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Epic won’t update Fortnite to run on the Steam Deck. Tim Sweeney says Linux is ‘a terrifically hard audience to serve’ (2022)
  • Man, I hadn't heard that rant in years.

    And yeah, I remember a lot of people both cheering and hating on EGS when it was first announced. A lot of people were saying it would be as bad as uplay and whatever ea calls their launcher now (it wasn't), or that devs would get screwed by the platform (they didn't).

    I also remember a lot of people saying it would be a "steam killer". It wasn't, but even without direct evidence I feel comfortable saying it was a major factor in steam finally making their launcher halfway decent. It still has a ways to go and I still think EGS does some things better (why TF would I ever want to launch directly to the store, valve? Just show me my fucking games)

  • Epic won’t update Fortnite to run on the Steam Deck. Tim Sweeney says Linux is ‘a terrifically hard audience to serve’ (2022)
  • I don't give a rats ass about their market share, epics never going to pass steam, but they still have to pay devs to give away those games, and with a lot of the games being indie titles, I'm perfectly happy for some free money to go into a devs pocket

    To add on to this: steam was dog shit before epic came along. A lot of people are either unaware or have forgotten how bad steam actually was until it got some real competition

  • Raspberry Pi launches its IPO
  • Government doing things ≠ socialism.

    Government regulating things ≠ socialism

    Roads and parks ≠ socialism

    Socialism is based in the collective ownership of companies by the workers who make everything happen, rather than execs and managers. Socialism isn't when government does stuff or when healthcare.

  • Windows won’t take screenshots of everything you do after all — unless you opt in
  • Cause they're going to show a pop-up that advertises some "cool new feature", and the 99% of users who aren't tech literate will say yes and never think about it again.

    People on this site severely overestimate how much the average person cares and their overall level of tech.

  • Four systems and yet the videos are so similiar
  • Yeah, 4e wasn't entirely awful. It had some interesting concepts, some of which got carried into 5e, but most of which got thrown away.

    So in the same way pathfinder 1e took the best parts of 3.5, PF 2e ended up taking the best parts of 4e and 5e d&d and improved them

  • No Man’s Sky Adrift update leaves you completely alone in its universe, except for sandworms and ghost ships
  • Agreed. I 100% ed vampire survivors before they added a ton of DLCs with new achievements. Now I can't find the want to earn more.

    I wish Steam could handle achievements like PlayStation, where individual DLCs all get different achievement sections

  • The Internet Archive has been fending off DDoS attacks for days
  • Their main argument for not donating to Wikipedia is because it's improperly monetized?

    Good. I'm sick of everything good having to have every single aspect of it monetized. Fuck the modern corporate internet