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Anyone that claims to speak on behalf of the universe is either a liar or a fool

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Ukraine shoots down 4 Russian fighter jets in weekend killstreak, says air force chief
  • So why do we need to keep giving them more weapons?

  • Elon Musk demands users stop ‘deadnaming’ Twitter after Stephen King trolls the billionaire
  • It won't rot as long as its still used by politicians in the USA use for their bullshit ramblings.

  • Alexei Navalny was pronounced dead
  • Speak for yourself

  • Opnsense and one ethernet port
  • If you dont want to do a router on a stick, mabe your minipc has a WiFi socket you're not using. You can get an m.2 A key to gigabit Ethernet adapter. Theyre mostly realtek chips but in my experience they work fine in opnsense.

  • Yemen will publicly stone & crucify 10 gay men in “gruesome public spectacles”





  • Yemen will publicly stone & crucify 10 gay men in “gruesome public spectacles”
  • So freedom for all except who you decide isn't worthy?

  • Spyware Found in AceMagic Mini-PCs
  • Unfortunetaly, that does close to nothing when the issue is spyware on firmware

  • Spyware Found in AceMagic Mini-PCs
  • Better stop using any modern cellphone ever then.

  • Derek Chauvin makes another bid to overturn federal conviction in murder of George Floyd

    In a motion filed in court Monday, Chauvin said he would never have pleaded guilty to the charge in 2021 if he had known about the theories of a Kansas forensic pathologist with whom he began corresponding in February.

    Derek Chauvin makes another bid to overturn federal conviction in murder of George Floyd
    50 Ex-North Dakota lawmaker charged with traveling for sex with minor, receiving child sex abuse images

    A former longtime North Dakota lawmaker has been indicted on a federal charge alleging he traveled to Prague with the intent to rape a minor.

    Ex-North Dakota lawmaker charged with traveling for sex with minor, receiving child sex abuse images

    >BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A retired Republican state senator from North Dakota has been charged with traveling to Europe with the intent of paying for sex with a minor and with receiving images depicting child sexual abuse, according to a federal indictment unsealed Monday.

    >Longtime state Sen. Ray Holmberg, 79, was arrested Monday and released after pleading not guilty to the charges in U.S. District Court in Fargo. His trial is set for Dec. 5.

    >Prosecutors said in a statement that Holmberg repeatedly traveled to Prague in the Czech Republic from June 2011 to November 2016 for the purpose of paying for sex with a person under 18 years old. The indictment, which also suggests Holmberg used aliases, says he received and attempted to receive images that depict child sexual abuse from November 2012 to March 2013.

    >Holmberg served more than 45 years in the North Dakota Senate until his resignation last year, after local media outlet The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead revealed he exchanged dozens of text messages with a person who was jailed on charges related to child sexual abuse images.

    >Holmberg’s attorney, Mark Friese, said in a text message that authorities investigated Holmberg “for 2 years or more and allege nothing recent. The conduct they allege is from more than a decade ago.”

    >**Holmberg was released with conditions, and the judge did not require posting of any bond, Friese said. ** >A text message sent to Holmberg after his release Monday was not immediately returned, and his phone did not have voicemail so a message could not be left.

    >Holmberg chaired the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, which writes budgets. He announced in March 2022 he wouldn’t seek reelection. He cited stress and “a weakened ability to concentrate on the matters at hand and effectively recall events” before ultimately resigning.

    >**Former North Dakota Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner told The Associated Press he was saddened and disappointed by the indictment.

    “Here’s a situation where a man was a public servant and did a lot of positive things for the state of North Dakota, and now, I don’t know what’s going to come of this thing, but this really neutralizes all the good,” said Wardner, a Republican who served in the Senate with Holmberg for nearly 25 years.**

    >If Holmberg is convicted, his decades serving the public “will be forgotten about, and only the negative things will be remembered,” Wardner said.

    >Current Senate Majority Leader David Hogue declined to comment on the indictment.

    >Holmberg was reimbursed roughly $126,000 for nearly 70 out-of-state trips from 2013 through mid-April 2022 to places that included four dozen U.S. cities, as well as Canada, Puerto Rico and several European countries, according to an AP review of his travel records.

