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The lawsuit accusing Trump of raping a 13-year-old girl, explained
  • Yeah.

    I fear that my original comment might be misconstrued so I just want to make it (probably annoyingly) explicit:

    • original comment: lawsuit is fake
    • reply1: no it's real there's a case number
    • reply2: oh well then it must be true
    • my reply: well akshually the existence of the lawsuit is pretty clearly not fake (response to original and reply1) but yeah you're right it hasn't been tried and we don't have all the evidence to show that its contents were true or not

    FWIW I fully believe Trump did this and worse, but that's just me

  • Missouri politicians put a trick measure on the November ballot to silence your voice
  • Link was paywalled for me and I could not make sense of the posted excerpt.

    Ballotpedia link

    Tldr the measure bundles citizenship language (change from "all" citizens to "only" citizens can vote) and a RCV ban - among other things - into one constitutional amendment.

  • The IRS wants to end another major tax loophole for the wealthy and raise $50 billion in the process
  • I'm not interested in snark so I'll just suggest that the US budget deficit offers a reasonable example of a deficit-financed government. "In Perpetuity" is a little hard to pin down but 20 years of deficits with no end in sight seems close enough to me.

    The Multiplier Effect is often referenced with deficit spending, but there's no requirement I'm aware of that it ONLY requires to deficit spending.

    I never said anything like that

  • Seeking advice choosing a multi-color printer
  • I have an MK4+MMU that I bought partially with the intent of building PLA-supported PETG and TPU parts. I haven't dug in too far yet but in the few prints I've done the PLA has severely degraded interlayer adhesion. Presumably this can be addressed by purging (much) more on changes from PLA, but if I had known this before I bought, I would have seriously considered a multi-head printer.

  • Why did my PLA crumble after 6 weeks idle in my printer?

    I left a spool of eSun PLA+ beige in my Prusa MK4 with Prusa enclosure, which has sat idle since my last print about 6 weeks ago. The enclosure has a PTFE filament feed tube that runs the filament from the spool to the extruder.

    Today I went to change the filament, and it broke apart in several pieces, right at the ends of the ptfe filament feed tube. The filament on the spool itself - within an inch of where it simply separated from the broken bits - I can fold over 180° tight without breaking it. Even the several ~1" lengths of broken bits are similarly ductile.

    Ambient humidity is something like 15% (per my filament dryer) to 30% (per my dehumidifier, which is idle because it's winter).

    Any idea why this happened? I'm curious about maybe interactions with the PETG parts that the broken pieces were close to (that's the only thing I can come up with, anyway).


    Benchtop current sense amplifier?

    Anyone have a recommendation for a benchtop current sense amplifier?

    Sure, there are current sense breakout boards and whatnot. But what I'd like is a convenient device that I can use to instrument a circuit and then monitor its current with my oscilloscope or logic analyzer (Saleae with analog input) along with other signals in the circuit.

    Ideal features might be:

    • Banana jack inputs and outputs
    • Selectable range / sensitivity / sense resistor
    • Isolated measurement, so I can measure high-side or low-side currents without worrying too much about the common connection on my scope
    • Selectable or automatic power source selection, between circuit-powered and externally-powered

    I haven't seen anything like this in a few targeted searches, and just wondering if someone has any suggestions I might have missed.