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Indigenous Canadian from northern Ontario. Believe in equality, Indigenous rights, minority rights, LGBTQ+, women's rights and do not support war of any kind.

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  • and on the seventh day God rested ..... but made a McDonald's before he sat down

  • Who’s telling the truth about the capital gains tax? | About That
  • Rich people telling poor people they can be put in charge of taking care of everyone's money

  • When a movie hero dies.
  • Getting kinda nipply in here ... wipes sweat off forehead with a pair of panties

  • B.C. premier tells app-based firms to 'suck it up' over new rules
  • beautiful .... this what governments are for ... to protect and represent people, not to protect and cuddle big corporations that have a never ending unending appetite for infinite profits.

    If you're a company that only invests in sending money to the people who do nothing to generate services or even labour that the business is based on ... why should anyone accomodate you? If you're a business that hires people to deliver your product or service .... PAY YOUR STAFF FIRST ... then pay your shareholders who do absolutely nothing except siphon money out of the system for no one's benefit.

    Companies can go suck it .... if they can't handle basic economics and human decency ... they shouldn't be allowed to run a company.

  • Faceoff
  • Imma beat you with my giant ass key!

    Imma beat you with my kung fu!!

  • Paper jam in printing press tray 3
  • Damn it Marty! .... I told you we should have used that two for one ink special last spring! .... now we're going to have to delay the reformation until the 1600s!

  • Respect your local wildlife
  • Very tasty and when cooked properly at the right time of year are more like a roast beef than poultry.

    I've had it roasted whole over a fire, roasted like a turkey in the oven, boiled in stew, pan fried, split roasted over a fire, smoked, seasoned and preserved in salt, pork fat and goose fat. I grew up eating it with rice, potatoes, carrots and dumplings. I could drink the gravy like an energy drink. I used to sit with my mom every spring to roast dozens of gizzards and hearts while I helped her pluck, gut, prepare the birds for smoking and eating.

    In the wilderness I'm not afraid of geese because i see them as food. In the city I'm afraid of geese because if I killed one to eat, I'd be arrested for some kind of law and sent to be evaluated for a mental disorder.

  • We're now upgraded to 0.19.4
  • Thanks for the update but I'd feel better if you had warned us ahead of time.

    I lost connection a few times and I panicked and I didn't have a clue what might have happened.

    If your update had run into serious problems and everything went down longer than expected, we'd all be in the dark wondering what happened.

    It worked out good this time but software problems happen all the time and it might not always work out so good next time.

    Otherwise .... I'm still thankful and grateful for the work you and your team do to maintain this service.

    Keep up the great work ... it is much appreciated.

  • What would any Trek character sing for karaoke night?
  • couldn't believe it wasn't the first one to be posted

  • A cool guide on the various stages of decay
  • I think it was Typhoid Mary that made that needlepoint art

  • United Airlines starts serving passengers personalized ads on seat-back screens
  • Same here .... last time, I took a tablet and watched two full movies of my own choosing that I wanted to watch. Instead of having the choice of 10 whatever movies that the airline has available, I got to watch what I wanted for the 7 hour flight. The rest of the time, I just slept.

    Best combination - your own tablet loaded with your own videos and audio and a good pair of noise cancelling headphones.

    Make sure to download all content before the flight to work offline, load it all and test it the day before the flight. Disconnect the tablet from the internet and leave it disconnected. (The first time I did this, I loaded tons of Spotify content, didn't test it beforehand and couldn't access any of it on the eight hour flight).

    Best way to do it is to just download audio and video files that are not tied to any service like Netflix/Amazon/Spotify/whatever.

    Give yourself hours of content to choose from.

    Have a nice flight.

  • A cool guide to inner child wounds
  • Anytime you see content, words, signs, articles or statements without any evidence, research, attributions or citations .... it's Ass Logic

    Anyone can come up with a feel good piece of information or information that validates their thoughts or emotions or beliefs ... just because it makes you feel good or feel 'right' or intelligent ... it doesn't mean that it's good, valuable or useful information.

    And if you surround and fill yourself with only the information you want that is non-critical to how to feel, think or believe ... then you will force yourself into a reality that will be completely disconnected to the rest of the world. Sure you can find people who think and believe like you, but you can also all be caught in the same disconnected reality together ... we usually refer to that as a religion, or a cult.

  • Academia is only as free as powerful donors allow it to be
  • This isn't a new problem .... in many ways, the education system was built on this premise.

  • A Cool Guide to Protein Sources.
  • This is the new norm of posting information on public platforms like this.

    Confidently post the wrong or controversial information that will inflame everyone on all sides.

    Sit back and watch all sorts of new information from all sides in the comments.