    >Law enforcement searched his Grand Forks home in November 2021, seizing video discs and additional items.

    >The indictment comes after Nicholas James Morgan-Derosier pleaded guilty last month in federal court to six counts of possessing images depicting child sexual abuse and one count of receiving and distributing such images. According to The Forum’s reporting, Morgan-Derosier was the person texting with Holmberg from jail.

    >Morgan-Derosier is scheduled to be sentenced in January. A spokesperson for the two federal public defenders who represented Morgan-Derosier did not immediately respond to a phone message regarding his case.

    Death to america.


    Propagandhi - Haille Sellasse, Up Your Ass

    You speak of Rastafari

    But how can you justify belief in a God that's left you behind?

    You simply fill the gap between the upper and lower class

    And your faith merely keeps you in line, in line, yeah

    An amalgamation of Jewish scripture and Christian thought

    What will that get you? Not a fuck of a lot!

    Take a look at your promised land

    Your deed is that gun in your hand

    Mt. Zion's a minefield

    The West Bank, The Gaza Strip

    The West Bank, The Gaza Strip

    The West Bank, The Gaza Strip

    The West Bank, The Gaza Strip

    Soon to be parking lots

    For American tourists and fascist cops, yeah

    Fuck Zionism!

    Fuck militarism!

    Fuck Americanism!

    Fuck nationalism!

    Fuck religion!

    Fuck religion!

    Fuck religion!

    Fuck religion!

    Fuck religion!

    Fuck religion!

    Fuck religion!

    Fuck religion!


    please inform the captain hijack - defeat or humiliate the united states of america lp

    This is a call to all irregular units

    Sleeper cells in all sections

    To those of you who may still be alive

    Waiting for a sign from below

    The action code is RL4-7183

    Copy to the mothership

    If transmission has been received


    Lemmy since the reddit collapse

    230 Internet providers that won FCC grants try to escape broadband commitments

    "Coalition of RDOF Winners" lobbies FCC but won't reveal its full member list.

    Internet providers that won FCC grants try to escape broadband commitments

    A group of Internet service providers that won government grants are asking the Federal Communication Commission for more money or an "amnesty window" in which they could give up grants without penalty.

    The ISPs were awarded grants to build broadband networks from the FCC's Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF), which selected funding recipients in December 2020. A group calling itself the "Coalition of RDOF Winners" has been meeting with FCC officials about their requests for more money or an amnesty window, according to several filings submitted to the commission.

    The group says broadband construction costs have soared since the grants were announced. They asked for extra money, quicker payments, relief from letter of credit requirements, or an amnesty window "that allows RDOF winners to relinquish all or part of their RDOF winning areas without forfeitures or other penalties if the Commission chooses not to make supplemental funds available or if the amount of supplemental funds the Commission does make available does not cover an RDOF Winner's costs that exceed reasonable inflation," a July 31 filing said.

    A different group of ISPs urged the FCC to reject the request, saying that telcos that win grants by pledging to build networks at a low cost are "gaming" the system by seeking more money afterward.

    So far, the FCC leadership seems reluctant to provide extra funding. The commission could issue fines to ISPs that default on grants—the FCC recently proposed $8.8 million in fines against 22 RDOF applicants for defaults. Group’s members are a mystery

    The Coalition of RDOF Winners doesn't include every ISP that was granted money from the program. But exactly which and how many ISPs are in the coalition is a mystery. The group's attorney, Philip Macres of Klein Law Group, told Ars today that he is "not at liberty to provide the list of all the members in the Coalition of RDOF Winners."

    Macres confirmed that the group doesn't include every RDOF winner but said he cannot reveal how many ISPs are members. There appear to be at least two members: Arkansas-based wireless broadband provider Aristotle Unified Communications and a Texas ISP called TekWav both joined the meetings at which the coalition asked the FCC for more money or an amnesty window.

    In late 2020, the FCC tentatively awarded $9.2 billion over 10 years to 180 Internet providers that agreed to deploy broadband to over 5.2 million unserved homes and businesses. But after seeing evidence that the program was mismanaged under former Chairman Ajit Pai, the current FCC re-evaluated the grants and authorized payments of $6 billion to a smaller group of ISPs.

