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What is/was your distrohopping journey?
  • My journey was very uneven:

    Windows (for many years) -> Ubuntu (for 2 months, dual-boot) -> Windows (for about 6 years, because of some very specific software + pre-Proton gaming) -> Linux Mint (for about a month) -> popOS (for almost a year) -> endeavourOS (now, but always on the look-out for new stuff)

    But in between the "main" journey, there was always some stuff trying out, like Void (on an old PC), Arch (inside a VM, now use that VM as a lightweight environment for testing some stuff out)

  • Anon can't find a good match
  • Yep, fell for the same trap (minus the marriage, but lived 3.5 years of literal hell instead), and that bullshit shapes you more than everything.

    The worst part is being accused of being unempathetic, even though you put almost everything aside for them, just to be met with hatred when you inevitably set them off again.

    Brother, I hope you are now in a better place in life. Stay frosty :)

  • Seems awfully dangerous
  • As someone who does ride, I understand your perspective, but your proposal of banning motorcycles on weekends and public holidays would be only doing one thing: letting the rich fucks ruin your day on a weekday with their bobbed Harleys and tough-guy cosplay, while working-class people, who picked up the hobby, would yearn even more for fascism, because "tHoSe lEfTiEs wAnnA bAn eVeryThiNg".

    But noise control - yes, please. You are on the streets, not on a track.

  • fit ruleting
  • Well, first: It was meant as a simple humorous comment, not hornyposting for oil barons/industrialists. If I haven't made myself clear, my bad.

    And: Even then, OOPs reaction was overreacting and giving the Internet, and Tumblr of all places, a wide attack vector.

    (Btw - even when in 2070 the oil executives were to see their consequences, they would put the blame towards the common people, like they do today with things like "the CO2 footprint" as in "blaming the people instead of themselves, the aviation and maritime freight industries")

  • Depression / nostalgia has hindered my ability to make new memories, I just re-live old ones
  • Hey, I absolutely get that - longing for a simpler point in life, where you didn't have to worry about keeping yourself afloat or about the inequalities that the current world promotes. In fact - I want that feeling back too, where my biggest worries were if I had enough allowance left for sleepover snacks with my cousins and not if I have enough money left to pay bills or if I can get by with 3-4 hours of sleep at times.

    While I am not 'stuck' in the past, I do believe that neither are you simply stuck inside the past, because you still pulled through some very tough times. In fact, how you 'relive' the good memories seem good enough (minus the diet, but I'm not exactly better), especially taking some time-out for that summer vacation/holiday feel - I get that.

    I salute you too.

  • [MacRumors] X Confirms Plan to Make 'Likes' Private, Remove Likes Tab From Profiles
  • While I generally like more privacy (everyone except corpo minds do), sadly we all know it's done solely just so Musk and his right-wing friends can finally hide their browsing behaviors (of course while corporations and governments can look at yours).