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Paradox Interactive has completely cancelled "Life By You"
  • Different model, unless you’re advocating for a monthly subscription model for these games. That’s the only reason that “roll up” happens, to try and get people to subscribe. Much harder to subscribe if I need to buy 10 DLCs + base game first.

  • We can't even talk in this community dedicated to vegans without someone coming along and meatsplaining.
  • Ok, so I’m sure when you pick up your iPhone you’d love to have someone tell you how much abuse and suffering so many steps in the supply chain involve from the raw material harvesting, terrible working conditions to assemble them, etc.

    Just pointing out that what you are doing is the literal definition of preaching. Not sure why you are surprised.

  • We can't even talk in this community dedicated to vegans without someone coming along and meatsplaining.
  • Just curious, do you not see how that would frustrate someone who is not vegan? If your goal is to be confrontational, that little speech definitely hits the mark, but if you’re not, perhaps reflect on the preaching.

    Personally, eat what you want to eat. The more vegans and vegetarians around, the better those food choices will be for everyone.

  • Ex-Trump Official Makes Stunning Revelation: Trump Talked About Executing People At Several WH Meetings
  • Ah there it is, if it’s not “Both Sides”, “or voting doesn’t matter”, it’s “we need to burn it all down”.

    What a ridiculously stupid take. You’re absolutely privileged if you can even think that is a viable option.

    Fuck off with that bullshit.

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  • They’re our only viable choices now because the primaries are over, and as much as people here want a super leftist candidate, the reality is that when it’s time to vote, those candidates don’t get enough votes either because these same people don’t actually vote, or this stance isn’t nearly as popular as some may think. I say this all as a Bernie supporter, but vocally against the disinformation agents who push agendas like “both sides” or the previous “Bernie or Bust” mantra.

    Like it or not, the reality is, come the general election it’s either Biden or Trump. Unfortunately, anything other than a Biden vote helps Trump.

    Gnash teeth and complain all you want, but that’s reality. Anyone pushing another agenda is lying or naive.

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  • So what are you suggesting come November? All I read when I see comments like yours is “I just want to complain and wish really hard that the Democrats had a unicorn for a candidate”.

    Reality is there are only 2 choices in November, and one of those choices will lead this country directly into facism.

  • Just a reminder
  • No, what everyone here seems to talk about is how the President is supporting genocide, while failing to mention that Biden alone can’t do anything to fund Israel.

    Where are you seeing any criticism towards the GOP? All I’m seeing are the same “Genocide Joe” and “Both Sides” people being the most vocal.