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Update From LTT On The Madison Situation
  • I want to see the full report. They have cherry picked the positive point and added some small concessions to make it sound more credible.

    I doubt the actual report is as positive as this or if it is I have my doubts that staff were open and honest when interviewed because they didn’t want lawyers hearing about workplace bullying and sexual harassment they have committed.

  • [email protected]: Is it possible to duplicate a tab without reloading it, like actually make a copy of it?
  • After writing a massive list of assumptions and trying to explain it with some ridiculously complex reasoning, I realised the simplest reason is any calls to the backend need to be made again incase the data has changed. The response will have a cascading effect of calling functions and setting up event listeners or triggering events.

    Obviously there are more reasons but this is the most obvious reason to do it.

  • How to scale MySQL horizontally?
  • Thank you for answering the question like a helpful person instead of just instantly posting “you’re wrong and you should use this instead”

    It’s so frustrating when someone doesn’t understand that there are constraints that OP hasn’t included because it’s not relevant to the question.

  • Am I secure on my Mac?
  • In theory yes. In reality it is highly unlikely to the point that you shouldn’t worry about it.

    If someone happens to find an exploit that lets them execute code on the host machine or access to memory addresses that aren’t theirs. Then 100% they could infect everything.

    Likelihood very low, would have to be the perfect storm of exploit plus permissions plus apples permissions to access stuff being broad enough that it can do what it wants.

    If you are super paranoid, your Mac is taking snapshots of your disk in the background so you can always restore back every single time you do something questionable

  • Democracy Manifest

    Also shamelessly stolen. More content the better.



    How do I donate to the developer?

    If there is a way, please point me in the direction of it.

    If there isn’t I am happy to donate, money, crypto, gift cards, blood to anything the developer sets up.

    I know it’s something people feel funny setting up for themselves but for the sustained motivation of advancing development it has to exist and it would be nice if it isn’t an in-app purchase (when the app is eventually in production) where corporations take large cuts.

    Thank you. Please clap.