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  • ez mondjuk jól bevált taktika, na de majd utánamennek versenyjogi alapon. Aztán kicsengetnek néhány milliárdot, és megy tovább a biznisz!

    Amúgy én csak nagyritkán az ingyenes Cset urat zargatom. Nem tudom mi más van, és őszintén nem is nagyon érdekel...

  • Erdtree sm sm
  • I agree and always write it like that at first, but it's also true that for example fifty kilodollars (50k$) just looks better as $50k

    ...although it might just be silly enough that it works...

  • Is there an android compatible firefox addon that can copy all open tab URLs to clipboard or export to a file and load back?
  • Can't help with your question, sorry.

    When that happens to me in firefox, changing to another tab and back usually fixes it.

    You can turn off miui optimizations to stop it from immediately killing every app you leave in the background.

    (and not to digress but you shouldn't use a stock miui rom if you care about privacy)

  • Guy submits a thousand pull requests of just typo fixes in random Github projects, banned. GitHub - marwahaha/github-typo: Fixing typos on GitHub!

    Fixing typos on GitHub! Contribute to marwahaha/github-typo development by creating an account on GitHub.

    GitHub - marwahaha/github-typo: Fixing typos on GitHub!

    You can read his correspondence with github support to reinstate his account in the project's readme. Note that the message order is bottom to top!


    Newsboat - filter youtube shorts?

    Is there any universal or newsboat specific way to do this? The RSS feed itself doesn't even hint at it being a short, so probably not.


    This Wizard Found a GUN...

    Comedy sketch about a wizard with a secret technique!