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“Of course I made MP3 copies, they’re like hidden in safes all around the world”: Wu-Tang Clan album owner is sued for illegal distribution
  • If I’m understanding the article correctly, not making copies seems to have been a condition of the sale.

  • “Of course I made MP3 copies, they’re like hidden in safes all around the world”: Wu-Tang Clan album owner is sued for illegal distribution
  • “doesn’t seem like the soundest legal strategy” seems to be this guy’s whole way of life

  • hmmm
  • I was wondering if the elevator broke because more than 8 people got in

  • Duran Duran's Rio cover model identified 42 years later
  • Saved you a click: it’s Marcie Hunt in an editorial in Vogue Paris from February 1981

  • How Online Privacy Is Like Fishing
  • I think a perfect example of this is email. We used to pay for email; it came with our Internet service. Then they started offering free email services that would show banner ads in a webpage. Kind of annoying but good for people who didn’t have regular access to email in the dialup days, or eventually we realized it was convenient so we didn’t have to change our email everywhere each time we changed our ISP. Then Google started actually scanning our emails to give more relevant ads. They were less obtrusive, but we were giving up more, but we also got a lot more email storage in return and it seemed okay. Now most people use a free email for their primary. Our ISP (probably) still offers an email address with a small storage option, but who still uses that? People gradually gave it up without realizing what they gave up. Now it seems like you have to pay even more on top of your Internet access to actually get email privacy.

  • Windows Aero
  • I didn’t end up using much of Windows 8/10/11, but every time I do I keep thinking Windows 7 was their last, best system

  • Is a peanut butter sandwich a balanced meal?
  • It’s not nearly as much sugar added as I expected. Jif, which seems to be the most popular brand, has 2 grams of added sugar in a 33 gram serving, for a total of 3 grams of sugar (peanuts seem to naturally produce some sugar). Comparing that to Costco’s Kirkland Select natural peanut butter, which only has peanuts and salt for ingredients, a 32 gram serving has 1 gram of total sugar. So the total sugar Jif adds is twice as much as would naturally be present, but still makes up only 6% of the serving. It’s sweeter, but not dramatically sweeter. It’s not like it’s been turned into Nutella, which has 19 grams of added sugar in a 37 gram serving, or 51% of the serving.

  • After delays, crewed Boeing Starliner finally launches from Florida, bound for the ISS
  • Nah, 747 is largely okay, it’s from the era when Boeing was run by engineers and most of the design flaws have been resolved. The stuff to worry about is what they’ve been designing since merging with McDonnell-Douglas and the finance people took charge. They seem to be cutting corners everywhere to try to boost that Wall Street share price, and they’re paying the piper now.

  • Major cause of inflammatory bowel disease found
  • From the article:

    The disease is distinct from irritable bowel syndrome (or IBS) although some of the symptoms overlap.

    I also have IBS, although as a diagnosis it feels more like a catch-all for when there’s clearly a problem but they’ve ruled out more serious diseases like ulcerative colitis. I have other friends with the same diagnosis as me but very clearly different triggers, symptoms, and things that help, so it seems like we really have some different diseases. That said, I’ve seen some significant improvement in the past few years thanks to a combination of medicines. Not a cure, but less bad days and flare-ups often don’t last as long. I actually saw an as the other day for a completely different medication than any I currently take, so if you haven’t talked to your gastroenterologist about treatment options since before the pandemic it might be worth checking in.

  • Shocking News: Reddit has trademarks for forum names like "Explain Like I'm Five" registered on USPTO.
  • I think they’d have a hard time defending some but not all of those. I’m sure many of the Redditors heavily involved in those subs, including the mods, have no idea, though!

  • Privacy tool
  • I literally just found out about O&O ShutUp10++ and in the same post other commenters recommended Optimizer and

  • What's your server wattage?
  • Wow! I’m paying 10.5¢/kWh for electricity at home here in the US; it’s a little below the national average but not dramatically.

  • SMB, FTP, or NFS for NAS + server?
  • I can’t comment on Linux, but IIRC SMB was best for situations needing both Mac and Windows, so I’d guess that’s the choice. Totally off memory, though.

  • Sony Picks Worst Way To Make PSVR 2 Compatible With PC
  • Can the Stream Deck be used with other VR systems? I’d just assume not so I’d never looked at it for that.

