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College student slips on Yosemite's Half Dome cables, falls to her death
  • So many warning signs he just ignores. Worst was when she directly told him her shoes were too slippery.

    As an avid hiker who can't wait to introduce my kids to more difficult hikes when they grow up, I'll always remember this story before deciding to ignore any warnings.

  • I wish I was as bold as these authors.
  • And the argument was if there's meaning behind what they generate. That argument applies to AGIs too. It's a deeply debated philosophical question. What is meaning? Is our own thought pattern deterministic, and if it is, how do we know there's any meaning behind our own actions?

  • I wish I was as bold as these authors.
  • LLMs reproduce the form of language without any meaning being transmitted. That's called parroting.

    Even if (and that's a big if) an AGI is going to be achieved at some point, there will be people calling it parroting by that definition. That's the Chinese room argument.

  • I wish I was as bold as these authors.
  • AI hasn't been redefined. For people familiar with the field it has always been a broad term meaning code that learns (and subdivided in many types of AI), and for people unfamiliar with the field it has always been a term synonymous with AGI. So when people in the former category put out a product and label it as AI, people in the latter category then run with it using their own definition.

    For a long time ML had been the popular buzzword in tech and people outside the field didn't care about it. But then Google and OpenAI started calling ML and LLMs simply "AI" and that became the popular buzzword. And when everyone is talking about AI, and most people conflate that with AGI, the results are funny and scary at the same time.

  • What's this Bug? lunarul

    What is this bug?

    Found on a trail in California, SF Bay Area. About an inch long.

    DIY lunarul

    How would I go about removing this sink and vanity?

    How are these usually attached to the wall? Can I just pry them off or would that damage the drywall?

    And follow up questions: how can I reproduce that texture when painting the newly exposed areas of the wall?


    My kid got this in a goodie bag

    I don't know much about Pokémon cards, but I know this is a rare holo. Is it worth much?

    Backstory: my son (6yo) kept talking lately about a Mewtwo he got at a birthday party and how he's going to trade it with his classmate for a Darkrai, but he lost his Mewtwo somewhere in the car. So yesterday I finally get around to searching below the car seat to find this. A holo Mewtwo Vstar, in a protective sleeve too. I asked him repeatedly if it was really in the goodie bag (making sure the b-day kid didn't just give it away on their own without parents knowing), but yeah, everyone got cards in their bags (but doesn't sound like anyone got something like this one). For now I told him to just keep it safe and not use it to play with and definitely don't trade it away.


    Little yellow mushroom growing in my tomato pot