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Samyang: Denmark recalls Korean ramen for being too spicy
  • I quite like the originals. While I'm big fan of spicy stuff (I get one level down from maximum spicy at a local Indian place), I tried x2 and saw a glimmer of what people might like about it, but it was a step too far for me, where it lost flavor for the sake of spiciness. x3 has got to be straight battery acid. I don't know how any human can buy those saying "Yep, this is the level I enjoy."

  • Respect your local wildlife
  • I mean I’m not super sure if geese “adopt” other goslings

    Not sure how close duck behavior is to goose, but I watched a mama duck assault the ever-living fuck out of a duckling following her until it ran off cheeping furiously and hiding in a bush. I assume that it was part of another nearby clutch as there were a lot of ducks in the area, and she was having none of it.

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • I was trying to point out the hypocrisy of branding your instance to be about privacy and security when tankie-glorified regimes don't respect that at all, and they're instead mildly pushing people in that direction. Why not use something from the EFF pages on those topics? Nice strawman, though.

  • YSK: is managed by tankies, and lead lemmy developer is a tankie
  • Joined because it was supposed to be a security, privacy and FOSS focused community

    Yep that's the line the developers put up there to lure people in. It's mildly disingenuous at best. Having to copy a line from a document titled "The Principles of Communism" just to sign up should've tipped you off that something was a bit weird.

    Join an instance that has more lax federation standards and subscribe to the ml communities you care about, or get comfortable with defederation and people from other instances discarding your opinions. It's a choice you need to make.

  • Just deleted my Google account!!!
  • That is quite simple. You're the only one to provide a coherent answer so far so thanks for that.

    I'm looking for a bit more info though. Did you get any other benefits besides the equivalent of warm fuzzies? Sounds like an extremely outsized cost/benefit assessment you had to confirm.