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A PR disaster: Microsoft has lost trust with its users, and Windows Recall is the straw that broke the camel's back
  • But I've tried both Mint and Ubuntu and the software updater constantly runs into issues very quickly after install.

    I have a Blue-Build based custom distro (not many customisations tbh), that I'm planning to ship for my sister as well as me. So far, updates have been painless because it's just one base image overwriting the other. I have a feeling that that's where Linux distros in general is headed. I can imagine Bazzite being just right for you if you're into gaming.

  • Manifest V2 phase-out begins
  • He's getting at Firefox being unusable for one of his usecases. Though i guess you could argue that he could just use something like brave specifically for that use case while using Firefox for other stuff

  • rule
  • I get what you're trying to do here but the thing is, bluetooth and nvidia are terrible on every platform tbh... At the very least, nvidia laptops on Windows for my friends haven't been as stable as my AMD laptop on Arch has been for me. I hear nvidia on desktop is solid, so that might be the issue here though. Which also reminds me, nvidia on Linux isn't really an issue anymore, they work as well as their windows counterpart basically and nearly every distro makes them really easy to install.

    And Bluetooth on Linux right now is just as terrible as on Windows, which is to say, it works pretty well.

  • Love me some arbitrary executed code /s (Plasmoids are not themes)
  • They weren't though... I used to love the stardock stuff especially. But they were objectively inferior. I also couldn't run hyprland or sway with nearly every part replaced by an unconventional replacement like the friggin notifications daemon for example. Even on Plasma, i could literally replace the entire shell. And even on GNOME, I could add an "extension" that essentially replaces the GNOME workflow.

    As much as I enjoyed those days of windows customisation, it was far too shallow compared to what i can do on a Linux setup. Will i do all that though? Probably not, i like my Plasma setup as it is right now.