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Wisconsin Republicans block PFAS cleanup until polluters are granted immunity
  • One of the most egregious WI GOP state senators for blocking funding - Duey Stroebel - is facing a tough race for re-election. Help his opponent, Jodi Habush Sinykin, with your time or your donation so that Wisconsinites can stop him personally and change the state law so it can’t happen again.

  • I made a thing! (Bluetooth speaker modeled from scratch)
  • What an awesome project - thanks for sharing the details!!

  • Robert Oppenheimer demonstrating how to run run run, run run run away from the blast of the atomic bomb (1944, colorized)
  • This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no foolin’ around.

  • BlizzCon 2024 has been canceled
  • Unexpected Einhar. Nice.

  • Salem’s Satanic Temple pipe bomb arrest: Man accused of throwing explosive onto porch
  • Yes, and some of Reddit’s “finest” detective work was on display while searching for the suspects.

  • So true
  • The Milverine, and his Wikipedia page:

  • Garlic mustard
  • Definitely garlic mustard. Should be purple at the base of the stems, and the root will have a bit of a hook to it.

    I spend a lot of time clearing this stuff in my wooded yard, as it’s highly invasive.

  • rule
  • Sorry, it was late and I don’t often annotate photos on my phone. I’ll do better next time.

  • I heard you wanted more
  • I’m not, but I have several Jewish friends. I also live close to rural batshit Crazyville. I can hear the difference in “Jew” when it’s said at the Jewish Cultural Center vs. at the townie bar with disdain, for sure. Hard R territory.

  • rule
    New Orleans police evidence room overrun by rodents, officials say: "The rats are eating our marijuana"
  • Of course they are - it’s very difficult for a rat to use a lighter.

  • RGB Controller Replacement for Corsair Lighting Node Pro

    Manjaro Linux / OpenRGB 0.9 / Asus Maximus X Hero Motherboard

    I've got a Corsair Lighting Node Pro with 5 ML120 fans attached. Since moving to Linux a couple years ago and attempting to run OpenRGB, the controller seems to be bricked. I've swapped controllers and had the same experience, tried different USB ports, SATA power connections, etc. I've also tried all of the hard reset / firmware update guidance out there for these, but it never does anything other than hang OpenRGB on detection. In Windows, the controller isn't detected at all by either OpenRGB or iCue.

    Edit: worth mentioning, I also tried a Corsair Commander XT controller this week - the fans lit, but OpenRGB (package and AppImage versions) did not detect it at all.

    I'd like to get a RGB or aRGB fan solution that works well with OpenRGB in Linux - ideally just a replacement controller that plays nice with five 4-pin RGB Corsair fans, but I'll swap the fans out as well if need be.

    Do you have any recommendations? Thanks!

    Guys, it looks like nvidia has another faithful fan...
  • I tried doing a TimeShift restore last week for another software issue, and nvidia drivers crapped the bed (again). Decided it was time to bite the bullet and swapped out my 1080 Ti with a 7700 XT. Did a clean install of Manjaro, and it was eerie how simple it was to get everything including Wayland to work. Should’ve done it two years ago.

  • How one unexpected game (Nier Automata) changed the Steam Deck forever
  • Great article and explanation on why Proton and its components are such a game changer. Thanks for sharing!

    Ironically, Nier Automata is only listed as “playable” on Steam Deck.

  • Study shows long-COVID hits hardest in Republican states
  • Odd that hanging out maskless in townie bars and churches back in 2020 wasn’t the best idea. Who could’ve possibly predicted that?

  • Time to test my Waterbending Abilities
  • Don’t take your toilet shut-off valve for granted. Make sure it still moves regularly, preferably when you’re not millimeters away from getting shit water all over your floor and feet.

  • coffee rule
  • Cold brew? Asking for a friend named me.

  • It do be like that
  • Command line stupidity, not Bad Dragon stupidity.

  • It do be like that
  • I just hated that Windows had become a privacy cesspit and I wasn’t afraid of breaking things in Linux. Also, I accept that sometimes you just have to format and reinstall your sins of stupidity away.

    • middle aged cishetguy

    PS - You Lemmy bastards did get me into Star Trek though. Maybe it has begun…