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Slow and steady wins the race.
  • People who think US healthcare is adequate.
    Meanwhile... 3 infections lay dormant.

  • Signal under fire for storing encryption keys in plaintext on desktop app
  • This is what flatpak brings to the table

  • I go through two LIGHTERS per day... (B.H.)
  • So does capitalism

  • ‘It’s unbearable’: in ever-hotter US cities, air conditioning is no longer enough
  • Landlords arent going to want to install solar on the roofs to absorb some of that energy. They probably think it looks ugly. Thats the real problem.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Diaspora has private groups. But many downsides.
    For example.. discovering people, first involves sharing with them.

  • Tips to reduce Enshittification of Internet
  • It would be dfficult to keep all kinds of random things in an affordable database.

    I'm more concerned about the meaning of life. Which, conveniently is 42.

  • OpenAI and Wall Street Journal owner News Corp sign content deal
  • The corruption is almost complete

  • T-Mobile is raising prices on several of its plans
  • Verizon seemed to lower their prices but prices are only valid for first year of service.

  • Some websites are nearly impossible to use in FF due to slow performance
  • If its just a game then why not run it in any old browser.
    It doesnt matter much, in this case.

  • T-Mobile imposes $5 monthly price hike on customers using older plans
  • Be careful that unlimited ( more acurately labeled via the "high speed data" limit) is a widely used practice of false advertising.
    Check the throttle speed to see what happens after you run out of data.

  • What search engine do you use?
  • Not perfect:
    But here are some ideas.

    • reddit (tor)
    • wikipedia (tor)
    • certain niche direct sources (tor)

    More ideal ideas:

    • certain specific private source (maybe tor). Not reliable but high quality.
    • large collection of raw links ( requires labor, skill. And yields imperfect results )
    • searx ( mainly to share with friends and as a fallback. it is a pretty great premade metasearch engine when selfhosted)
    • ready-to-go foss searchengine implementations. (Limited in scope, requires decent amount of "labor" and time. Requires setup phase and light maintaining. Extremely high quality results. Optionally invest money in various ways to supercharge. Perhaps recruit collaborators)

    other stuff:

    • creating private collections and bookmarks
    • not using internet or using rarely or using in cautious way. Or not using www.
    • focusing on distracting self with hands-on projects.

    What am i actually using at this point? (Nothing is set up currently!).

    • Sometimes i use tor 70% of the time. Sometimes i use tor 30% of the time.
    • very frequently non www .
    • duckduckgo when needed. [Often] without visiting the links
    • niche sources (2, ..)
    • reddit

    *this isnt perfect! but i think overall i think i dont spend much time traveling to websites for info.


    • searx
    • searchengine
    • dabble in scaling.


    • selfhost
    • scaling
    • further isolation
    • IRL
    • other stuff. such as creating new solutions.

    There is certainly room for immediate improvement here.
    Im just lazy.

    I dont need the internet as much as the internet needs me.

  • Tips to reduce Enshittification of Internet
  • I hear people frequently say this.

    Searx is basically a proxy. If you had an actual proxy.. you would achieve the exact same benefits. Its good for making it difficult.. or extremely difficult to tie a person's real identity, directly to their search query.
    Another thing that searx does is sends your query to google. This is not good for privacy. But sometimes it gives you additional results.

  • Tips to reduce Enshittification of Internet
  • I dont think paying money is the answer. But it may make sense for some people in some cases.
    For example: for someone who uses gmail.. switching to protonmail is a huge leap. And donating money(or buying service) is a way to ensure that it remains sustainable and continues to grow.

  • Tips to reduce Enshittification of Internet
  • Essentially, It really isnt that hard.
    A) there is no unified project for the masses.
    B) it is very hard to create a universal search engine that gives you needed info for something extremely unexpected like "reggae feline flames scanner" .

  • I've been cooked for years and it keeps coming
  • You cant just give up. You have to fight it.

  • Firefox 126: New Search Data Telemetry, Improved Copy Without Site Tracking, Security Fixes, and More
  • Lets say you live in a tribe. Everyone eats the same shit. Everyone does the same work. Everyone feels the same way. Why is it necessary to pinpoint an individual?
    Any specimen from the batch is going to tell you what you what you want to know.

  • gentoo: prefix project

    Prefix is a way of installing a Gentoo system in a non-standard location, designated by a 'prefix', on a preexisting system.

    2 Bacterial enzyme strips away blood types to create universal donor blood

    Using enzymes produced by a bacteria that almost everyone has in their gut, researchers have removed the antigens from red blood cells that determine blood type, putting us within reach of producing universal donor blood.

