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CrowdStrike IT outage affected 8.5 million Windows devices, Microsoft says
  • There are a lot of misunderstandings about what happened. First, the ‘update’ was to a data file used by the crowdstrike kernel components (specifically ‘falcon’.) while this file has a ‘.sys’ name, it is not a driver, it provides threat definition data. It is read by the falcon driver(s), not loaded as an executable.

    Microsoft doesn’t update this file, crowdstrike user mode services do that, and they do that very frequently as part of their real-time threat detection and mitigation.

    The updates are essential. There is no opportunity for IT to manage or test these updates other than blocking them via external firewalls.

    The falcon kernel components apparently do not protect against a corrupted data file, or the corruption in this case evaded that protection. This is such an obvious vulnerability that i am leaning toward a deliberate manipulation of the data file to exploit a discovered vulnerability in their handling of a malformed data file. I have no evidence for that other than resilience against malformed data input is very basic software engineering and crowdstrike is a very sophisticated system.

    I’m more interested in how the file got corrupted before distribution.

  • Why is the US not considered a third world country?
  • You've doctored your first two points to avoid the fact that widespread corruption and crumbling infrastructure are in fact a feature of the USA. That said, obviously we are not a 'third world' country, nor a 'developing or under-developed' country. We are, instead in our own special category of fucked. We have an absolutely giant economy, but as we have decided politically to disinvest in all of our public sectors, either by privatization or under-funding, we are rapidly becoming dysfunctional. Add to that the huge global reclaiming of surplus value from workers wages to plutocrats profits, and we are, as is obvious, in a political crisis shared by the rest of the neoliberal democracies.

  • Thomas Matthew Crooks: The registered Republican and gun lover who shot Trump
  • That is almost entirely a myth. Yes, there are 'cross over votes' in states that don't have open primaries but facilitate party enrollment, but those cross over voters are almost always 'independent' voters who enroll and then unenroll and are not doing anything other than voting for the candidate of their choice in the primary that candidate is running in. So called 'strategic voting', as far as I know, has never made any difference in any presidential primary, but go ahead and bring up the bodies.

  • Massachusetts town grapples with sea rise after sand barrier fails
  • " local citizens came together to take the necessary steps to protect their homes." - the steps they took were obviously not the necessary steps, instead they were unnecessary and in fact idiotic.

    The Town of Salisbury did not 'grapple with sea rise'. An ad hoc association, Salisbury Beach Citizens for Change, basically the owners of multi-million dollar absurdly situated beach front homes, blew 500,000 dollars on one wall of a giant sand castle.

  • Nintendo Switch emulator, Yuzu, developers settling lawsuit from Nintendo with $2.4M payout, handing over its domains, and agreeing "Yuzu [is] primarily designed to circumvent [DRM]".
  • I started out in the computer industry working for a company that reverse engineered and built IBM compatible terminal systems, This was more than 40 years ago, when that was its own large and profitable sector of the computer hardware market. It was absolutely legal to build 'plug compatible' reverse engineered third party systems. DRM is almost entirely horseshit that has helped turn the entire tech industry into silo'd enshittified monopolies.

  • Alabama says it’s tough on drug crime. It just perpetuates it.
  • I don't disagree, it 'ought to', but my point is simply that even if it doesn't the benefits of legalization to both the addicted community and society in general are more than enough to justify legalization.

  • How did China get so good at chips and AI? Congressional investigation blames American venture capitalists
  • Capitalism and neoliberal globalization is great as long as your capitalist organizations are dominating the system. But that inevitably results in the emergence of other competitive capitalist organizations. Then it’s back to trade barriers, and when that fails, military conflict.

  • Theodore Luhaka: Aspiring footballer left with 'serious anal injuries' - French police officers given suspended sentences
  • Police forces are the the primary Ideological State Apparatus of Repression. They do not exist to protect the public from crime, they exist to protect the property rights of the owners of the means of production. Keeping the proles in a state of fear is them just doing their job.

  • My Moka pot went into sputter mode.

    So about two weeks ago my 9-cup pot started failing. Instead of a nice rich flow, it did nothing until it started to boil, and then produced about 3 of it's 9 'cups' via a disgusting tasting over boiled sputtering mess.

    I changed the filter. I cleaned the interior with a toothbrush. I blamed the beans. I blamed the grind. I was wrong every time. I was in despair. I youtubed.

    TL;DW: use thread tape to correct the fit between the funnel and the top of the water container. Works great!


    Lemmy is trending toward all links no content

    Sorry, no link to some ‘news’ article. /s

    I’m a newcomer myself, but it seems my feed is just filled with low-effort news links with no other content. It’s c/mildlyinfuriating at this point. Maybe moderators outside of communities that are specifically for current events could require at least an effort by the op to add some of her own thoughts?


    Starter preserving methods

    I bake weekly using a levain. I preserve about 25g from the levain in the refrigerator as my starter. There seem to be two choices for how to do this:

    1. After feeding the old starter to begin the levain ferment.

    2. After the levain has fermented.

    So I conducted an experiment. I now have two 25g starters in my refrigerator. The first is fed but not fermented. The second is fed and fermented.

    Visually these starters are quite different. (1) is ‘ bready’ and full of bubbles. (2) is soupy and no visible bubbles, but on close examination there are fine bubbles in it.

    Baking the same recipe for each I get approximately identical results.

    As far as I can tell it makes no difference which method I use.


    Lifehackers reviews lemmy and basically gets everything wrong.