about this event. The pastor, who is black, invited Trump. In a funny twist as well, the former mayor of Detroit (also black) was there to speak about how great Trump is. Which is fine, except that Trump pardoned him at the end of his presidency because the man was convicted and guilty of: Obstruction of justice (x2), assault of a police officer, racketeering, tax evasion, extortion, mail fraud.

    However even at the event that Kilpatrick was attending with Trump, while singing his praises, didn’t endorse him.

  • This is my reason for joining "Fuck Cars"
  • The diesel HD trucks can average nearly 20mpg, and the diesel half tons can get almost 30. The gas trucks will get 10-17mpg with good highway tires. Off road tires bring it down to 8-15.

    I’m completely in agreement that the people bitching about fuel prices are often the ones driving something like this. My truck is an HD gasser and I pay 4.50 a gallon right now. Sure it sucks, but I have a need for a truck. Other guys just drive them to an office job where a smaller fun car could easily get the job done. In a surprising twist though of just efficiency and aero dynamics my twin turbo V8 sports sedan will pull almost 28mpg on the freeway. Both are not hybrid.

    I have definitely said though that I wish there was a hybrid gas HD truck. It makes perfect sense. If I need to run a welder or other high power usage tool I would love to have that capability, while still being able to tow 17k pounds no problem and carry 6 people comfortably. They have already proven it works with the F150 power boost, and that gets almost 28mpg freeway.

  • FAA investigating Southwest flight that came within 400 feet of crashing into the ocean | CNN
  • The MAX 8 was previously the plane that flew into the ground twice because a pilot would push the plane up and the software that is required to keep it in the air (MCAS) would auto correct and send them straight down thinking they were climbing into a stall. So this could be a pilot issue, but this plane also has a lot of issues and it totally could be the plane over correcting.

  • Biden, Zelenskyy sign new 10-year security agreement
  • I don’t disagree about support having been delayed having negative effects on Ukraine’s ability to hold its line and potentially progress. Ukrainians are also dying for this. That’s unfortunate, and at the break of this war I was fine with the US being involved to squash it immediately. However it’s now too late in it for us to be seen as protecting, and now it would be viewed as another move by America to enforce its imperialist views on the world. We’ve done enough of that for the last 80+ years. We have to stop, but our friends and allies in the EU can step up and help. Ukraine, and the rest of the democratic world, shouldn’t be so reliant on the US and its support. For obvious reasons.

  • Biden, Zelenskyy sign new 10-year security agreement
  • No they shouldn’t be. I’m an avid Ukraine supporter, just check my previous comments, but this HAS to be Ukraine doing this. Especially regarding US troops. Not only would it signal a more militaristic approach, it’s also come off as more US imperialism/colonialism. I don’t want Ukraine being a puppet of the US. I want them to be free and to choose their own destiny. I’m happy to provide them weapons, and intel, and if other smaller nations wish to help and align that’s fine, but a US soldier supported by the US government makes us look as if they’re yet another country that’s a US proxy.

  • Biden admin has discussed potentially negotiating unilateral deal with Hamas to free U.S. hostages
  • No, but that’s not the point. He’s trying to capitalize on the people that are “center” or “independent.” They have a different view of what they want. They’re the kinds of voters that are largely union, rural, live in swing areas, are likely to shift from party line votes and often their view of Israel is one that is more pro Israel. Maybe not as much “anti Palestinian” as one might think, but a viewpoint that’s very narrow sighted compared to a voter who might be more well informed. This election is a game of the middle ground, just like the last election.

    Biden doesn’t need to be popular in rural areas as much, he needs to prevent people from voting en masse for Trump in those areas. Especially in states that aren’t winner take all.

  • Biden admin has discussed potentially negotiating unilateral deal with Hamas to free U.S. hostages
  • You again… you’re exactly the type of person that is the reason why every European on this site is also confused at the rise of the far-right in their countries. Go out and talk to someone in a rural area. Touch grass. You’ll find that plenty of people would love Biden if he brought home “our people” and bombed Palestinians again. We on here all want an end to this, but we all on Lemmy/Fedi aren’t the sum of a country (clearly).

  • Perroquet by UZ

    Listen to Perroquet by UZ on Apple Music. 2023. Duration: 2:13