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What's the best wax-on-wax-off-style advice you've heard that you can attest as being helpful in certain situations?
  • This.. Might not be as helpful as you think it is.. My dad died 6 months ago, and If someone asked me what his name was and then said 'that's a nice name' I'd feel like it was a superficial and bad reaction. My father was a lot of things, and for someone to sum it up in 'that's a nice name' as a form of sympathy would make me pause and struggle to find a response to such a.. Simple and child-like reaction. I feel like that's a response you could maybe get away with people's pets, but not a human loved one.

  • Microsoft is testing Game Pass ads on the Windows 11 Settings homepage
  • This is what finally got me to switch to Linux years ago. Back when Virtual machines were relatively new I was messing around with them and hated having to scrounge for windows licenses to use in the VM's. (Back then you had to enter the CD Key to begin installing the OS, they didn't have trial periods, or 'activate later' options) started using Linux in VM's to try it out, and boom 15 years later, I'm never going back.

  • SHIFTphone 8 Preparing Mainline Linux Support Ahead Of Launch
  • Yeaaah... This has to have some catch because if not, this might finally be the phone I've been waiting for.

    "Unfortunately, WiFi isn't yet functional due to a firmware issue."

    Well, there's one right there I guess, hopefully they can figure out the firmware.

    With 12GB of ram, that's absolutely more than enough to have waydroid running in the background with all the android apps I would need until the Linux app ecosystem catches up, and with mainline support, hopefully the battery life and hardware support won't be absolutely abysmal.

    I've never heard of this company or their previous phone, so I'm a little suspicious that their "13 exchangeable modules for the phone" are gonna have some showstopper catch in there. What are the modules for? Are we talking internal modules like soc and WiFi? Or external modules like what Motorola tried to do with an external camera modules and such?

  • What is the most horrifying thing you've seen on the internet that didn't involve gore?
  • Yup, yup. Really sick of having to defend a fact that a color is red, because someone else calls it magenta and now I have to go back and explain color theory and try to have an airtight persuasive argument to 'win' for something as obvious as a color... Or Trump...

  • What is the most horrifying thing you've seen on the internet that didn't involve gore?
  • I've experiences this on Lemmy and have blocked some instance, but probably just gonna give up on Lemmy too. I think I'm over talking to people (or bots? Who knows...) on the internet. It's all bullshit anyway, politics, memes, advertising, blah, blah that doesn't actually provide any meaning or positive things to my life. I was a passive observer of the internet for a long time before getting more active on reddit, and then Lemmy. I'm so tired of having to defend my opinions and people trying to start arguments out of nothing, and I don't care enough to research political shit to provide a truly airtight argument before someone tears it apart, or whatever else other fight someone is trying to start on any given day. At one point I was arguing about something with someone, and we both had the same position: "Trump is bad", but for some reason they were really going after me, even though we're on the same side, because i was consuming "too much conspiracy news" thinking that the 2024 election was gonna get violent from Trump's supporters. Really just over the social aspect of the internet in general, to be honest.