  • Cracker Barrel wants to become hip. Can it?
  • I think it’s a lot of frozen food now and I don’t think it was as a child. I haven’t eaten there nearly as much when on road trips now, but I remember the food was a lot better as a kid. Maybe my memory is bad or my tastes have improved, but I think something has changed.

    You make a lot of solid points. It would make the stores more interesting to have more unique local connections. That’d give you more of a reason to stop knowing the Cracker Barrel in Brunswick will be different than the one in Roanoke Rapids. I’m also surprised they haven’t put in more electric vehicle chargers. Their whole existence seems built around giving travelers a place to stop on road trips and trying to keep them there longer than a quick potty break (and spending money in the store or restaurant). Who better fits that bill than drivers who need to wait 20-30 minutes anyways?

  • What do you spend most of your time on lemmy doing?
  • Scroll through, read interesting links, engage in comments.

  • Anon can't find a good match
  • Dare I ask what “cluster b” means?

  • Wynard Tram on George Street
  • Would also be a good fit for [email protected]

  • France's Kevin Speed signs access agreement with SNCF Réseau
  • So are they just running their own trains over SNCF’s LGV to different cities?

  • Oops, they did it again...
  • While evaluating the helium issue during the lead-up to launch day, engineers also spotted a “design vulnerability” in the propulsion system — essentially identifying a remote scenario in which certain thrusters might fail as the vehicle leaves Earth’s orbit, without a backup method of getting home safely.

    I hadn’t seen this tidbit; that’s kind of horrifying for a Boeing vehicle!

  • Are you using GOG games on your Steam Deck?

    A couple games popped up on my Steam wishlist at really low prices so I was thinking of getting them, but I’ve also had a few older computers recently that are losing Steam client support. This got me thinking I should really try to compare and get more games on GOG so it doesn’t matter if a client stops working on older hardware. But also following this community has had me thinking a Steam Deck makes a lot of sense for me, so maybe I’ll try to get one in the next year or two. It seems like Steam tries to keep things open to other sources on the device, but have you been playing non-Steam games, and how much hassle has it been?

    Also the games I was considering are Donut County and Planet Coaster, if you have any thoughts on those.


    UK's Air Accident Investigation Branch Determines Film Crew's Lights Damaged A321 Windows AAIB says film lights caused window damage on Titan A321neo | Flightradar24 Blog

    The UK AAIB says high-powered film lights caused damaged to the windows of the Titan Airways A321neo G-OATW.

    AAIB says film lights caused window damage on Titan A321neo | Flightradar24 Blog

    TL;DR: The high temperatures from the film crew's halogen lamps caused the acrylic windows to deform and melted seals around the windows. On a repositioning flight the next day without passengers a loadmaster noticed a dramatic increase in cabin noise and found a dislodged window pane. The aircraft stopped climbing and returned to Stansted where 4 windows were found damaged, with two missing panes entirely and the horizontal stabilizer showing signs of impact from at least one pane.


    What a comeback!

    5 unanswered goals to take a 2-0 lead in the series over the Islanders!


    NC State Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams Both Advance to Final Four on the Same Day

    Pack-to-Pack wins send the women to their first Final Four since 1998 and the men to their first Final Four since 1983!

    NFL Memes jqubed

    I forgot Bill Paxton had died

    I guess they’re making a Twister sequel, Twisters



    So that's probably a Yes

    This was a couple weeks ago. He said he wanted to try me on stimulant medication, but I needed to go get clearance from my primary care doctor because I've also been dealing with some tachycardia. She put me on a beta blocker, although hopefully with better time-management and more energy I'll exercise enough to eventually come off the beta blocker. I had a follow-up this week and asked the psychiatrist if he thinks I have ADHD. He was a little reluctant to say I definitely have it, that it's more of a clinical diagnosis and I could go do some tests with a computer or see a neuropsychiatrist for a more definitive diagnosis, but also didn't seem to think I really needed to do that. Still need either a formal letter from my primary care doctor or possibly the visit notes would suffice if she mentioned taking stimulants so he can prescribe them, but I'm really hoping they'll help.


    Have you ever heard of the Commander’s Lock? What happens when an astronaut in orbit says he’s not coming back?

    "If you guys don't give me a chance to repair my instrument, I'm not going back."

    What happens when an astronaut in orbit says he’s not coming back?

    An interesting story about a rarely discussed feature of the Space Shuttle, that lives on in the commercial crew capsules, to prevent travelers from killing everyone onboard.