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Some dirtbag that shouldn’t have bred.

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Linguist and activist Noam Chomsky hospitalized in his wife's native country of Brazil after stroke
  • Just a few weeks ago this guys name was flying around in my head, and I didn’t know who he was. Weird.

  • Foxes marriage
  • No no. I meant the first time.

  • Neurodivergent threat
  • This is a strangely satisfying comment

  • Woman mauled to death posted video of her dancing with XL bully to song saying 'I don't 'give a f***' about the breed being banned
  • Yeah I dunno, I don’t think we need guns made for war in residential areas, but we do have dogs made for war in them, so 🤷🏾

  • Foxes marriage
  • Oh no worries, I have sisters & I heard my mom teaching them when I was growing up. So I taught my exes how to do it.

  • They don’t have upper teeth, so I’m not sure how much that would hurt, probably just startled her.

  • Foxes marriage
  • I’ve dated some girls that apparently had never been taught vaginal hygiene. My guess is that’s a cultural phenomenon that causes men to not want to dine on beaver. Keep it fresh.

  • Woman mauled to death posted video of her dancing with XL bully to song saying 'I don't 'give a f***' about the breed being banned
  • At least you guys have laws concerning dogs. Here in the USA, you can move, with your Rottweiler, into a apartment complex that advertises “no dogs allowed,” because you’re a weak-willed whinny bitch that claims to be suicidal if you don’t have your walking, barking, breathing killing machine with you. Next, gun-owners are going to claim they need their AR-15’s for “emotional support.”

  • Why does it feel like too much effort just to go from sitting around looking at garbage online to simply watching a film or playing a video game?
  • Only hack fortis discipline. Decide what you’re going to do ahead of time, then stick to your plans.

  • Car
  • I’m not understanding either. When I drove manual, I used the left foot exclusively for the clutch, and in an automatic, I don’t use the left foot at all.

  • At least hit the guy
  • Nah, what you’re calling realistic just ends up meaning the addition of economy & finances & politics to things I don’t really want it in. If I want to watch a political spy thriller I can do that, if I want to watch super heroes, I don’t always want it to account for all that. If a realistic movie includes super powers that’s awesome, stuff like The Boys or Watchmen; but I still want & enjoy the fun of a superhero movie having a set piece fight in the middle of New York, without having the movie go into the territory of insurance claims.

  • At least hit the guy
  • Nah, that’s exactly what makes them awesome. I’m not trying to watch the news, I want some cool entertaining stuff, not more of the same life I already live. “Ooooh look the same stuff as the world around you! How interesting!” I’d just not watch a movie if I want that.

  • Start Steam minimized
  • The line "Exec=steam %U" doesn't exist in steam.desktop. I did find "Exec=/usr/bin/steam-runtime %U" so I'll try changing that.

    EDIT: this worked, thank you very much!

  • if not for doublethink they wouldn't think at all
  • Everything you said is good & should happen.

  • Start Steam minimized
  • I have Steam starting with the system, I just want it to start minimized or directly to the tray

  • Start Steam minimized
  • KDE & I’m not sure for window manager, is that Dolphin the file browser?

  • Start Steam minimized

    Hi y'all, I'm on EndeavourOS, wondering if I can get Steam to start minimized/tray. I know about launch commands, but I don't know where to put them in on Linux. I tried right-clicking the app & going into the Properties, then adding -silent to the Arguments under the Application tab, but that did not do anything.

    Help would be appreciated. It is also my first time using Linux.

    EDIT: SOLVED by @[email protected] Thanks, everyone, for the help!

    Alcohol causing 20 times the harm of meth, police float tighter regulation
  • Cops: Crime has been decreasing for decades, so we need something to arrest more people so we can continue to justify our worthless existence.

  • Help with overlay text?

    cross-posted from: >Hey yall, I'm getting really annoyed of this text that shows up on the bottom-left corner of the game. Anyone know how to get rid of it? > > Here's a screenshot > > Edit: updated the screenshot, hopefully it’s clearer.

    Edit: another image


    Help with overlay text?

    Hey yall, I'm getting really annoyed of this text that shows up on the bottom-left corner of the game. Anyone know how to get rid of it?

    Here's a screenshot

    Edit: updated the screenshot, hopefully it’s clearer.


    Emotional support dogs should be trained the same as Service Dogs

    Emotional support animals (ESAs) require no training, and ESAs are assigned to people who are not emotionally stable.

    Dogs are also dangerous animals; it is known, and the reason for the use of dogs as guards & for personal protection. Dogs are also known to read their owners emotional distress, and assess what or who is causing the distress, then do something about the distress to help their owners. This is exactly why ESDs are used, but while extremely helpful & useful, to the dog’s owner, this behavior, when untrained, can be extremely dangerous to everyone who is not the dog’s owner. This danger is amplified when people around the dog are scared, or wary, of the dog, and further amplified if the owner is emotionally unstable.

    This brings me to dog breeds; some are more dangerous than others, and some are less apt for the task/job of being an ESA. Therefore, if dog breeds that are dangerous or inept for the tasks of an ESD are not trained, and their owners are likely to be emotionally unstable: such ESDs, while essential to their owner, are a danger to everyone else.

    Furthermore, it is hypocritical to expect the people around such ESDs to suffer emotional distress, as a result of the threatening ESD, for the sake of the ESD’s owner.

    Thank you for reading my rant.

    TLDR: Some dog breeds, if not all dogs, should be required to pass the same qualifications as a Service Dog in order to be registered & certified as Emotional Support Animals.


    Enemy Type Drops Diablo 4

    Enemy Types Mob,Location,Dungeons,Drop1,Drop2,Drop3,Drop4 Bandits,Fractured Peaks,Maulwood,Daggers,1H Maces Kehjistan,Renegrade's Retreat,Daggers,1H Maces Hawezar,Maugan's Works,Daggers,1H Maces Scosglen,Raethwind Wilds,Daggers,1H Maces Beasts/Werewolves,Scosglen,Aldurwood,Chest,Crossbows,1H Swords

    Made a spreadsheet of enemy types & their enhanced drops, as well the dungeons by enemy types.

    This is should help you pick which dungeons to run for the gear you want since some aspects are more common on certain armor types.

    Maybe someone else will find it useful.


    Droid learns drifting

    YouTube Shorts ok? Wait till the end


    Lemmy links

    Is opening lemmy links within the app, instead of opening it in a browser, planned?


    My thoughts on Cassidy’s ‘nade Cassidy’s Grenade & possible reworks

    Had a thought; maybe it’s not a bad one, let me know. Cassidy should have something like Ashe’s dynamite toss instead of the grenade as it is. It fits with the cinematic he was in with Ashe & Echo, and is already known to be a pretty fair combo, at least I think so lol. Then, going back to the cin...

    Did a post on the official forums. Sharing it here to hear y’alls thoughts too.


    Blocking communities?

    Can we get the option to block communities from our /all feed? I’m sure ich_lel is funny, but I can’t read German, so I’d like to just stop it from showing up on my feed.