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owo rule
  • Spyware? They record video???

  • ‘It went nuts’: Thousands join UK parents calling for smartphone-free childhood
  • This fact alone makes me conflicted about this. I don't want my kids to walk around having phones from an early age, but I know first hand that being excluded as a kid is not a enjoyable experience. And kids are vicious creatures to each other too.

  • This totally happened
  • Some people seem to think you can just Google stuff or more recently use AI to do the coding, not knowing that being a dev is mostly about knowing what to search and that being a dev isn't just coding.

  • A platform with no issues
  • I use Element (not X) daily, but a major frustration is that sometimes messages that you've received won't show up until you restart the client. In the past a lot of "Waiting for this message, this may take a while" also appeared. In the android app there is also no search function.

    Don't get me wrong I love the concept and the app so far, but it isn't nearly as polished as Discord is (which I also use daily)

  • Happened to me multiple times
  • Spectre.css 🫡

  • The Weekly 'What are you playing?' Discussion
  • Viewfinder has such a cool concept, I tried picking it up but 5 minutes in my motion sickness got the best of me.

  • The Weekly 'What are you playing?' Discussion
  • Still Baldur's Gate 3. I don't know if I commented last week but I finished my first play through (chaotic neutral). Was really fun and already started 2 other runs 👀, one githyanki run with custom Tav, Lae'zel and the gith hireling and a lawful good run with my half-orc monk oc.

  • Lemmy Needs to Fix Its Community Separation Problem
  • It does kinda suck being defederated from big instances like because there are big communities there, but at the other end it's nice to have alternatives on different instances. For example, I can't view [email protected] but I can access [email protected].

  • trains rule
  • We already have trains, I want more electric/hydro powered bus coverage and more bike storage lockers 🥺

  • proofrule

    I always let at least 1 other person proofread my text messages to any kind of professional contact

    'It hasn't delivered': The spectacular failure of self-checkout technology
  • We have both happen, sometimes combined or scan with phone. I've seen some of the American systems, with sensors and weights and speakers (with some voice lines), those are creepy to me.

  • rule
  • Happy to be OSHA compliant ❤️

  • The Weekly 'What are you playing?' Discussion
  • Still playing BG3! It's really fun but the combat can be quite challenging, even when playing on the easiest mode with a modded party of 6 and infinite money. There are just so many things I have to keep in mind... Or perhaps my build just sucks lol

  • Year of the Diagonal Linux Desktop, y'all
  • My android does that too, but some apps ignore it and it's extremely annoying, especially when lying in bed (looking at you, Sleep for Android)

  • In what ways has your use of technology/internet changed in 2023?
    • Started using Mastodon and Lemmy
      • Deleted Reddit account
    • Changed a lot of my apps to FOSS alternatives using NeoStore
    • Got a text-based launcher (Lunar Launcher)
    • Started contributing to community projects
    • Set up a JellyFin server

    Probably some more but I forgot. My case fans are really loud though when I keep my pc on at night to keep running the JF server for my users. Perhaps I should have bought a P600S case with the dampening foam. Looking into buying a Pi 4 this year to run services on instead of my main rig.

    Really am enjoying using FOSS software, even though it can be a little limiting in some ways. AAAAXY is a really fun game btw!

  • exercise for us?
  • Same, it's sad I live an hour+ away from the gym tho, otherwise I would do it so much

  • exercise for us?
  • Personally I hated team sports and things like going to the gym, but bouldering is really fun for me. It doesn't feel like it's forced or repetitive and you can choose what you want to do and it feels more live solving puzzles than sport. Am only a 5A+ so far but having fun.

    What also helps is the atmosphere is very chill in the boulder gyms near me.

  • The Weekly 'What are you playing?' Discussion
  • Baldur's Gate 3.

    Just picked it up, never played other cRPGs or D&D but I'm really enjoying it! Not doing a lot of quests yet but just exploring. Combat is quite difficult to understand sometimes because it has so many rules I'm not used too, but I'd like to think I'm learning slowly.

    The rest and spell slot mechanic is also quite interesting, as it forces me to not pick too many fights before taking a long rest. This is totally new to me 😅

    For anyone interesting I'm playing as a human conjuration wizard and my party is Astarion (arcane trickster), Shadowheart and Lae'zel (battle master).

  • Our brains are a mess
  • caffeine makes me sleepy

  • Would nuclear reactors be feasible everywhere?

    Seeing that they need quite a lot of clean water, which is not widely available everywhere during the entire year in big amounts, especially with these droughts due to climate change.


    How do you spend your idle time?

    Recently deleted Instagram, Reddit and disabled YouTube shorts. I now noticed how much I miss doing something — like when sitting in the train or during breaks at work.

    So what do you do with your idle time? Any suggestions?