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Elon Musk Begs Advertisers to Return as Twitter's Revenue Plunges
  • Is he trying to put on a good appearance for the advertisers? I thought it was strange that he didn't have a transphobic streak of Twitter interactions this June. Very out of character.

  • Mario & Luigi: Brothership – Announcement Trailer – Nintendo Switch
  • This looks good. I dare say it surpasses Alpha Dream's last works before they went bankrupt.

  • Firefox Browser Blocks Anti-Censorship Add-Ons at Russia’s Request
  • This is an unpleasant dilemma. What is the other option? Stick to their principles and let Russia ban Firefox? It's not ideal but people in Russia can still install add-ons from file.

  • MultiVersus studio claims ability to purchase extra lives with real money was "a bug" that was "not an intended feature in the game"
  • Nah, they don't get the benefit of doubt between this and the impossible free battlepass grind. The whole game reeks of shitty F2P monetization.

  • tankie censorship problem
  • For real, I knew people whose family had to stand in lines just to get food or common items. It's foolish to advocate for abolishing capitalism when states with "real leftism" overwhelmingly do not thrive for long or at all.

  • Have you ever clicked on an ad *on purpose?*
  • I have purposely clicked on ads for some video games. It isn't worth the click even then since you end up on some marketing railroad that doesn't lead directly to the steam page.

  • Google
  • Okay Google search the web for beans in my jeans no poop for 3 days

  • AI is the future
  • Always trust user input. Surely the AI will figure it out.

  • Sovcit got a ticket.
  • Traveling and driving are mutually exclusive in sovcit world when they need to be.

  • Google scrambles to manually remove weird AI answers in search
  • Isn't the model fundamentally flawed if it can't appropriately present arbitrary results? It is operating at a scale where human workers cannot catch every concerning result before users see them.

    The ethical thing to do would be to discontinue this failed experiment. The way it presents results is demonstrably unsafe. It will continue to present satire and shitposts as suggested actions.

  • Does One Line Fix Google? - A “Web” filter that presents what Google used to look like a decade ago |
  • Seems like an ordinary experience with Google. They love assuming what users want instead of letting them have options.

  • Rabbit Gaslit Me, So I Dug Deeper
  • Clueless investors will never stop enabling obvious tech start-up scams.

  • MultiVersus - Launch Trailer
  • I can confirm that their battle passes and seasonal events were horribly grindy, taking many days of non-stop CPU battle matchmaking because they end faster and yield more progress than matches with human opponents. They only made it worse as the game's popularity went down. If the revamped game's battle passes aren't lenient like Halo Infinite's then this game is dead on arrival to me.

  • Deactivating Facebook for just a few weeks reduces belief in fake news
  • I believe that some popular news organizations are sufficiently trustworthy. At the very least, you can find sources that rank higher than others on the scale of trustworthiness.

  • Everything happening at Google’s I/O developer conference 2024
  • Some of this AI stuff could make for optional time-saving tools. I'm pessimistic because Google has a reputation for killing features and offering inadequate replacements. They'd rather change the default than let users have options.

  • Google is redesigning its search engine — and it’s AI all the way down
  • I dislike this AI-first approach because it provides only a small selection of results that are influenced by the phrasing of the query. You can't just replace paginated results.

  • Funny, those guys don't usually agree on that much
  • I understand we don't like capitalism on Lemmy, but I'm curious how liberalism fares versus the other capitalism-supporting ideologies that are more commonly found in the world.

  • Check Out The Joker's MultiVersus Gameplay And The Batman Who Laughs Alternate Costume
  • I hope they improve the battle passes. That game was a monotonous second job if you cared about obtaining everything.

  • You can now bridge Fediverse and Bluesky Accounts!
  • It's not ideal but it is in place to accept the normie Twitter refugees as Twitter turns into an alt-right propaganda platform run by a shitty AI that promotes false stories.

  • Why Keffals Is A Complete FRAUD... [1:33:39 | May 12, 2024 | SomeOrdinaryGamers]
  • Keffals has stirred up plenty of controversy. The pattern is strong enough that I can call her a problematic influencer regardless of her identity. It's not right to unconditionally call transphobia when certain individuals who happen to be transgender are rightfully criticised for being absolutely awful.