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If Clinton, Trump, and Did Not Vote were presidential candidates in 2016
  • And the side that actually, verifiably tried to use fake electors to subvert the will of the people (even against the stacked deck of the electoral system that benefits their side) also the side that loves to spread constant (and constantly disproven) lies about their opponents' voter fraud.

    Like...even if I agreed with their platform on the issues, the GOP would still not get my vote based on the way they try to get that order to gain realize their goal...of getting to a point where my vote loses its power.

  • If Clinton, Trump, and Did Not Vote were presidential candidates in 2016
  • Right?!

    Like...even if you had no idea what either party stood for, or what positions they took on the various specific issues that concern the population in the present, all you really need to know is how a democracy works in theory, how presidential elections work in the US in practice (and by extension, how these two things differ, thanks to the Electoral College)...and where each party stands on voting rights, voting access, districting (and gerrymandering)...and as a dark horse...public education.

    One side wants as many people as possible to get out and vote (and while they obviously hope they'll vote Democrat, most of their messaging, to their credit, is focused not on 'go vote for us', but instead 'the most important thing is that you get out there and vote'), wants to make sure that everybody who wants to vote is able to do so, has no roadblocks, hoops to jump through, bureaucratic red tape, etc., wants every voter across the country to have a voice equal to every other voter, and wants everyone to have a good (and improving) baseline of education, as a foundation upon which to make an informed decision about their voting.

    The other side wants to suppress the vote, wants to disallow voting by default unless the individual takes steps to prove themselves, wants to introduce obstacles to voting access, wants to maintain and perpetuate a system where some voters have disproportionately more impact than others on the overall results (a system which, by the way, has much of its origins in the political maneuverings of slaveholders)...and most telling (and disturbing) of all, in the long term, actively, directly, and overtly makes efforts to reduce and degrade the quality of public education, literally seeking to reduce access to quality education for anyone not fortunate enough to be born into a family with the means to provide for a private education.

    Seen to its logical conclusion, one side is literally seeking to revert decades if not centuries of progress on education and return to a situation where an education (and the opportunity it provides) is a privilege reserved for the children of affluence, where wealth, opportunity, class mobility, and professional occupations are reserved and exclusive to the wealthy, and in effect secured to them and their future generations indefinitely. And the best part (for them) is that once this happens, the future generations of uneducated lower and middle classes won't have the education to understand what's being done to them, or how it might be different.

  • TIL Guy Fieri fed 5,000 fire evacuees a day during the 2017 Santa Rosa wildfires.
  • Once that look was no longer "in style", anyone who cared primarily about looking cool (more likely your fake, shallow, self-absorbed ones) went with another look.

    Anyone who stuck with it at that point, especially when it became completely uncool, was still doing it because they personally liked it, accepting the judgement/ridicule. That's pretty genuine commitment to something, which suggests they're more of a genuine person in other areas of life too.

  • Kamala Harris sees surge in big money support after Biden drops out of race
  • I hate to say it, but it would not surprise me one bit if Harris loses in November because Rust Belt moderates in PA, WI, and MI wouldn't vote for a black woman.

    I hope I'm wrong, but right now, for me, that's the least surprising of possible futures.

  • crowdStrikeIsAVerbNow
  • It occurred to us that CrowdStrike is an absolutely terrible name. It sounds like a terrorist attack. Of course, it felt like one on Friday.

    When I first heard about what was going on, I assumed that "CrowdStrike" was not the name of the software/company, but rather some sort of advanced DDOS-like attack where they used systems they'd previously hacked and had them all do the same thing at once to another target.

  • Biden says it’s ‘time to outlaw’ AR-15 after Trump assassination attempt
  • You mean the insurgency that eventually achieved all of its goals and reclaimed it's power and control after the most powerful military in the world gave up and went home?

    Or did you mean it's not the 1970s where that insurgency also did it to the second most powerful military...while a different insurgency did it to the one from the first example?

    You're absolutely right that in a straight up fight no individual stands a chance against the US military (and I also tend to agree that the military would be the best friend of the people in that awful scenario) but there's two or three points that muddy the waters here a bit: it's not going to be just one, it's not going to be a straight up fight, and if the population were somehow disarmed, there wouldn't even be any struggle at all.

    I'm not saying I'd fight off a battalion from my front porch wearing my Crocs, but a) anything is preferable to being herded to my fate, and b) it's not about one armed individual, it's more about the unappetizing proposition of subduing an armed populace.

