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How Airbnb fails to protect guests from hidden cameras
  • the issue is, airbnb can never protect against that. The only thing i believe they should do, is informing about this when booking and maybe linking scanners, that can scan rooms for cameras.

  • IT outage: banks, airlines and media hit by issues linked to Windows PCs
  • not when it comes to server software. In that regard, linux is infront.

  • Google set to purge the Play Store of low-quality apps
  • in my opinion, google should never remove an app that is just bad quality. Thats what the app's rating already exists for. if the app is promoted and if people will download it. Everything they do, makes it more difficult for independant devs, that cant follow Google's new policies which they come out with every two months.

  • Google set to purge the Play Store of low-quality apps
  • no. we shouldnt let google decide what apps are good or bad. they should just not promote them.

  • Forgot the rule
  • why would you need a text description when you can just look at the image

  • You can fit two cars there
  • they have big people over there

  • Old timers know
  • this app uses java swing?

  • No more extra taps: Google Play Store will soon open installed apps automatically (APK teardown)
  • then they will start downloading new apps that you might be interested in automatically

  • Outcry from big AI firms over California AI “kill switch” bill
  • you can guarantee it, by feeding it only information without weapon information. The information they use, is just scraping every single piece of data from the internet.

  • Windows 11's new AI feature makes it way too easy to steal everything you viewed or typed
  • nu. The people decide in this. We cant keep making new rules for the shit they come up with. I care. Thus i use firefox on linux with an open search. The people are stupid. Thats the problem. They want this comfort, they pay for it.

  • China is banning ‘wealth-flaunting’ behavior on social media
  • Yea. They want it to be communism. But communism never worked.

  • Und täglich grüßt die Umfrage
  • dass es nur E Autos gibt, die Massen an Aufladestellen brauchen, die alle dauerhaft für nh Stunde belegt sind, ist noch sehr viel unrealistischer

  • Und täglich grüßt die Umfrage
  • also wo du gelesen hast, dass Bahn umweltunfreundlicher ist, ist sehr fragwürdig.

    Zum anderen muss nicht nur neue Strecken gelegt werden, sondern die Pünktlichkeit verbessert werden. Dann könnten auch mehe Züge fahren.

    Etwas kies, stahl und beton, ist deutlich besser, als eine Menge Beton für Autobahnen, die alle paar jahre erneuert werden müssen.

    Wozu noch der ganze Feinstaub der Reifen kommt, den auch kein EAuto beseitigen wird.

    Es werden ja wohl vierspurige Gleise möglich sein, wenn bei Autos es in manchen Fällen zu sogar acht kommt.

  • Und täglich grüßt die Umfrage
  • das ist ja klar. Habe nie gesagt dass das nach 2035 nicht möglich sein sollte bestehende zu fahren. Ich meine nur, das E Autos nicht die Zukunft sind, solange es keine neue Art von Batterien auf den Markt kommt.

  • Und täglich grüßt die Umfrage
  • Wieso Vebrenner aus. Elektroautos sind lange nicht viel besser. Batterien sind auch nicht gut für die Umwelt, und wer weiß wie lange die halten. Autos altern dadurch sehr viel schlechter.

    Die sollen lieber die Bahn mal auf die Reihe bekommen. Heute wieder ein Zug ausgefallen, der nächste hat aufgrund von Verspätung die Haltestelle übersprungen und der dritte kam 40 min zu spät.

    Und einfach keine Autobahnen mehr ausbauen. Es muss nicht erzwingt werden, wenn anderes auch wirklich attraktiver wäre.

  • They Transformed a Nasty Stroad With Bus Rapid Transit (CityNerd)
  • as a european, it's fun to see, what they see as golden standard.

  • Windows is hell, i need to do something
  • Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code is not the same thing at all 😂

  • Karma FW | Internet FireWall

    Ever wanted to block an app from using the internet? Why does my keyboard need access to the internet? Can i block ads in this game when it has no internet access?

    There are many reasons one might want to block an app from using the internet. Recently i came across a FOSS app that acts as a proxy and only allows selected apps from passing through and connecting to the internet. Set it up once and let it run from boot automatically after setup.

    Unlike Xiaomi devices, sadly there are few Android skins that supports this feature out of the box. This app brings it to all.

    GitHub, Fdroid and Download


    devRant AWESOME-O-METER overflows..


    the average devRant experience be like..


    devRant runs the web!


    skyRant | an unofficial client for everything devRant

    skyRant has been a long ride. The project initially started with me, joewilliams007, creating a devRant client for watches running wear-os, also known as watchRant, available in the PlayStore and on GitHub.

    As the project turned out as a success for myself, i thought of ways of "improving" and "adding on-top" of devRants mobile client. It turns out, the community itself had wanted some features since forever. Thus, skyRant was created. Features were added, like link-previews, user blocking, widgets, random rants, community projects page and the incredible animation of SIMMORSAL.

    Due to the now-co-existence of the two clients, watchRant and skyRant, a third-party server had to step in for external synchronisation, and skyAPI was born, syncing blocked items and following users, plus it came with the ability to customize your profile further and react to posts with emojis.

    Meanwhile the community was changing. Two new networks were added: Matrix - and this magazine on /kbin/melroy.

    Both of which have open API endpoints which, I am proud to announce, can now be accessed to some extend through skyRant.

    Please note: any previous versions have to be uninstalled, before updating, as the app signing key has changed - it was lost :0.

    skyRant apk can be downloaded here: DOWNLOAD.

    Thanks for reading. Have a nice time ranting :).