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Even more boring than I'd have you believe.

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How can you push agendas if you don't have one?
  • Not necessarily. Nonbinary covers a broad range of gender identities that don't all exclusively use they/them.

  • No notes. It's perfect.
  • I didn't think that was a real line until I started playing last month and of course that clown would be the one to say it.

  • Traffic rule
  • Oh wow I remember loving their work when I was on Twitter. The atmosphere with all of their pieces are so cool and unique. Shame all of their work seems basically impossible to look at without making a Twitter account 😕

  • I need to replay this
  • I disagree. I'm not much of a Fallout fan, but I picked up New Vegas for the first time because of the show, installed the Viva New Vegas mods mentioned in another comment, and this game absolutely fucking rules.

  • Reddit has become the face of enshittification
  • Changing the url to lets you get around it. Been using that when I've needed to look up a reddit thread at work.

  • Why would she tweet that?! We're so effed...
  • This really got to the heart of what I was trying to ask. Fantastic explanation, thank you!

  • Why would she tweet that?! We're so effed...
  • Gotcha, so maybe the sudden positive feeling about Biden is more of a reaction to that mindset to try and sway folks back to voting? That'd certainly make sense to me.

  • Why would she tweet that?! We're so effed...
  • All fair points, it was just jarring to see the consensus shift from "both options suck shit" to "Biden will do I guess"

  • Why would she tweet that?! We're so effed...
  • To clarify, you're saying it's folks from the popular instances trying to rebrand the conversation as "Biden is cool as fuck actually" as well as folks willing to just roll with that? Or am I misinterpreting?

    (I gotta stop making comments on lemmy when I'm stoned and only have 2 brain cells)

  • Why would she tweet that?! We're so effed...
  • In the last couple weeks, I've noticed a sudden and dramatic shift in tone with how Biden is talked about on Lemmy as well as other corners of the internet I lurk on(e.g. this comment section). Before, it seemed like the general opinion was "he's nowhere close to my 1st choice, but the alternative is Trump." And now I feel like people are a lot quicker to jump to his defense and treat him like one of the better presidents of our lifetime.

    I'm gonna admit that I'm a lot less up to date and informed about politics than I should be, but where did this recent pivot on Biden come from?

  • I absolutely love this idea
  • I do this too. Instead of minis, I tape a drawing onto a Starburst and whoever kills the monster gets to eat the Starburst. I'm gonna have to get something like a donut for the boss fight at the end of the adventure I'm running rn.

  • yes
  • The app Alarmy saved my ass on this. You can set it so you have to do stuff like math problems in order to shut off the alarm.

    Though eventually I just started getting really good at doing math while half asleep.

  • This guy's worst take yet
  • You may still dislike it now, but I'd recommend giving it another chance. I replayed it last year and now it feels like a stripped down version of God Of War 4(and maybe Ragnarok too but I haven't played). Valravn was rough for sure though, cant blame you getting frustrated. I remember stopping there the very first time I played, it took a break of a few months before I came back and finished the whole thing.

  • JK Rowling, Joe Rogan and Elon Musk are fuming over Scotland’s hate crime law
  • The term you're looking for is cisgender. Trans = "on the other side of", cis = "on this side of"

  • One wish
  • We can clown on the dude without using that kind of language in a demeaning way.

  • Ghost in the Shell comes to mind
  • Absolutely, there's a lot of stories that would have been better received as their own original IPs. Unfortunately, it's a lot safer to make a sequel so you can count on sales from the pre-established fanbase. Another good example I always go to is the Thief video games, where I got my username. The reboot dramatically changed all the mechanics and ditched a lot of what made the first games so engaging, very little aside from a few proper nouns has any resemblance to the original. It could have been a decent stealth game if it sold itself on its own merits(it certainly wasn't terrible) but as a Thief game, it justifiably got fans upset.

  • Ghost in the Shell comes to mind
  • It could have been an acceptably decent movie if it wasn't trying to be part of the GitS franchise. As a GitS fan I hated it, but I wonder if it could have been more fun to watch if I was unfamiliar with the series. I remember thinking the same with a lot of movies based on books I hadn't read like Percy Jackson, the movie became a lot worse after reading the source material.

  • Which IP is this for you?
  • God Thi4f is an obscure pull but with my username I obviously feel the pain on that one.

  • "Man, I hate retcons. Never see the point."
  • Oh so Señor Chang in the D&D episode of Community.

  • DEATH STRANDING 2: ON THE BEACH – State of Play Announce Trailer | [ESRB]4K
  • A theory I've seen floated around is that the ship is travelling through the seam, hence why Sam and Fragile were blue at one point. My best guess is that the puppet and all the weird monsters are connected to the seam somehow rather than someone's beach.

    With Higgs, I remember a lot of people guessing in the first trailer that he fused with or possessed Amelie somehow because of the hairdo, and I'm still rolling with that assumption.

  • Dimension 20: Mentopolis - Episode 1: The Big Guy The Big Guy - Season 1 - Dropout

    A murder has everyone in Mentopolis on edge - but there may be more to this case than meets the eye. Content Warning: Misophonia (Lip Smacking) [12:13 - 12:16) Emetophobia (Vomiting) [1:24:19 - 1:24:25] Misophonia (Wet Smacking) [1:24:53 - 1:24:56] Endangerment / Violence Towards Minors [1:30:00...

    The Big Guy - Season 1 - Dropout

    [SPOILER] How did you handle the fight at the end of Act 1?

    For most of act 1, fights felt reasonably difficult. There were only a few points where I had a tpk. However, between early access and now, that last fight felt like a sharp spike in difficulty.

    My first time through, it took me and my wife 2 days to finally cheese it. This time around it still took us 3 or 4 reloads and something I'll talk about in the spoiler section before we made it.

    It seems like you suddenly need to get good at really strategizing or find some extra wrinkle to make it possible. But I'm curious to hear how other folks managed to get through the fight.


    I had no idea until today on our third reload that you could recruit the duergar rebels to fight with you against Nere. Suddenly having an entire army of allies to help out really feels like how the fight was intended. It was only through abusing running away to long rest and have Withers res folks that we managed to take everyone on by ourselves before.

    I had always figured there was some weirdness in encounter balance and not that I had missed the way the fight is supposed to play out. If someone here managed to take down Nere, his followers, AND the rebels, please let me know how you pulled that insanity off. I can already tell that Act 2 is going to force me to step up my game on the strategy end of things.