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It looks a lot like VMware just lost a 24,000-VM customer • The Register
  • Fucking good. They should go down in flames for what Broadcom is doing to VMware. Our company switched off it too. Not as large but we have a couple thousand servers and they are all now slowly moving to hyper v

  • Colorado GOP calls for all children to be pulled from public schools
  • Am I the only one who may have interpreted this as they want to pull them from public school and send to private / catholic school? I have a strong suspicion they did not mean yank out of school completely.

    I absolutely hate conservatives just as much as everyone else on this site but I feel like everyone is absolutely nuts so far in this thread.

    Edit - actually it literally says that in the 2nd to last paragraph

  • ts moment
  • Unpopular opinion, ventrilo was better than team speak. It didn’t sound like crap especially when you had good server codecs and it was extremely easy to use and lightweight.

  • What's your favorite Super Mario Bros ROM hack?
  • Mario adventure and Mario 3 mix are my favs. Highly recommend trying. Mario adventure has a ton of new things, game mechanics and power ups.

    Mario 3 mix takes a lot of maps / music from all Mario 3 platforms and stuffs it into the Mario 3 engine. Tons of fun