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German guy fed up with reddit for now

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Low Fade, Undercut, juckende Kopfhaut: Hautpilz verbreitet sich durch Trendfrisuren im Barbershop
  • Sorry, aber das ist so ein "ich will mich jetzt aufregen"-Argument...

    Solche Frisuren wurden von den Nazis gefördert und bevorzugt dargestellt, das ist richtig. Das liegt aber einfach daran, dass Undercuts u.Ä. sehr pflegeleicht und alltagstauglich sind, weswegen sie besonders im Militär und der Arbeiterschaft verbreitet waren. Und genau die beiden Zielgruppen wollten die Nazis ansprechen und romantisieren. Hitler hat den taper fade nicht erfunden.

    Und ganz davon abgesehen, selbst wenn, wieso sollte man den Nazis denn bitteschön ihre Modeerscheinungen überlassen? Kein Fuß breit bedeutet auch, dass man der Neonazi-Subkultur keine Erkennungszeichen überlässt, die nicht direkt mit den Nazis assoziiert sind.

  • Europeans of Lemmy, what places in Europe should foreigners avoid at all cost?
  • That's quite the exaggeration, at least when visiting bigger cities. Of course, the hillbilly regions will think differently, but otherwise it's not dangerous. The level of english comprehension varies greatly though

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • While I agree with the general sentiment, it's absurd to compare dried pasta to foods that dont need to soak up water.

    Pasta will pick up about 100% of it's volume in water when cooking and has about half the density of water from what I could find right now, so your 100g of dry pasta would be 300g of cooked pasta, so the effective protein density is 1/3 of that displayed on the chart

  • *Permanently Deleted*
  • I run Ubuntu with Gnome on my linuxed Surface. Ubuntu because I wanted something that works and since I mostly browse the web with it. I personally prefer Gnome for touch interfaces because a lot of it works intuitively with a touch screen.

    Note that there's the surface-linux kernel, with the default kernel, some things might not work out of the box.

  • Menorcan village threatens to close to tourists after explosion in numbers
  • Not offering accomodation and no translations in the service industry, especially gastronomy, should do the trick for the most part.

    Edit: just read the article, the area in question is private property, so theyd probably just make it a gated community. So yes, walls and moats

  • Menorcan village threatens to close to tourists after explosion in numbers
  • First of all, Menorca is an island. Putting a moat around an island is counterproductive since it's really hard to dig a moat in the sea.

    Secondly, yes, either build a wall or just do the smart thing and raise taxes on accomodations and tourism in general to prevent overtourism.