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How is surgery safely performed on the rectum and its connected piping?
  • Think about this. There is an issue called an anal fistula. It's essentially a hole near the rectum that goes inside to the intestine, usually caused by an infection. The surgery to correct it can involve just filleting it open and leaving a big open wound.

  • That gourmet luxury blend...
  • I live near by this area. I also buy honey from Kelley's regularly, but have never seen this abomination. The honey they sell around here is 100% grade a raw unfiltered. It also has nutrition information on the bottle.

  • I cannot stand these spam calls any more.
  • The pixel automatic call screener is the best feature of the phone IMO. If its important/relevant whoever is calling will talk to the screener and I can choose to answer. Spam is either already filtered or just hangs up once screened.

  • How Hackers Dox Doctors to Order Mountains of Oxy and Adderall
  • Article said they were phishing (or otherwise) to get enough info from the Dr to create their own ePrescribing accounts. Then they are effectively writing prescriptions as though they are a doctor and getting them filled at local pharmacies. Just a much more sophisticated version of stealing the prescription pad and forging a signature.

  • Chart: MAL+Anilist Followers Gained Week 6
  • Great explanation. Glad to see it up on the chart. I've really enjoyed Shangri-la a lot more than I expected. Sunraku's bird head and attire kind of worried me in the PV, was afraid it might be too much, but it works.

  • What country are you from and do you call it 1) elementary, junior high, high school 2) elementary, middle school, high school, 3) primary, ???, secondary?
  • Also Texas, US (grew up in Lubbock graduated 96) we had Elementary (K-6), Jr High (7-9), and High School (10-12). Now I live in Plano and have kids in school here. The specific area we are in has Elementary (K-5), Middle School (6-8), High School (9-10), and Sr High (11-12). 🤷‍♂️

  • Oni Mask (from thingverse)

    Printed on Elegoo Neptune 3. Primed with 3 layers of high build/filler primer and wet sanded. Painted with Duplicolor Inferno Red/Rust-oleum Metallic Gold. Washed with a diy dark wash. Then coated with semigloss clear.