    The size of individual grants didn't change, but the FCC refused to give final authorization to certain grants, including $886 million that was originally awarded to SpaceX's Starlink satellite service and $1.3 billion that was slated for wireless provider LTD Broadband.

    Separately, the US government is distributing over $42 billion in the Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program that was authorized by Congress in November 2021. Geographic areas that have RDOF funding are generally ineligible for BEAD grants.

    In cases where an ISP defaults on an RDOF grant, the geographic location associated with the grant would become eligible for funding from the larger BEAD program. But if a default happens after BEAD funding is allotted, an unserved area could end up with no subsidized networks. Other ISPs urge FCC to enforce rules

    The Coalition of RDOF Winners' request for more funding or an amnesty window drew opposition from WTA—Advocates for Rural Broadband, formerly called the Western Telecommunications Alliance, which says it represents over 360 rural telecommunications companies across the US and over 85 industry vendors.

    The WTA said it's not a proponent of the "reverse auction" format the FCC used for the RDOF, in which ISPs bid on grants organized by census blocks. But "if the Commission employs reverse auctions as a device to determine and distribute Universal Service Fund support in certain areas, it must strictly enforce all of its auction rules, terms and conditions in order to prevent such reverse auctions from being abused, distorted and undermined by various gaming tactics," the WTA said.

    The WTA pointed out that winning RDOF bidders got their grants because they made lower bids than other ISPs. In other words, the ISPs that agreed to serve specific census blocks at a lower cost to the government are the ones that got the grants.

    "An obvious gaming danger is the use of a 'strategy' of making support bids as unreasonably low as necessary in order to 'win' specific service areas, and then coming back to the Commission later for the additional support that is actually needed to construct and operate the promised broadband networks in such areas," the WTA told the FCC in a July 28 filing.


    Babylon 5: The Road Home | Official Trailer | Warner Bros. Entertainment

    This looks like it will be good.

    United States | News & Politics krolden

    Biden announces more free money for telcos WATCH LIVE: Biden announces $42.5 billion plan to expand high-speed internet across U.S.

    President Joe Biden will announce how much money each state is set to receive from the largest-ever federal investment in broadband expansion.

    WATCH LIVE: Biden announces $42.5 billion plan to expand high-speed internet across U.S.


    testing emojis in the title


    fuck nazis


    yes hello


    I thought of this myself

    Reddit krolden

    mfw I killed Aaron swartz and sold my reddit stock for billions

    Fuck spez

    All cops are bad krolden Atlanta police arrest 3 organizers behind bail fund supporting protests against 'cop city'

    Opponents say it's an "extreme provocation" to arrest leaders of a bail fund. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp says they're part of a criminal organization.

    Atlanta police arrest 3 organizers behind bail fund supporting protests against 'cop city'

    In a statement issued after the arrests, Gov. Brian Kemp said the state would “track down every member of a criminal organization, from violent foot soldiers to their uncaring leaders.”

    “These criminals facilitated and encouraged domestic terrorism with no regard for others, watching as communities faced the destructive consequences of their actions.” the Republican said. “Here in Georgia, we do not allow that to happen.”

    Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, also a Republican, pledged to “not rest until we have held accountable every person who has funded, organized, or participated in this violence and intimidation.”


    TikTok Ban Bill Is PATRIOT ACT 2.0 Trojan Horse | Counter Points

    USA is a fucking disgrace

    drama krolden

    Empress is a homophobe EmpressEvolution: banned

    I am EMPRESS. i specialize in all matters of cracking, modding, and fixing technical problems in video games & softwares. i'm mostly known for...

    EmpressEvolution: banned

    I would paste the actual content of the post here but it would probably get me banned from the instance, even with the slur filters (cringe).

    Anyway. I didn't know who this cracker was before the mastodon spam post here and I've since done a bit of research. This was a recent post by whoever empress is, apparently they are seething all over reddit and it has spilled in this direction. She also really hates fitgirl, someone we all know and love.


    hello wtf is this post and why can't I comment on it?

    Also example of markup in the titles on jerboa

    Also sorry if this is the wrong sub to post this in, they're all very spread out

    Cleveland krolden

    anyone going to nin tonight?


    golden oldies


    tell them