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Justice for our boy
  • Oh shit, waddup dawg

  • Responsible guidance is a choice
  • I pan fry stuff all the time, but usually use Canola oil. What am I gonna do to my arteries if I start using bacon grease instead?

  • Republicans push conspiracy theories after Hunter Biden verdict: ‘A fake trial’
  • You've gotta think they had two folders for "Talking points if Hunter is found Not Guilty" and "Talking points if Hunter is found Guilty".

    And both folders contained the same message: "The system is rigged!"

  • Southern Baptists expel Virginia church for believing women can serve as pastors
  • The Alexandria church is currently led by a man, Robert Stephens, but the church has made clear it believes women can serve as senior pastors...

    I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of this. The church they kicked out doesn't have a woman pastor and doesn't have plans to have a woman pastor. They just said "we think women could be pastors" and that was enough. Jesus Christ, these people.

  • If AI can now speak Italian, it can certainly replace us...
  • From my experience, they speak mostly with their hands

  • I'd be sweating too
  • Personally I'm on team Save the Children, just because I think it"s hilarious.

  • Watch: Local Sinclair Anchors Read Same Shady Script on Biden’s Age
  • Anyone smarter than me know how to pull the video link from that article? I'd love to share it with some folks but don't think they'd read the article and scroll down for the video.

  • gimme those anti-tank mines
  • All good, homie. Not everyone checks the comments.

  • The Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think (2016)
  • Dude, you're on Lemmy. That means you're probably in the top 1% of people with computer skills.

  • this is what peak web traffic looks like
  • This legitimately happened to me a few months ago. A vendor API was returning HTTP 200 with the error details embedded in the JSON response. It was a pain in the ass to troubleshoot.

  • Guess how my day started
  • I actually think about plungers quite a bit. If I notice someone has a sink plunger instead of a toilet plunger, I immediately and forever judge the shit out of them.

  • Hunter Biden withdraws from Presidential race following felony conviction
  • I think it would bring shame on this great nation to have a convicted felon running for President

    Whoa whoa whoa, I thought this was supposed to be satire

  • Just happy to help
  • I play with my brother a lot and intentionally give him a servo assisted yeet in the other direction if he's pissing me off.

  • What America really needs
  • Except the map makes it look like a thousand times wider than the Mississippi.

  • Life just isn't fair
  • Are you some sort of mobile cactus?

  • Just happy to help
  • Lol I like that idea. I'm picturing something like the drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket just hurling insults at him the whole time.

    Oh that's right, Private, don't make any fucking effort to get to the fucking extract. If God would have wanted you here he would have miracled your ass here by now, wouldn't he?

  • Just happy to help
  • I was fortunate to learn with my group of friends at the same time. But I do play with my brother occasionally who isn't nearly as sweaty as I am. So I try to bite my tongue when he does something dumb. But more often than not, I fail at restraining myself because he's my brother.

  • Political Memes jballs

    Hope it was worth it

    Political Memes jballs

    Verdict is in

    47 Trump hired a tech firm to juice his ranking as 'most famous businessman in last century'

    Ex-Donald Trump lawyer Michael Cohen on Monday elaborated on efforts to boost his one-time boss's ego by hiring a tech company to artificially inflate his fame on a CNBC poll.Speaking under oath on Monday, Cohen was asked about a tech company named Red Finch that Trump had tried to stiff when he was...

    Trump hired a tech firm to juice his ranking as 'most famous businessman in last century'