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He'll be living with this for the rest of his life
  • Driving is never going to be predictable enough to consistently get you to a destination where 30 seconds is a life-or-death class difference. The other people you're getting angry at are also workers struggling to live in the same capitalist hellscape and you don't know what's going on in or around their car (this is the "fundamental attribution error"). Your anger at other drivers is misplaced, and further, makes you a more dangerous driver.

  • He'll be living with this for the rest of his life
  • Seriously. Drivers really seem to lose their sense of time. Going 5 mph slower (or even 15) for a couple minutes won't impact your arrival time (or will do so only negligibly) because you're just going to have to wait at the next light anyway. And getting angry while driving is just as dangerous as other causes of distracted driving.

  • Makes me laugh
  • That was my experience also. I had a very smart coworker, a scientist, who was libertarian, very anti-police and everything. Then Trump came along and he went full fascist. It was very disturbing, and I haven't trusted libertarians since.

    Note: I'm using libertarian as shorthand for libertarian capitalist, which is mostly how it's used in the US, though, as noted in another comment, there are other kinds of libertarians, like libertarian socialists.

  • What linguistic constructions do you hate that no one else seems to mind?
  • "Aren't I", as in "I'm still going with you, aren't I?", which, when uncontracted, becomes "are I not?" It should be "ain't I" since "ain't" is a proper contraction for "amn't", but there's been an irrational suppression of "ain't".

  • *braces for down votes and possible ban*
  • This rings extra true for me because many of the redfash that I used to follow (before russia invaded Ukraine and they went mask off) were actually ex-Evangelicals. Later it struck me how they'd just exchanged one fascist ideology with another.

  • [META] Can this community add info on how one should vote?

    Is one supposed to upvote posts that they dislike (as if it were "opposite day"), to show it's unpopular? Or is the goal to get as many downvotes as possible to demonstrate the unpopularity? It would be nice if the community info included expectations for voting on unpopular opinions.