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Labour Party Manifesto 2024
  • One thing that I am really disappointed by is the lack of any meaningful reform to gender recognition. Like they pay lip service but they still want to keep the requirement for a medical diagnosis and they don't want to recognise non-binary people. I don't love the term red Tory because I think it's inaccurate but to me this is one are where Labour are closer to the Tory party than they are to other left wing parties

  • Labour Party Manifesto 2024
  • As someone who works in Morrisons this wouldn't actually be the case. They pay everyone the highest level of minimum wage already so this wouldn't be a change. I know they aren't the only company that pays everyone the 21+ minimum wage

  • For free for 11.99$
  • That isn't actually true. The price on the shelf is considered to be an invitation to treat. By taking the item to the checkout you are offering to buy it which they can reject. In practice they will sell it to you for the price on the shelf but this is not the law

  • Women-only social media app Giggle for Girls taken to court by transgender woman Roxanne Tickle after her account was restricted
  • Discrimination based on gender identity is basically saying I have been treated differently due to being transgender. She is saying that she as a transgender woman is being treated differently to a cisgender woman. Or that is at least how it works in the UK. I would presume Australia is similar

  • Good “Buy for Life” Brands
  • For espresso machines I would recommend Gaggia. I bought one that was at least third hand and from 2000. It still works great and if anything breaks all the parts can be bought online