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French conservatives move toward far-right alliance
  • Education is almost free in France. But your school is assigned based on the location you live. So poor people go to school with poor people, and best teachers go to best schools, which are rarely in poor areas.

    When I was younger we've had one the best schools in the world, and teachers were still invested with the "Égalité" part of our national motto. Then conservative governments proceeded to destroy our education system, and here we are.

  • French conservatives move toward far-right alliance
  • No, we're not. But thanks for asking.

  • French conservatives move toward far-right alliance
  • The worst is that a lot of brown people voted for them. Because they managed to shift their image into something more acceptable just by not being overtly racist. Brown people have some hate to give too. Hate toward queer people, feminists and muslims has no color.

  • French conservatives move toward far-right alliance
  • There were 38 parties participating the EU elections. That doesn't work either.

    Our election system is based on a 2 rounds election. First you vote for your first choice. The first two get to the second round and we elect the one we prefer between the two.

    When the system works it's fine, but it can also be dangerous. Our left shattered because of that. So the parties are making alliances before the first round of elections to have a chance of being in the government.

    In France we also have an History of voting against the far right. A good bunch of conservative Presidents were elected because the left helped them. This what we call "Vote républicain", meaning "Vote to save the Republic against a fascist party".

    The conservatives making an alliance with the far right is most insulting action they could have taken. But TBH their party is dead now. They've been doing less than 10% in every major elections since the last 10 years.

  • I am myself and myself is bad at fitting in
  • I kind of regret you remove your happy mistake my friend, but I respect your decision.

    As you see I’m bad at everything else as well

    Don't say that. You're perfect just the way you are.

  • I am myself and myself is bad at fitting in
  • Why are you am? Did you try not to be am? I was am myself but myself being am wasn’t fitting well. Well fuck it there’s nothing wrong with being am and well. I am am too and proud of it.

    EDIT: This comment is a remnant of past times. Only the ones who were there before will understand it.

  • Trump will hold outdoor Las Vegas rally in scorching heat. His campaign has extra medics and water
  • Someone gotta hack the prompters and put a bunch of 4 syllables words in his speech. I heard he struggles with those.

  • No right wing wave in Finland as Left Alliance take record result in EU elections
  • Thanks for the hopeful message.

    I have no doubt the French far-right would fail miserably like every other EU far-right government, and I wouldn’t bother too much in other circumstances but those suckers are Putin’s friends and the last thing I want to see happening is the end of Ukraine’s support.

    Macron just dismissed the government, and we’re up for new elections in two weeks. There’s a good chance that for the first time in the French Republic History we don’t have a single leftist voice at the government.

    We are famous for our protests indeed, but with a far-right government cops will just feel allowed to do their worst, and we might reach chaotic levels of violence.

    Anyway, thanks again for your message. We’re not there yet and I need to blow off some steam.

  • No right wing wave in Finland as Left Alliance take record result in EU elections
  • Unfortunately it’s the opposite here in France and I’m devastated.

    Congratulations to the Finns!!!

  • Welcome back, Queen of Hearts
  • If this was staged by Farage he might be even more stupid than we thought.

  • Linux best
  • bUt It'S jUsT tO pLaY GaMeS

  • Texas asks people to avoid using their cars
  • Now that they realized global warming is a direct threat to their lives they won’t just pretend it doesn’t exist. But no worry, they’ll find a way to make it like it doesn’t have any link with global warming.

    Fuck those hypocrites.

  • Kids these days wouldn't understand
  • Thanks for the laugh my friend

  • Kids these days wouldn't understand
  • Friendly remember that when the Egyptians were building the pyramids, the Europeans were still hunting the last mammoths, and it blows my mind every time I think about it.

  • Affaire Guillaume Meurice : Sophia Aram n'est pas très « Charlie »
  • Je savais pas que c’était une connasse. L’article est plutôt édifiant.

  • Murdered
  • Aristotle said a whole lot of dumb things but proving square root of 2 is irrational was its master move. It led to the suicide of a good bunch of pythagoricians.

  • How to hide Windows only games in the Steam Store

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to hide games that only support Windows, as I'll never buy any of those games.

    Is there a simple way to do that? I found a checkbox in my account settings but it doesn't seem to have much effects.

    Thank you very much and happy gaming


    Foundation TV Show finally found its voice (to me) ‘Foundation’ 2×07 Reaction: In Salvor Hardin We Trust

    Foundation 2x07 reminds us that everyone is in ever-increasing danger—and the only person we should trust is Salvor Hardin.

    ‘Foundation’ 2×07 Reaction: In Salvor Hardin We Trust

    The link is just a blog post I found that summarizes pretty well my feelings about s02e07 (I could have used that much of « fuck »)

    The thing is, I disliked almost everything in the first season, except maybe for the grandiose introduction. I didn’t find anything I loved in the books. I absolutely couldn’t care less about the changes of gender of main characters, and even found the Cleon’s clones thing smart (the show needed the Empire incarnation) but the show took itself so seriously sometimes it was embarrassing.

    I started the second season anyway, almost because I haven’t anything else to watch and I started enjoying it a little more, thanks to Polly and Constant which finally brings Asimov’s humor to the show.

    But that episode 7 of season 2 really kicked in for me. So I’m here to share. I truly hope they’ll manage to keep that writing quality.

    So I’ll quote the author I linked: « Pay your fucking writers »


    Hello Apple enthusiasts, I need your assistance for a little

    I came here to ask for a little help.

    I've been delivered an M2 Max MBP with 30 GPU Cores, but after a few tests it appears that there is an hardware problem with my machine.

    I contacted Apple Care and they will send me someone to replace the Mac, since they agreed with me that there was a problem.

    To reveal the issue I realized a benchmark from the Apple promoted named MotionMark. The benchmark is aimed at testing graphic capabilities.

    My request is simple. Could any of you that own an M1 Max or an M2 Max realize that benchmark in Safari (that part is essential) and communicate me the results you get? The test is a bit long, about five minutes.

    Thank you vey much!


    Alright guys, I've got an update.

    First of all, thank you so much for your answers!

    Second, since you were giving the same results as I found I decided to run some other graphic tests to compare with other similar machines and didn't find any issue. I used Blender Benchmark and Geekbench Metal compute and get same or better results as average on a M2 Max with 30 GPU cores.

    I think there might be a software issue with the last version of macOS regarding graphic capabilities on the Web. Another reason could be hardware, as M chips have dedicated JavaScript processing units that could have limited connection with the GPU.

    Anyway, thank you all very much. I'm gonna cancel that replacement and start enjoying my new beast.



    Is there a way to disable the constant refresh of Lemmy's homepage

    I love Lemmy so far, but the constant refresh of the feed in the homepage is unbearable.

    I constantly click on the wrong links, get warnings from my browser that the website uses too much energy, the console is a constant flow of logs.

    I thought it was a bug that would be rapidly fixed, but I'm beginning to fear it might actually be a (really bad) feature.

    Please tell me a fix is coming, or there is a way to change that.


    Jean-Luc Picard's perfect British accent means that at some point in the future, Britts will invade France. Again.

    Hello Lemmies! French Trekkie here.

    I tried to post this ages ago on the other site and wasn't able to do so. But I am the king of the World now.

    So, about my post I guess I'm not the first to notice, but it genuinely came to me when I was taking a shower, and we are here for a fresh start, aren't we?

    PS: I'm fine with the Britts invading France as long as you keep your food and your monarchy on your island.

    EDIT: words were missing