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Authelia + Bitwarden + other selfhosted stuff
  • Authelia is an authentification provider. So you can have a single login for all your services. It can provide autorisation and authentification with a single unified login.

    Bitwarden is much "simpler", in it's just a passwordmanager. As soon as you start sharing passwords, like you do in bitwarden, you lose the authentification part, even worse, you lose control over the shared login. Anyone with autorisation can "steal" the login as in unauthorized copying/distributing the password or even changing the password alltogether.

    With an sso like authelia you can mitigate such attack vectors.

  • DIY madejackson

    Bicycle Stand

    Due to lack of well designed buyable solutions, I built my own bicycle stand from scratch.


    • 14 Mtr. 3030 aluminum extrusions
    • 48x M8*16-25 Button Head Screw
    • 6x Feet with mounting Kit for 3030 Profile
    • 10x 90°-Angles for 3030 Profile with mounting kit


    • Screwdriver with bits for screws
    • Drill
    • Drillbit 6-8mm
    • Allen Key
    • Chopsaw 1)
    • M8 Tap 1)


    1. Cut extrusions to length 1) (F.e. 50cm spacing, 5cm tire width 50cm tire slot lenght, 25cm elevation. You'd need 1x2m, 20x50cm, 2x83cm, 10x11cm, 2x25cm)
    2. Cut M8-Thread into 20x50cm, 2x83cm and 2x25cm 1)
    3. Drill 6-8mm holes into 3030 Profiles corresponding to M8-Thread locations.
    4. Fit Everything together.
    5. Profit
    1. Only nececary if you cut the extrusions to length yourself. If you order the correct extrusion length pretapped you don't need those.


  • I didn't get notification but i cannot let stand your statement. You're just wrong. Pretty much all of scientists agree that it is unimaginably worse than good. Trying to argue about that is just yourself coping with denying the issue at hand.

  • Hummingbird feet
  • For completeness, we cannot say for sure if we even exist. The universe could very well just be an imagination and nothing really matters, including the laws of physics and our understanding of magnets.

  • me_irl
  • disclaimer: opinion here ofc deciding if it is bad depends very much on the viewpoint. But yourself as a human should probably view it from the viewpoint of mankind in general. And then, yes, it is undoubtably bad. It is going to cost humankind an unimaginable amount of money and it'll increase inequality and unfairness in unimaginable amounts. That's also why there are so many people denying or not believing it. A lot of humans are uninformed or unable to grasp the issue on a logical level simply because of the scale of the issue.

  • For anybody using ZFS Snapshot Backups using SpaceinvaderOne's Video/Script: Be aware of Database Corruption / Unrecoverable Backups Address Database-Corruption in the script and also add a disclaimer in the corresponding yt-video · Issue #15 · SpaceinvaderOne/Unraid_ZFS_Dataset_Snapshot_and_Replications

    Thanks for this awesome Script. Important question: Did you and how did you solve the issue with database-corruption? When doing a snapshot of a live database (fe. sqlite3 for radarr, sonarr etc), ...

    As my bug reports explains: The Video-Guide and Script from SpaceinvaderOne for ZFS Snapshot Backups cannot safely backup live databases, it'll corrupt them. Please make sure, that you either stop all dockers using a database before running the script or you copy the live database into a db-dump beforehand, as long as you use this script.

    Toto on Max's 10 in a row: It's not something that would be important for me, any of those numbers. It's for Wikipedia. Nobody reads that anyway
  • Yep... Max's dominance seems to be a side effect of the new regulations for closer racing, IMO. The new regulations favor Max because he is so consistent and fast while still having a bit of a margin, combined with a now very reliable car, and a good portion of luck as well. I still think it's more interesting to watch than the previous years. Max is, while more consistently in front, still closer to the pack than Hamilton in his dominant years.

    I'd also lay a lot of the "problems" of the sport are also due to the attitude of the fans praising the winner in an "all or nothing"-fashion instead of focusing on the battles for 2nd-10th as well. F1 already did try a lot to change this, IMO (DotD, fastest Lap, new Regs, TV-directing)

  • My friend who runs the instance i am on nuked all the images cause some degen thought spreading cp was a good idea. So have some more motivational word art
  • Are you serious? Instead of doubling down on your ignorancy by asking rhetorical questions you could also try to inform yourself. The answer to your question is in OP's post:

    The children in these photos/videos can’t make pornography, they’re sexually abused into making this material. CP insinuates that it’s legitimate porn with children. CSAM, on the other hand, calls it what it is: sexual abuse of children.

  • Help - 3D Printer for food manufacturing
  • I have printed some food safe prints for a friend couple of times now. Nozzle is stainless steel, Filament is natural HIPS. Stainless & HIPS are both food safe materials (if not mixed with color pigments). After the print, you need a clean surface. HIPS can be smoothed in an Acetone-Bath. Simply put it in for 10-15 min and you'll have a glossy finish.

    HIPS is very easy to print in an enclosure and the resulting product is fairly stiff and durable. It's also temp resistant up to 90-100°C. So it's dishwasher safe.

    Do not inhale acetone vapor, wear respiratory masks that filter out voc like acetone vapor.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I agree. One thing I'd like to add: There are also low thermal mass floor heating systems available nowadays (usually dry, built on top of a layer of Insulation). These aren't that slow to react. But of course, these bring not only advantages but also drawbacks.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • While being the cheapest, AC is also the type of heating with the least amount of comfort, while the most expensive solution, underfloor or wall heating is the best comfort. Radiant heat is much less intrusive than blowing air around violently.

  • Find the Culprit? First Post :) Find the Culprit? -

    We need to start to fill up lemmy :) Can you solve this issue? My HEVO (Hypercube Evolution), now 5 years old started to have very weird banding. It has a Bowden BMG Extruder and a E3D V6 printhead with CHT-Nozzle. MKS Robin with TMC2209 and Klipper. Benchy is ABS, lower one is HIPS. Printed at 230°...

    First Post :) Find the Culprit? -

    @mods: maybe link community [email protected] in the sidebar?


    [solved] First Post :) Find the Culprit?

    We need to start to fill up lemmy :) Can you solve this issue?

    My HEVO (Hypercube Evolution), now 5 years old started to have very weird banding.

    It has a Bowden BMG Extruder and a E3D V6 printhead with CHT-Nozzle. MKS Robin with TMC2209 and Klipper.

    Benchy is ABS, lower one is HIPS. Printed at 230°/105° bed. part cooling fan off.

    I took apart and cleaned the extruder. The gears look intact and i can move the extruder by hand without binding. I found the E3D V6 was loose. I retightened it, which didn't solve the issue.

    I'll spend a beer to the one that solves this issue ;)

    Edit: Found the Issue: hotend not hot enough.