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Dinosaurs wouldn't be that popular if they were small like dogs

Alternative title: Dinosaurs wouldn't be that big if they weren't that big


What are your favourite RSS feeds?

Any topic, just explain what it is please


Regarding sleep quality, why did humans evolve to require full darkness?

I know evolution is governed by chance and it is random but does it make sense to "ruin" sleep if there's light? I mean normally, outside, you never have pure darkness, there are the moon and stars even at night. In certain zones of the Earth we also have long periods of no sunshine and long periods of only sunshine.

I don't know if my question is clear enough but I hope so.

Bonus question: are animals subject to the same contribution of light or lack of it to the quality of sleep?

How easy is it to switch back to windows?
  • I know it's not what you're asking but switching back is truly horrible, I have to use w11 at work and I hate every second of it. One drive shoven down your throat, Xbox stuff wants to install something everytime I update, installing stuff from random exes found on websites (I know the store exists but it sucks if your needs are not "I want to install candy crush"), changed something in your path variable? Reboot! Wtf? I really hope microsoft abandons windows in favour of its cloud apps for people who need it and lets Linux distros rule the desktop world

  • What are you currently excited for?
  • Not from the UK but excited for that too. Asking just out of curiosty because I'm not too informed on the matter, do you really like the labour program or just happy to see conservatives kicked out?

    Also I was thinking we should stop calling them conservatives and start calling them retrogrades since (at least in my country) they want to strip people of acquired rights making us go back in time.

  • What are you currently excited for?

    The birth (or death) of a relative, the release of a new program, game, series, movie, the date you were dreaming about, could be anything


    I know that naming variables is one of the biggest unsolved problems of Computer Science but how would you name a boolean flag to be self explanatory?

    What I mean is: some boolean flags are perfect for the real world phenomenon they are representing e.g. is_light_on makes you understand perfectly that when it is true the light is on and when it is false the light is off.

    There are other cases in which if you didn't write the code and you don't read any additional documentation, everything is not clear just by looking at the variable name e.g. is_person_standing, when true it's clear what that means but when false, is the person sitting? Lying? Kneeling?

    I'm obviously not talking about cases in which there are more states, boolean would of course not be a good solution in those cases. I'm talking about programs in which there are only two states but it's not obvious, without external knowledge, which ones they are.


    The "Arch Linux Ports" RFC has been accepted and merged

    Lemmy Support linucs

    Is there a way to receive notifications for new comments on a post some other user posted?

    Would I receive notifications for new comments on posts I saved?


    Is there any scientific study about where should the bed be facing?

    This is something I always wondered because some people have a bunch of theories about whether your head should face north or south or whatever, because of the earth magnetic field. Is there any science in this or just "superstition"?

    Also, would it be better to have the head towards a window or away from a window, even if closed (e.g. in winter)?

    I'm basically asking whether there exist "recommendations" on how to structure a bedroom backed by science.


    Why did groups of human beings migrate to northern zones of the world, and how did they survive?

    After reading the abstract of the paper mentioned here I started wondering, why did human groups migrate away from southerner (warmer) places towards the north which is far colder and has less possibilities to grow crops and wild animals to hunt?

    Was the population density too high?

    And after they migrated, what did they mostly survive on? Were they hunters-gatherers? Did they cultivate? Was it not more difficult to survive in colder climates?


    Can anyone recognize these chords?

    Kimyan Law - Mortal Life, the chords in the first part of the song remind me of some song but I can't remember which one, can anyone recognize them?


    Help needed: can't install new Android extensions

    Whenever I try to install an Android extension, except for the Recommended ones, by pressing "Add to firefox", I'm prompted to download the .xpi file and when it finishes I press " Open file" but I get an error saying I don't have any app which can open those files.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know how to fix it?

    I'm on Mull 120.1.0


    Does anyone know what is the progress on accepted Arch RFCs or if they have already been implemented?

    I'm talking about


    I read some time ago that there were doubts from package maintainers regarding the -march RFC because of lacking tooling. Does anyone know if there has been any progress on solving those problems?

    And what about the other two RFCs?

    Is there any way the community can help?


    Does a colorscheme (for desktop or app themes) optimized for "Blue light filter" exist?

    I found this post on Hacker News and in it a comment that sparked my interest: "Only tangentially related but: I have a blue light filter (Plasma night color) always on on my laptop because I feel like, in combination with brightness reduction, I get less eye strain. I've always wondered if there exist a color scheme for desktop theme or IDE / neovim theme or whatever that is thought with night color in mind, i.e. it's made specifically to be looked at with blue light filter reduction, so that all choices of color work, because for example I use solarized light in neovim but when doing diff I need to turn night color off because otherwise I can't read selected text."

    Does anyone know if such a thing exist? I too have blue light filter on my PC on all the time so everything is yellow/red tinted depending on the time of the day but sometimes I have difficulties reading some text in certain colours because of it.

    I'm sorry if this isn't the right community to ask this.


    Does a (phone|laptop) charger plugged in the socket but not connected to the device still consume electricity?

    And if so, how much? Less, same or more than if it was actually charging something?

    I'm in the EU if that changes something.