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Buyers Are Avoiding Teslas Because Elon Musk Has Become So Toxic
  • I just bought my first EV and he's precisely why I didn't even consider a Tesla when it came down to it. Also it helps that I want buttons on my dash and not all screen. Ended up with a Hyundai Ioniq5, it's boss.

  • When you run out of vintage anime to watch, just wait for the remakes

    Hah, I can't believe they remade this. I actually never got around to watching Urusei Yatsura, but my first manga was Ranma 1/2 and my favorite anime of all time is Maison Ikkoku.

    Episode Discussion | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | 2x09 "Subspace Rhapsody"
  • I don't love musicals in particular, but aren't anti-musical, and I felt the same. The songs weren't memorable, the numbers were a bit dull, and nobody really danced much except for extras that they hired that were clearly dancers. If you're going to pull of a musical, gotta go big, SNW didn't go big.

  • Episode Discussion | Star Trek: Strange New Worlds | 2x09 "Subspace Rhapsody"
  • So, the time has finally come. I want to mention that I'm not a huge fan of musicals, this translates to that tend to only watch them if external circumstances push me to watch one and I only enjoy if they're really well done. Well, circumstances have pushed me, and... it was meh.

    I thought the songs weren't particularly memorable, the productions were a bit underwhelming and the dancing nearly non-existent.

  • Enterprise is too gross
  • That moment was when the show lost me, it was ridiculous. It reminded me of those old Art Frahm pinup posters where they depicted, against all physics and plausible circumstance, a woman's underwear suddenly dropping down around her ankles from under her dress in public.

  • Get rekt Ubunoobs
  • Mostly because of happenstance I have my home server running Arch. I actually do love Arch for desktop, but with the cutting edge rolling updates I have to keep on my toes during updates, I wish it was running Ubuntu.

  • Anyone using "docker run" instead of "docker compose"?
  • This is the response I was hoping to hear. I'm primarily a home-automation/self-hosted enthusiast, not necessarily a infrastructure enthusiast. As of yet, I haven't felt the need for using more involved orchestration tools/infra.

  • Hello world! - Please introduce yourself here
  • Hello all! I became an SDF member a couple of years ago, at the time I believe I was disillusioned with social media, probably was also in a paranoid pandemic mindset. I am very excited about Lemmy and the traction it is getting, it's a fun platform so far. I had tried Mastadon back when, but it just didn't have any hooks for me, I was never a Twitter person anyways.

    I had only heard about SDF from reading comments in Hacker News. But it's really right up my alley. My first experiences on the internet was interacting through a local freenet dialup shell in the early 90's and spending way too much time on MUDs, and downloading porn on usenet for view on my fancy VGA monitor.

    Back in my day you had to work for your porn and imagine your video game graphics, and that's the way it should be. :old man finger waggle:

  • No posts here ?
  • I use vim daily for my software engineering job. I love its versatility, availability, and keyboard focus. But I'm a bit stuck as far as learning new commands, I probably should push through some new vim learnings to streamline stuff I do regularly.

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