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Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • Talking to them doesn’t help. I’m a German teacher for new immigrants and I explained how poorly people adjust to a new country when all they wanted was something different, and they condescended to me about not letting my personal experience (with scores of students) color my opinion 🤦

    I just hope anyone who’s interested based on what they’re saying adequately prepares themselves. I’m personally a proponent of freer global migration and language teaching, but it’s laughable to think that it’s general advice for people who don’t like their current situation.

  • Death toll from heat at hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia passes 900
  • That’s fair, sorry. There’s going to be unintended consequences if agreeable, optimistic people are suddenly gone from the population, which the original removed comment starting this thread suggested wasn’t an issue.

  • Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • Teaching abroad without proper preparation and understanding of what you’re signing up for is a recipe for culture shock and depression.

    Just like going swimming without proper preparation ( swimming lessons and adequate aerobic fitness) is a recipe for drowning.

    Lots of people have the patience for kindergartners, but that’s only because there are eight billion people. Telling everyone who’s depressed to go to a new place where they know no one and have to deal with kindergartners and employers who may or may not fulfill the accommodation or pay promises they made while not having a good working knowledge of the local culture or language is irresponsible.

  • Lemons(?) of Lemmy, what is something that feels so obvious to you that you just get lowkey pissed at the world for not knowing?
  • Several of those programs are scammy. I know people who’ve been screwed by their company in South Korea, Ethiopia, and the Philippines. I’m glad it worked for you, and it’s a worthwhile thing to try if it calls to you, but it’s a recipe for culture shock and depression if someone doesn’t fully understand and want that experience.

    I’m an American living in Germany, and I teach German classes to new immigrants, so I see a lot of people who wanted something different, but didn’t specifically want Germany. It’s much more difficult for them to adjust to a new place than for people who specifically seek Germany out.

    I also personally think teaching children is too important to leave to people who are untrained, even if they’re subject matter experts, but I may be biased as it’s my career. I definitely wouldn’t teach kindergarten, because I (like most people) don’t have the patience.

  • Death toll from heat at hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia passes 900
  • It’s not really easy for us to tell who’s useful for society, even less so if you want to be even a little bit objective. If your metric is intelligence, that’s not a good one (depression, substance use disorder, and many other things that don’t make for a super happy or functional person are correlated with intelligence).

  • Crab has a stalker [Extra Ordinary Comics]
  • Eh, they were trying to be helpful. They shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it, it’s a good thing to do.

    Also I would not have made the urine-IP address connection without that comment, I just thought they were rambling into nonsense.

  • What's your best "sticking it to the man" story?
  • A lot of Jews see the Torah as allegorical, just like a lot of Catholics. I went to Catholic school and not a single person tried to tell me that a day really meant a day in the creation myth. Everyone just sort of had an aside that time was funky and people weren’t the best at clear note taking back then, so it’s more a loose allegory than definite fact (given that the Vatican is cool with evolution, it’s not so surprising).

    That said, I think this is the wrong comment section

  • A cool guide to staying calm (without any hacks)
  • Yeah, I was in therapy at 27 for my ADHD, which was diagnosed fifteen years earlier, when I learned how to make an ADHD-friendly to-do list.

    In those fifteen years I never thought “maybe to-do lists are so frequently recommended because they’re actually valuable” and no other therapists or mentors had thought that I might not know that to-do lists for people with ADHD are different from the ones that work for neurotypical people (my list doesn’t say “wash dishes,” it says “collect dishes from the bedroom and kitchen, soak silverware in a pot with hot water, stack plates next to the sink, soak any cookware or cups that need it, wash plates and bowls, wash silverware, wash cups, wash cookware”).

    It’s so obvious in hindsight, but I felt almost condescended to when people told me to write a to-do list. Finding out not only were they right, but I need a to-do list that’s broken down into smaller steps than normal was humbling in a good way. I hope I’m less dismissive of seemingly basic ideas now.

    I think if someone had seen my therapist’s notes to me and made fun of them, I might not have been able to be open to their advice. Or maybe I’d just be embarrassed about the experience, instead of grateful.

  • Wenn überhaupt, welche Ressourcen stellen Universitäten zur Verfügung?

    Hi, ich mache gerade mein Master in Deutschland, aber bin Ausländerin und kenne mich mit dem System nicht so gut aus. Ich weiß, dass es Ressourcen für manche Behinderungen gibt, zB für Menschen in Rollstühlen oder mit Sehbehinderungen. Gilt das auch für ADHS?

    Ich frage, weil ich gerade an Schwung verliere, aber ich glaube eine Verlängerung des Studiums noch schwieriger wäre. Wenn jmd. mit ein bisschen Macht bei der Uni (damit sie glauben, dass ich wirklich etwas mache) mir mit der Ordnung und Planung aushelfen könnte, wäre das ein Gamechanger.


    Are housecats aware of how much bigger people are?

    I’m wondering if cats think of us kind of like how a person thinks of a friendly bull: aware that they could easily kill us, but not necessarily afraid of them; or more like a large Dalmatian: they could fuck us up, but most of us don’t really think about that unless they’re being aggressive.

    I grew up with dogs and feel like I understand them a lot better than I do cats as a whole. I adopted my cat almost four years ago and I feel like I get her pretty well, but I don’t really have an idea of what she thinks about me. I also don’t really know any other cats, though I’ve gotten along with strays and friends’ cats a lot better since I got mine.

    Cat tax:


    [Answered]Is there a wood hard enough to regularly scrape aluminum?

    I’m sorry if this is not in the spirit of the community, but I figured my dad would know because of his experience woodworking, and I don’t want to ask him for obvious reasons. I’m happy to remove it if it doesn’t fit.

    I have an aluminum herb grinder, that regularly gets jammed up with resin. I tend to use a regular (probably pine) food skewer to clean it off, because I don’t want metal shards coming off of the aluminum from a metal scraper or plastic pieces from a plastic scraper. The pine works okay, but I have to replace it regularly and it can’t get everything.

    I know pine is probably one of the softest woods, but would a hard wood be significantly more durable if it were cut as thin as a skewer (4mm diameter round)? Would anything be both reasonably obtainable (I live in a place with frequently abandoned old furniture, if that would be a good source, or I can go to a lumber store) and more durable enough to be worth it?


    My fiancé made vegan beef stroganoff because of you people

    Mushrooms, onions, garlic, mustard, spinach, chili, vegan yogurt, vegan cevapcici , vegan beef broth, capers, and farfalle. It was incredible.