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At some point in your childhood you and your friends went outside to play one last time, but you never knew it. /credit to [@showerthoughts](
  • Yeah a couple of months ago we were casually doing flips and rolls on fresh snow and rolling down snow piles while laughing.

    Occasionally climb up trees for no reason, other times to retrieve geocaches (treasure hunt!)

    Last summer kicking ball in the garden with no purpose (but with beer and BBQ)

  • Can someone explain to me what makes Taylor Swift so popular?
  • Things go viral sometimes and it snowballs. The more famous you are, the more famous you can become. She's also good enough at being an entertainer to keep riding the wave of increased fame, with added resources the bigger she gets.

  • Men only want one thing and it's wholesome
  • I'm not judging you right now, just curious. Does it also feel that (gay) men immediately sexualize other men? Do you do that? Did you feel it was done to you?

    Was talking to my partner now (he's a man, I'm not). Wondered if hearing straight men objectifying women when you're yourself not into women sounds a lot more jarring and unreasonable, precisely because you're in a way "sober" about women.

    I'm not saying men don't have a huge damaging influence growing up, that a lot can only break with a lot of effort, but with your brother's friends it sounds also like a bunch of horny teenagers posturing to each other. Not ideal behavior and not always harmless, but far from making men emotionless hole-seeking creatures.

  • Men only want one thing and it's wholesome
  • You feel how you feel but just wondering why this feels like such a weird thing to ask for? My own partner told me he enjoys that kind of light touch (also sensorially rather than sexually) and I try to do it whenever I think about it, and it makes me happy that he's enjoying it, and it's not like it's a struggle for me.

  • Violent video games decrease stress hormones, study finds
  • The key is adjusting difficulty so that it's not too boring but not too frustrating. I am really bad at Elden Ring but I just made myself over leveled and it's quite fun. Occasionally I just get help for a boss if it's too frustrating.

    I am too old to care about the pride of being good at it though.

  • 🤢...
  • I don't know about the dishes but according to my memory of something I read a while ago (can't look things up right now), the kitchen sink and kitchen brushes aren't much cleaner than anything in the toilet; and actually, kitchen washcloths/sponges tend to be worse than toilet surfaces.

    So, maybe don't put toilet brushes in the dishwasher but definitely don't put in kitchen washcloths either. Not sure what this means about us washing dishes by hand with a sponge either. And maybe don't put in used washcloths along your clothes in the washing machine.

  • Which is the best part of winter: the sun setting at 5pm every day, or it literally hurting when you go outside?
  • It sets here a little after 15 T_T, and even before it sets, it's so low in the sky that the houses and trees still block it.

    But at least we have a little snow right now which makes everything brighter. Here we don't even get that much snow anymore.

  • Smart kid!
  • When someone asks if they can pet our dog, we always say it's up to her. Sure she cannot speak, but always has little body language and many times she's just not interested or looks uncomfortable or impatient to keep walking.

  • We never see the moon's turtle though 🤔
  • I discovered Discworld a while ago but I hadn't been able to stick to any of the books I tried. Last year I found the witches series and i really liked most of it, specially anything to do with granny and tiffany. I also liked a lot of things about the death series but after that I started to find much of it a bit tiring and I couldn't get into any other book. I cannot put my finger on it, but the older the book, the harder it was.

    I am still glad I discovered this world and maybe I just need to take smaller doses of it.

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • Nice! Do you have one of those pin presses? I got my enby flag button at a convention that had the machines. But otherwise I don't know where to get the pins and other things like flags.

    Also I lose them a lot, they dislodge very easily from everywhere T_T

    For image description it's unfortunate with Lemmy clients but I usually add them to the post text.