  • Biden says it’s ‘time to outlaw’ AR-15 after Trump assassination attempt
  • No, nor should they try, nor should they stick with their current seemingly nonsensical policy ideas about guns.

    I can't decide if I'm amazed, impressed, or utterly disgusted that the "stick to their guns" play on words was right there and you didn't go for it.

  • Biden says it’s ‘time to outlaw’ AR-15 after Trump assassination attempt
  • I think you'd be more wrong than you think. As they say, "If you go far enough left you get your guns back."

    Not to mention moderates of both parties who are gun owners in suburban and rural areas of many of the battleground states he so desperately needs.

  • Furries raise $100,000 for Pittsburgh-area rescue dedicated to senior dogs
  • I think it's mostly because it brings in money and for whatever reason, the community seems to be just fine with it, even if they don't participate or understand it, so from the furry side, they've found a city happy to have them, and from the city side, they like the economic boost, so if everyone's happy, why change?

  • I'm just gonna stick to slotted, thanks
  • Well said.

    And with the hex/Allen, it's the small contact points as well as the smaller volume of material that needs to be deformed or removed before slippage can occur, as well as the angle of force on the contact point.

    With a hex, the contact point and direction are such that the tool is effectively trying to scrape off material at an angle, and if/when it succeeds even a little bit, it's now much more prone to fail.

    With a Torx, the contact area might still be small, but it's being applied to the lobe in a more perpendicular direction, so rather than a scraping failure, it's more of a force that is pushing directly against steel instead of scraping. Not that it can't fail, but the route to failure is significantly less likely.

  • I'm just gonna stick to slotted, thanks
  • For some reason, Ford decided to use Security Torx to hold together their hybrid battery packs. Couldn't tell you why that was better then regular Torx.

    I'd guess that was some sort of safety standard designed to protect vehicle owners from themselves.

    As Torx gets more and more common, it's presence is less and less likely to be a serious hurdle, so the security screws are a simple way for them to sort of say to the owner "don't mess with the stuff below this". If they want to, they still can, but it's a specific effort at that Ford can say they've implemented a safety measure. Might even be some sort of government standard too, where using a less common fastener style brings them into compliance without needing some sort of even less accessible design, like a sealed off system.

  • What's Some Tech That Was Better Than It Is Now?
  • The amount of times I've struggled when setting up monitors over the past 5 years with HDMI and DP...only to have them eventually work in a way I had it previously when it wouldn' too damn high.

  • Guild Wars 3 Confirmed

    Just stumbled across this in my travels.

    Obviously this isn't "confirmed" as in "it's definitely coming out and here's a release date", but rather, simply confirmation that time and effort are being spent on it.

    We also got confirmation that expansions are planned for the next two years, so even at the earliest, GW3 would likely be a 2027 thing, possibly with the second expansion in the current pipeline serving as a sort of link/segue.

    Shifting gears for a moment, though...while there's a lot of room to steer the current story over 2 more expansions, I'm not sure there's much room left in the current lore for much of any real significant game. Maybe GW3 sees a prequel game? Maybe we actually participate know...the Guild Wars?


    Big girl for my area...

    Went 4lb 1oz on the scale, for a best fish of 2024 to this point, and likely one of my top 5 overall for the year!

    She ate a black and blue jig (I think it was a Dirty Jigs compact pitching in Pay Day) with a Reaction Innovations Kinky Beaver in Blank Check about 2 feet of water, up on shore under a bush.

    It was also the first fish on my new rod! (A NRX+ 894C JWR...not the Mojo in the background lol).


    Finally on the board in 2024

    I've been getting out when I can for the past several weeks...on my very first trip of the year I missed a nice one under a dock that just threw the hook. After that I fished for many many hours without a bite.

    We had a local warming trend here the past few days and finally I managed to break the ice.

    Went 2lb 2oz on the scale and is a very respectable fish from the small and heavily pressured lake I caught it on. Took a Vision 110 Jr. in Elegy Bone.



    So...what didja get?


    Lucky Craft haul for $50

    When the local discount store has their already cheap LC stock marked 25% off, you load up.


    Gear Discussion: Anyone running braid to leader for bass jigging? If so, what lines and leaders are you using?

    Basically the title.

    I'm running some nice Japanese braid but I feel like it's a bit small/thin/light for the application.

    Just looking to find out what others use!


    Best of the Weekend

    2lb 5oz on the scale, ate a Megabass SV-3 spinnerbait in Wakasagi colorway, pulled along the edges of weed mats.