  • I somehow broke my Debian bookworm install…
  • I've been on Linux for about 15 years now ... I'm no pro and I've never really advanced in anything with the terminal

    I tried doing stuff years ago but then I came at a crossroad ... either spend my life learning the dark arts of the terminal and all the details of how every major system works ... reinstall every time I have a new problem that I caused ... or just leave everything alone and never tweak or adjust anything.

    For the past few years, I just install the latest stable version of anything I use and never bother touching or tweaking anything ... never had a problem since.

  • Lt. James Doohan and the 80th Anniversary of D-Day

    I didn't see any one mention it here but today is the 80th Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy and what has become to be known as the beginning of the end of the Second World War.

    James Doohan who famously played Scotty in The Original Series in the 1960s was a veteran of this famous battle. This was also the day he famously lost his finger which he always did his very best to hide from the camera.

    Read about him at this webpage provided by the Juno Beach Centre.

    For those who don't know Juno Beach refers to one of the five named beach areas of the D-Day landings. Juno Beach was the landing area for the Canadian Forces of which James Doohan was part. And also for those who don't know, James Doohan was a Canadian.


    A commentary on Pretendians by an indigenous woman from Norway House - YouTube

    This is one of best commentaries I've heard recently about indigenous fraud. I've stopped referring to it as "Pretendians" because this isn't a cute joke, this is serious fraud and can sometimes add up to tens, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars worth of lifelong fraud.

    At first I watched this woman's video as a laugh because I watch lots of indigenous video blogs. At first I thought she was messing around but soon realized she was completely serious ..... as she was doing her hair and makeup.

    2 We need an exodus from Zionism | Naomi Klein

    This Passover, we don’t need or want the false idol of Zionism. We want freedom from the project that commits genocide in our name

    We need an exodus from Zionism | Naomi Klein

    Test MP4 at 500w upload to Lemmy

    Is it possible to just upload MP4 to Lemmy? As long as file sizes are kept to a minimum small size.


    Vulcan Day on the Enterprise

    Yet another video test using a GIF from a Pixelfed server at

    Let me know if this works any better or worse

    and also, Happy Vulcan Day .... lol


    Even in the 24th century .. they never expected it

    Another video test to see how well this one works ... this time a MP4 coming from a Pixelfed server at

    I hope it works


    Another video test - this time with GIF

    attempting to find out how and where I can post short video content and how it appears and works on Lemmy and the general Fediverse

    for your info - this was posted via the Lemmy webclient on Firefox running Linux (Ubuntu) in Canada ... and the video is being posted and hosted on a Pixelfed server on

    if you have a moment let me know if this works or doesn't work or looks or acts strange depending on what service, app or set up you have



    testing video from pixelfed


    Are studios starting to produce AI films?

    I just finished watching this German produced Netflix film and it was completely awful. If you are looking forward to this film, go watch it first if you want and skip my little review below.


    If you don't care and want to just take my word for it ... it is a waste of four one hour episodes, a total of four hours of content.

    Everything inside the film and its marketing is an AI like production with all the sci-fi alien contact cliches and movie tropes from the past 20 years. A mysterious woman in space having an epiphany, hearing voices; a father with his daughter, a daughter with a disability, a father with a truckers hat, construction worker garb running in a cornfield, mysterious no-name SWAT team/soldiers, a nuclear explosion, helicopters, jet fighters, astronauts, the ISS, scientists, the desert, cityscapes, car crashes, car chase, secret agents, a plane crash, .... input all this into an AI program and ask it for a script and you'll end up with 'The Signal'

    There is so little soul, sense or common logic in the film that to me it has all the hallmarks of a script and writing that was all generated by AI tools. If you look at the writers who put this together it is a group of four young writers with almost no prior experience in major film, yet they were handed the keys to a multi-million dollar production.

    I like watching new films and I regularly take my chances at watching something new and different. This one was interesting but the more I watched it, the more I became suspicious that it was either written by a terrible dyslectic writer with little life experience ... or it was mashed together with an AI text generator.

    One of the biggest giveaways that it most likely was an AI generated script was the corny voice over wrap up at the end of the film. I felt like I had just watched a four hour version of those Youtube auto generated AI fake film previews that are popular right now.


    Special DS9 NSFW Memes

    Don't worry .... it's not what you think it is ... I'm just getting into posting video content because I think it's fun.


    Almost every problem in the world would be dealt with meaningfully if we outlawed billionaires.

    Everytime I look at small problems or big global problems, if you follow the money trail, it all leads to some billionaire who is either working towards increasing their wealth or protecting their wealth from decreasing.

    Everything from politics, climate change, workers rights, democratic government, technology, land rights, human rights can all be rendered down to people fighting another group of people who defend the rights of a billionaire to keep their wealth or to expand their control.

    If humanity got rid of or outlawed the notion of any one individual owning far too much money than they could ever possibly spend in a lifetime, we could free up so much wealth and energy to do other things like save ourselves from climate change.


