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kilorat Kilorat

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I absolutely love this idea
  • Looks like donuts are back on the menu boys!

  • Fewer people are using Elon Musk’s X as the platform struggles to attract and keep users, according to analysts
  • Elon was right when he said history will remember who killed Twitter, but we disagree on who

  • Philosophy rules
  • it looks like you have to skip the part in italics at the top of articles (disambiguation, "other uses", etc..) too for that to be effective

  • Well I fucking do now
  • Or what if you're renting, and your landlord is a vampire

  • Goodbye Youtube and thanks for all the fish
  • I can't make it show that message. I tried both Chrome and Firefox with ublock. Do I need to use a different adblock to even see these warnings from youtube? I would like to verify this is true before sharing this information.

  • Forgetting to understand.
  • I gave up on reading books because of that. Reading a few sentences at a time online is fine, but if it's just pages and pages, I can't do it.

  • tragedy
  • Now now, people should know better than to get sentimental about corporations. Redirect that energy to people, not companies.

  • Bluesky sees record signups day after Musk says X will go paid-only
  • Excuse me, signups on an INVITE ONLY platform?

  • Anon owns a gun
  • Loot their corpse and hope they had a few bucks on them

  • Ratman
  • How to Bypass GDrive Quota Limit?
  • I wonder if anyone has encoded a slideshow of QR codes

  • (steam) command and conquer remastered!
  • I choose 25. Power shifts quickly in the brotherhood.

  • furry_irl Kilorat


    Source: #12 most viewed video on youtube of all time. So many kids are gonna get this fetish.

    What were your favorite mucks?
  • I was pretty active on Furtoonia, met my first boyfriend there

  • furry_irl Kilorat

    He just wanted to play with his balls


    I wish I knew how to promote this
  • I'm stopping posting for now. I'll resume if anyone finds this somehow and actually likes this stuff . I blame myself for it failing, I don't know how to market on decentralized platforms.

  • I wish I knew how to promote this

    or is this better as just a Mastodon channel?

    Place your requested script here
  • update to this, someone told me videos don't play inline because of content-security-policy header, and maybe that will work in the next version? If so, then maybe a hack isn't needed. Surely I can't be the only one that wants to view things inline when on desktop, and that feature will come at some point for everyone. :)

  • Place your requested script here
  • It would be great if a post links to a mp4, be able to play it inline like in RES.

  • Biker Rat - Kiff (2023)

    Rat at Hats and Mats

    Goliath II (1960) - Mouse
  • I'm just trying to figure out what the best way to post video here is. It would be nice if it could play inline.