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Collapsing Nation Still Somehow Expects Singer to Perform Anthem Sober
  • the entire songs context is around the Battle of Baltimore which included 25 hours of naval bombardment. from the perspective of the ships where it was witnessed and given the volume of shells fired they assumed everyone would be dead.

  • It's called attaining divinity
  • is English your first language because you either don't understand what I'm saying or you are too ignorant to understand.

    swastikas being bannable outside of specific religious contexts

    that's literally what i said. the context around the symbol is what is important. no one in south west asia sees a swastika and think Nazis because it's part of the religious culture. just as no one sees Pepe and thinks nazis because no one normal participated in that shit subculture of 4chan except Nazis.

    Let's actually look at what happened with Pepe, he was created by an artist then appropriated by Nazis. The artist then posted that he was outraged and disappointed that it was taken over by Nazis. people listened and were also outraged and did everything to normalize and take it back from the Nazis, because again it wasn't theirs to take in the first place. now you imagine the 12 year old posting it are nazis when they have no context of any of the events your talking about. go touch grass, your brain is rotting.

  • It's called attaining divinity
  • the symbol predates Germany, initial findings date it back to 3300-1300 BC. you're telling me all historical religious symbols in Asian countries should wiped of the icon because of Nazis misappropriating their symbol? you would literally deface ancient sites that predate nazis by thousands of years because you can only see it as a symbol of hate?

    you can use context clues such as actual hate speech, nazi slogans and genocide to distinguish those that are actually racist. the whole point of nazism is to erase culture and replace it with only the "one true race". by allowing nazis and white supremacists to appropriate symbols you're actively giving them power.

  • Finally, 3.5 Years After Launch, No One Is Working on Cyberpunk 2077 at CD Projekt
  • i found the stability is highly dependent on the in game settings. i have a full amd system, cpu+graphics. considering i had an amd card (latest gen) i would disable ray tracing and fsr and most of the time i couldn't even get past the initial loading screen without crashing. found that setting fsr to balanced and enabling ray tracing to lowest settings would let me play for 4-5 hours before crashing. I'm on Linux so most likely still need to play around with the lighting options for better Vulcan support.

  • Microsoft is one of the greatest promoters of the Linux desktop
  • flatpak distribution is generally done by the developer as a common packaging method. if a distribution wants a native install it's up to package maintainers of the distribution to support the application. although the package maintainers have to make sure they're packaging the right versions of dependencies which becomes a problem known as dependency hell.

    in your example of handbrake it's true the main application is pretty small but that's because it relies on libraries and is a wrapper for ffmpeg. even if you install through a package manager you still need to compare the total size of dependencies.

    the disc space usage becomes a problem due to installing libraries both natively and in sandbox. however if you keep a relatively small system install and install applications through flatpak the disc usage will be pretty negligible. if disc space is really a concern then using something like btrfs with compression+dedup would probably solve most problems.

  • Microsoft is one of the greatest promoters of the Linux desktop
  • it's great for applications that are notorious for requiring specific versions of libraries and can cause dependency hell. moves unnecessary system dependencies into a sandbox. for me this means i don't have to enable multilib to install Steam and pull in 32 bit libraries on my root.

    while it does take a lot of disc space it doesn't duplicate dependencies in most cases. i would say you receive some good benefits at the cost of a bit more disc space, such as increased security, easy installs, explicit app permissions. it's great for when you have to install a proprietary tool in that you gain control of what it's allowed to access.

  • How do I enroll the liquorix kernel? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Or the default kernel for that matter.
  • generally you need to put your bios into secure boot "setup mode", this changes based on bios but generally requires wiping any keys already enrolled. once you are in setup mode you can boot into your install. depending on your distro you can then sign your kernel+modules and update the tpm. arch wiki has a good guide. also beware each time you update your kernel you need to resign kernel and modules otherwise you won't be able to boot

  • Larian have two new games in the works, "fueled by the very same fire" as Baldur's Gate 3
  • my biggest concern is that baldurs gate 3 was in early access for 3 years before it became what it is now. while it wasn't too bad in EA and it helped development it wasn't close to what it is today. if they use the same model and include early access it may disappoint a lot of players who don't realize what early access means and cause them to abandon the game before release.

  • How do people with aphantasia play chess?
  • for me the only way i can describe aphantasia is in terms of how a computer works.

    I have a visual encoder that can store images in my visual memory but lack a visual decoder to be able to display any image. like if you could only open a jpeg in notepad. that doesn't mean the information is lost or can't be interpreted, just that my cognitive brain deals directly with the binary format. i understand the attributes like depth or color but if asked to recall something i can only verbalize the attributes. this means i can verbalize visual concepts and memories, but can't generate or visualize them inside my head.

    the chess example i wouldn't even consider thinking visually to see the moves ahead but create a list of possible actions. I've always struggled with chess as i don't have the ability to store the depth of actions available.