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Any day now Joe, c'mon man!
  • I think "most" people do NOT understand those ramifications. Maybe 33% of the population does, 33% think and want the president to be a dictator, and 34% don't pay attention to anything at all.

  • UN adds Israel to list of states committing violations against children
  • Wherever people call out the October 7th death count that always makes me notice I can't find data on how many Israeli civilians have died since October 7th. It's almost like this has never actually been retaliatory.

  • Major disruption of the Atlantic overturning circulation (AOMC) is not expected from the Greenland Ice Sheet
  • Nope. I'm fact the very first summary paragraph of the linked study says NOT major. I don't know why the title says that.

    "However, because melting is causing the Greenland Ice Sheet to recede from the coasts of Greenland, where icebergs originate, its iceberg discharge should not persist long enough to cause major disruption of the Atlantic overturning circulation by itself"

  • Is Microsoft trying to commit suicide?
  • I work in healthcare IT. EHR clients and other necessary software that hold PHI (protected/private health information) run only on Windows. Recall seems to require a PC with a discrete 40 TOPs NPU so none of the current workstations. There is an opt-out already so I'm sure, though not positive, it can be turned off with a group policy.

    I, optimistically, think this is a moot point for businesses. The goal is to get consumer data to sell not lose business purchases.

    Cynically, I think it will be forced on consumers with, eventually, no option to turn it off.

  • Is Microsoft trying to commit suicide?
  • I feel like the headline and all these comments have WAAAAAYYYYY too much faith in the technical savvy and/or privacy concerns of the average pc user. They are not committing suicide. They know that a very small minority will be upset by recall and AI but the vast majority don't know enough to care and definitely won't take the time to learn about why they should care.

  • Hide downvoted

    Can we get an option to hide posts we've downvoted? Sometimes I'd like to see the whole front page again except for ones I've down voted. I know we can hide but that's two actions, three taps on Android instead of just one quick tap.

    indieheads - For fans of indie and alternative music. lewdian69

    Giant's Chair - New Orleans (1996)

    Giants Chair - New Orleans From their album Red and Clear. Just an indie band that's always stuck with me through the years when I want to be aggressive.