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I finally found a rule worth posting
  • I’ve been known to deadname the one true church. Joseph Smith named it the Church of Christ, but the Mormon church is going through its little phase 💅 and insists on being called, and get this, no abbreviations allowed,

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • What year is it?!
  • They kinda seem like jerks. My 𝘏𝘰𝘮𝘰s tended to get along best in groups of a dozen dozen, enjoyed gossip, killing Neanderthals, and their fave: magical thinking.

  • datahoarder lars
    My name is lars and I’m a hoarder. Too.

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    > Firefox Power User Keeps 7,400+ Browser Tabs Open for 2 Years

    I have amblyopia. Is this accurate?

    I have amblyopia—also known as lazy eye—which means I often see a bit of double vision—usually a sliver duplicated on the outside side of one of my eyes, even when I’m wearing contacts, and even though I don’t look like I have a lazy eye. My eyes definitely don’t work in concert and I’m told my 3D vision resembles what people see when they look at a postcard.

    Finally, when I use binoculars, I use only one eyehole up to the non-lazy eye… So I’m wondering what exactly you normal people see out of binoculars? Is it like Looney Tunes?

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