    DS9 Episode - S2 E22 - The Wire

    I know many other seasoned Star Trek fans out there have probably experienced this one many times before. But I just watched this episode for the first time and the writing, acting and story just blew me away. So far it is by far one of my favourite scenes and episodes of the series so far. The dialogue between Bashir and Garak at end the of the episode is a classic.

    I don't like giving too many details ... all you Star Trek pros already know what this episode leads up to. For those who don't, or haven't watched it yet, it is completely amazing episode to watch just for the writing and acting alone.

    This is the first time I've been able to watch DS9 from beginning to end and although I'm still in Season Two, I'm completely loving it. So much of the conflict and complexities of war and its aftermath are still very relevant today and its amazing to see. Then they give you a breath outside of the politics and give you interactions like this with Garak and Bashir and I find it completely enthralling.

    I know this may be kind of a fan favourite that's probably been stated many times before .... I was just so happy to see it that I had to share my enthusiasm.


    Kids In The Hall - Bearing witness to the Prophets of Laughter

    For anyone wondering ... this is a regular daily post by Mr Stevenson Two over at [email protected] ... a Canadian comedy show that appeared from 1988 to 1995 and starred actors Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson

    I love these daily images as they consistently remind me of the show.

    But today's image reminded me of a renaissance painting.

    1's Main Community IninewCrow

    Establishing permanent background info on newly created communities

    Is it possible to place permanent info on newly created and existing communities?

    Specifically just two small items:

    • date stamp of when a community was created
    • stamp of who created the community

    I think it is helpful to permanently place a date stamp on when a community was created. It's also helpful to note who initially created or established a newly created community.

    Just these two pieces of information let's everyone know immediately if a community is a long time well established base ... or if it is just a newly created alternate community that people are jumping on because of new developments. Sometimes communities are organically created because of real interest and they grow over time. Other communities appear suddenly when events are happening, like the Gaza war, middle eastern conflicts, or popular topics where there are many opposing sides.

    I like being able to verify and check on instances and communities wherever I go now. Every time I see something new, especially when it comes to politics and news, I do a bit of extra work to verify the information and check who created it, when, where and why.

    As of now, every new community just appears with very little information other than what is written by the community creator, or creators. There are some metrics on users but its a guesstimate as to when the community was started (there is no start date). And there is a listing for the current Mod (but no indication of who created the community).

    The Mod log gives some information but again it is all info that is posted and generated by the creators and existing mods.

    Creating and establishing a 'date created' and 'created by' permanent stamp on communities would give them more legitimacy and accountability to everyone that reads content on them. This info is also very important when events are unfolding and people are actively debating with one another in different communities.


    QUESTION - Is Canada sending our soldiers to Poland or Ukraine?

    I'm in Ontario and this past week I got a couple of messages from family and friends in southern Ontario that their sons/nephews/friends who are in the army are going to be sent to either Poland or Ukraine in the next few months.

    It's really upset myself and my family because I have relatives who were war veterans who either died or were traumatized by war (in WWII and WWI). Most of my family and circle of friends all agree .... no one in Canada should be sent to any war / conflict / fight / aggression / whatever you want to call it in Europe.

    One of them said that they were going to be deployed to Poland but then that recently got changed to Ukraine. The messages about this one soldier came from a mother who is a friend of mine. She said that her son told her that it would be a combat role for him.

    I am not certain if the young son is making up stories for his mother (as they have a difficult relationship). I'm partly wondering if the young guy is doing some strange path of going to Ukraine just to fight in whatever capacity (whether as a Canadian soldier or just a plain mercenary) just because he wants to.

    So after hearing two separate families suggesting that they thought their relative was going to be sent to Poland or Ukraine in the next few months ... is Canada sending ... or going to send troops to Poland or Ukraine? Or is this something that their families have to worry about because some dumb kid is wanting to join a war on his own?


    Documentary about Christian Nationalism

    Christian Nationalism is a movement that affects us here in Canada just much as in the United States. This documentary highlights how that movement is affecting global politics at the highest levels.

    Praying for Armageddon is a documentary film by Tonje Hessen Schei.

    Praying for Armageddon is a political thriller that investigates the dangerous consequences of the fusion between Evangelical Christianity and American politics. Through years of reporting, this film not only reveals how structures of fundamentalism weaken the very fabric of American democracy, but also highlights the devastating impact religion wields on U.S. foreign policy. From a grassroots foundation and megachurch empires to the dark backroom maneuvering in Washington D.C., this film ventures inside a movement that ultimately aims to destroy our civilization. This deep dive into power and policy unveils how politicians driven by faith embrace Israel as the key to their prophetic vision for the end of days, at any cost, ultimately escalating the spirals of violence in the Middle East. As Intercept journalist Lee Fang says, “We cannot look away.”

    Part One

    Part Two