    Bacterial enzyme strips away blood types to create universal donor blood

    "Researchers at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Lund University, Sweden, have used enzymes produced by a common gut bacteria to remove the A and B antigens from red blood cells, bringing them one step closer to creating universal donor blood."


    anyone getting docusign spam?

    anyone else getting docusign spam to their email after re-signing their lease? this has now happened to me twice in two separate occurances.

    gemini leanleft

    urbandictionary slang lookup service. urbandict



    article: The Significant Corporate Importance & Pressure Around Mesa Open-Source Linux 3D Drivers

    "The most recent example is a now-merged merge request to revert an earlier change bumping the Zlib dependency for Mesa. The basis for that revert is that it breaks SPECViewPerf."

    "Due to Mesa dynamically linking Zlib and how SPECViewPerf is handled, the update happens to break SPECViewPerf that is a popular benchmark for workstation graphics and one commonly used by hardware vendors and other stakeholders. Ultimately it's an issue with how SPECViewPerf is setup as an application bug but it could also be argued that Mesa could statically link it or better handle its dependencies. In any event, it's a regression for Mesa and breaks SPECViewPerf. And SPECViewPerf is important to vendors.

    So the immediate solution that's now been merged is to revert that Zlib update commit..."

    "They think it's a technical issue. It's not. It's a political and strategic issue for the Mesa community. If you prevent something from working that the industry finds important, you risk destroying real jobs in this community and shrinking it, regressing Mesa's reputation, making it more inferior in the industry, and thus less important. What this revert does is that it preserves existing jobs (i.e. existing stuff keeps working) and opens the door for creating new jobs and growing this community in a sustainable manner by showing others what it can do. You need capital and business interests to grow the community, and to get that, Mesa must be the best because it's always competing with alternatives.

    If you thought this is only about dependencies, well, you're mistaken, and if you want to hurt the future of Mesa because your stupid zlib dependency is more important than anything else, including the livelihood of other people, you're just a foolish bikeshedder."

    gem highlights leanleft

    small selfhosted project: "tootik" Gemini fediverse communication


    service that communicates to activitypub servers. test instance is on raspberry pi and not working ATM.

    #testing #fediverse #activitypub #proxy #tool #toy

    gem highlights leanleft

    investigation into electric toothbrush paste

    tldr: "When I first bought an electric toothbrush on the advice of a dentist in January 2000, its instructions had a clear warning not to use any toothpaste that contained a whitening agent, because this can damage enamel when used with an electric brush."


    research science med dental inquiry product safety truth


    very long r post about gentoo

    a guide or (some kind) of special advanced recipe on how to configure EVERYTHING in a special way. lots of obscure stuff. lots of regular stuff too. #heavyreading #mildlyinteresting #advanced


    Boris: interactive ownership lifetime vizualizer GitHub - ChristianSchott/boris: Visualizing Ownership and Borrowing in Rust Programs

    Visualizing Ownership and Borrowing in Rust Programs - ChristianSchott/boris

    GitHub - ChristianSchott/boris: Visualizing Ownership and Borrowing in Rust Programs

    similar to other tools. the author says "RustViz is a bit more of a purely educational tool, as code has to be annotated manually, while Boris aims to be more of a development assistance"


    requesting a tor friendly email provider

    prefer free. requesting tor friendly email provider. what this means is that you can use tor browser to register with no problems and no tracking.


    requesting an offline lemmy app

    it would be really great to have a lemmy client (or feature of existing client) that allows for batch downloading of a user specified list of communities. this would allow a user to download all the content for the day or week on wifi internet and then depart from the source of internet but slowly & carefully read a selection of material(text posts, comment discussion, and even images like memes). one benefit is that it would be extra impossible to see what users are loading/viewing because they already loaded everything and are disconnected from the internet entirely. performance is also good because there is no network latency that would be experienced, each time, when accessing the servers.

    T-Mobile Home Internet leanleft

    ACP gov discount may be ending feb and april If ACP Ends, 2.8M Californians Could Lose Internet Support

    The Affordable Connectivity Program that helped millions of households across the country — and 2.8 million in California — afford Internet access is ending, without additional funding from Congress.

    If ACP Ends, 2.8M Californians Could Lose Internet Support

    The FCC said in a release that current funding is projected to run out in April and households will receive benefits through the end of the month. The program needs a $6 billion infusion to extend the program through 2024, according to the White House.

    A bipartisan group of six lawmakers — including Democrat Sen. Peter Welch from Vermont and Republican Sen. JD Vance from Ohio — called for additional funding through the Affordable Connectivity Program Extension Act, according to a news release.