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Disabled granfather, I write code.

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ConeHeads jerry

Emergency only

Since conheads began as an RCA drop, this place is if reddit goes down or has massive issues

Got a Chromebook? Worried about the change?
  • MY CB is eol, so chromebrew is my best alternative. Chrome is sending unique identifiers to websites soon, I don't need to run firefox because Im stuck on chrome 77, just posting for posterity

  • blocked the largest piracy community in all of lemmy
  • It was the only server that was accepting when I joined. I still have applications at a few, but never got approved. Signed up on yesterday. I was motivated by the ddos more than any thing else.

  • Got a Chromebook? Worried about the change?

    You can boot into developer mode, install chromebrew

    You can install Firefox now!!




    how does mhgu compare?

    I'm a budget switch gamer, got mhgu on sale I enjoy it but it feels kinda slow. Is rise a big big upgrade? What's changed.


    has anyone watched Phoenix lights video recently?

    Through a modern lense it looks just like a drone light show.


    Any switch people wanna play d3?


    Diablo 3 is so good!

    I’ve played Diablo 1 and world of Warcraft which is slightly similar, but just tried d3 a week ago. I play most games on my switch, I grabbed the eternal edition a while back. The spec system looks really basic, but it gets fairly deep with runes and legendary items. What amazes me the most is the speed, there are a ton of graphical effects popping on high level gameplay, and zero slowdown even with 100+ enemies casting spells constantly. I’ve maxxed two characters so far and gearing them now.


    Interstitial Cystitis support group.

    I have a bladder disease called interstitial cystitis, hundreds of thousands of others do as well. I loved the IC reddit for support and knowledge, but as I am leaving, I decided to create a community here.


    Welcome to Lemmy IC!

    The icon may confuse some people. It's Lemmy Koopa. Lemmy+having to pee=this community lol.

    If you join feel free to leave an introduction post. I'm a 50 yr old cismale diagnosed 9 years ago. I am unfortunate in that my bladder is always flaring, or painful. Fortunately, I applied for SSDI disability, and received it 5 years ago, so things are less terrible than they used to be. Nice to meet you all!


    Subcore encoder can't see materials? Mod issues.

    Had this happen to me a few days ago and searched for a good while with no fix.

    Turns out it a mod-issue with performance fish with large modloads. Go to PF mod options, search for "WorkGiver_DoBillOptimization" and uncheck the 3 boxes beneath it.

    Tools, sites and apps for lemmy jerry

    Memmy - IOS client. · gkasdorf/memmy · Discussion #13

    TestFlight Release Is Live - Click Here to Join Fixes: Subscription dropdown does not scroll Show body of post regardless of link type Improvements: More spacing between link button and rest of vie...

    Testing both IOS apps, slight UI differences.


    rule- only one i had on me