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MAGA world is really mad that Trump is no longer running against Biden
  • I’m not angry about anything. And I’m not sure where you see anger in my post (and therefore how it could be directed at anyone.) I’m making an observation based on what I see here on Lemmy. I even state it will be interesting to see what some lemmies will come up with. No anger here pal. Just observations.

  • S46 E07


    S46 E06


    S46 E05


    S46 E04


    S46 E03


    S46 E02


    Can these assholes stop spamming me?

    I don't give a shit about reddit's DP program.

    The first two or three emails I was willing to ignore. But they keep sending these.

    How desperate do you have to be?


    Season 46 Episode 01


    Season 46 Players bash script

    This sloppy bash script generates the above html players table from this site:

    Maybe this can be expanded to track player eliminations.

    Hopefully this code posts correctly...

    ``` #!/bin/bash

    List Survivor Season 46 Players


    cat < DONE

    wget $URL -O - \ | grep -A 5 "mntl-sc-block-heading__text" \ | sed 's/.__text"> /<div><div>/g' \ | sed 's/&lt;\/span./<br>/g' \ | sed 's/&lt;\/img>&lt;\/div>/g' \ | sed '/^\-\-$/d' \ | sed '/^$/d'

    echo "</div>"




    Show Season and Episode number during playback (pause screen)

    Server: Ubuntu. Client: Roku.

    When I play an episode of a TV show, if I pause I see the name of the episode, but it doesn't show which season or episode number.

    E.g. I might see: Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life

    But I would like to see something like: s22e05 - Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life

    Or maybe even better, something like: The Simpsons - s22e05 - Lisa Simpson, This Isn't Your Life

    Is there some way to enable this?

    Additional question...

    This is even more annoying because sometimes when I pause, or fall asleep, or shut off my tv/roku, the "Continue Watching" list on the home screen doesn't even have where I left off. (Sometimes it does. That seems like a bug to me.) So then I have to go track down the season and episode number where I left off.


    Switching from Emby to Jellyfin - Roku client - Ubuntu server

    Some questions and comments on my experience.

    My main motivation to switch was that emby seemed to be buggy on the client side, keeping track of what episode of what tv show and season I was on. I'm hoping jellyfin helps with that.

    On the server side, I wanted to keep both servers running. But there were port conflicts. It was difficult for me to find in the Jellyfin docs the right config file to set the ports. So I ended up changing the emby ports. (Since I could find the emby config files.)

    diff /var/lib/emby/config/system.xml.orig /var/lib/emby/config/system.xml 9,12c9,12 &lt; 8096 &lt; 8920 &lt; 8096 &lt; 8920 --- > 18096 > 18920 > 18096 > 18920


    What the fuck are bagged eggs?

    There has been some dispute regarding bagged eggs recently.

    I would be remiss if I did not follow up on this properly, so that the lemmy community might come to some kind of consensus regarding this highly controversial culinary phenomenon.

    Serious answers only, please.


    Brando Interview


    What a waste of an episode

    SPOILERS last nights tribal.

    Like seriously if you want to go home, just go home. Don’t make me think you are going to be part of some big move, then try to win the Oscar at tribal for crying about it.